Forty things you might not know about me

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Forty things you might not know about me:

1. I’ve had the same best friend since junior high. Though we are separated by 1300 miles, when we get together, we always pick up right where we left off.
2. Most of the furnishings in my home and a great deal of my wardrobe was bought second hand. What began as post-divorce necessary frugalness evolved into wanting less to end up in landfills and enjoying the feeling of not spending any more than I need to...
3. I always hated my gray eyes, until a few years ago when I caught sight of my eyes in my rearview mirror one day and realized they look exactly like my great grandmother’s eyes. Now I treasure their shade of gray.
4. Some people’s midlife crisis ride is a corvette, mine is a retro looking huffy cruiser bike that I added a basket, tassels and a bell to and I feel like I’m 10 years old riding down the street!
5. My favorite flowers are yellow daffodils, followed by pink roses. I have forbidden my hunny from buying me flowers, I hate to see him spend his money on something so short lived, but I buy myself flowers at least once a month.
6. My middle name is Lee. I used to hate it, then I realized with a name like Laura Lee I was born to be a southerner!
7. I’m still afraid of heights, but not as much as when I was younger.
8. I have a rare blood type and am on every blood bank call list there is. I donate at least two or three times a year. It was more when the church ladies cooked a full breakfast for all donors. I guess those people could stop calling me if they’d just send food. And no- the juice and cookies don’t cut it.
9. My favorite food is Italian. My boyfriend’s least favorite food is Italian. I love chocolate, he’s not into it. The success of our relationship is that we never have to share what we’re eating!
10. I pray. A LOT!
11. I’m annoyed by people who write “alot” as one word and say “irregardless”, not that I have perfect grammar, but it is a peeve.
12. I went a year without a tv in my house and never missed it. When I got one again I netflixed the first season of Desperate Housewives since I heard so many good things about the show.
13. As a joke, a boss of mine printed “Fairy Tale Princess” as my job title on a batch of business cards. I handed them out to customers and liked when they said “Hi princess” when I called them! He’s the same boss that convinced me to use ‘Laura Lee’ because it’s more memorable.
14. I’ve been divorced twice. Apparently I’m not very good at marriage. My boyfriend wants to marry me. I told him I’ll elope to Vegas and let Elvis marry us when I’m 75. It’s the only wedding I haven’t done.
15. I admit it, my legs are hot! (and I hate my nose)
16. My favorite author is Patricia Cornwell, but at any given time I am reading something historical, a biography or a classic book.
17. My sister is three months older than me. We used to like messing people up telling them that, and then we admit we met when we were four years old.
18. My favorite date nights are going to the gun range, second choice is going to a bar with live music.
19. If I did not live in Texas, I’d live in Tennessee. The mountains, lakes and woods are gorgeous!
20. Next year my hunny and I will ride a motorcycle from TX to Kentucky and get to ride through TN! WOO-HOO!
21. Five things I do every day are 1)take my vitamins 2) read something motivational or spiritual 3) exercise in some way 4) make my bed 5) play
22. In first grade I pulled out teeth that weren’t loose for the cash. It was Billy McMahon’s idea…
23. I LOVE hot, sunny weather! Pretty weird in a kid that grew up in Buffalo.
24. My mother got me into bird watching.
25. My dad got me into baseball, especially minor league ball!
26. My favorite snowcone is strawberry shortcake – and just typing that puts me in mind to get one today!
27. My favorite hair stylists are the stereotypical gay guys, first the one I went to in the 80’s and now Brandon at Tony & Guy.
28. If I won the lottery the first thing I would do is take everyone in my family to Germany. My dad’s family is from the Bavarian region and I’m sure he’d be thrilled to see it.
29. The second thing I would do is build a $700,000 house, on a $7M piece of lakefront acreage!
30. While I was pregnant with my oldest daughter, I thought I wanted to be a preschool teacher. I changed my mind but she grew up to become a preschool teacher- weird.
31. For the last six months I have been taking sewing lessons. It makes up for taking woodshop instead back in junior high.
32. I had a blast on waterslides this past Saturday. The last time I went to a water park I broke both my big toes trying to go down the little tykes slide. I have a hard time accepting I’m too big for some things!
33. My first monogram and my first marriage monogram were LOL. My blood type is B positive. I’m destined to laugh and be optimistic.
34. My worst three addictions are coffee, Ikea and The Container Store. Chocolate falls right behind that.
35. I have over 35 cookbooks on my kitchen desk at the moment.
36. One of my favorite movies is “The sons of Katie Elder” ergo my dogs are named Duke and Katie. (so she is NOT named after my cousin)
37. I get invited to barbecues just so I’ll bring my baked beans. It’s my grandmother’s recipe and I was not taught how to make them until I was 27.
38. Only those closest to me know what’s at the end of the vine on my tramp stamp tattoo. (that I got at 31 years old)
39. There is a mug with my name engraved on it at Buffalo Brew Pub. I earned it by drinking!
40. My nickname has nothing to do with pocket-bread and does stand for Pain In The A$$ because what I lack in patience, I make up for in persistence! Oh wait- you probably knew that!!
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  • no profile photo CD5250283
    I love this blog!! very cute!!

    3877 days ago
    I Love this blog!! What a creative thing to do. I turn 40 in (ack) 6 days. If I may I am going to borrow the idea and start working on my own list. 4o things for 40 years. 3 months ago I was dreading this birthday, but I have met so many awesome 40+ sparkers that I can see that I am going to own this decade!!
    3890 days ago
    This is a great blog! I should copy the idea and use it myself, ts a really entertaining way of giving people insight into what makes you tick!
    3896 days ago
    You sound like a great person to want to know. Wave when you ride through TN!
    3896 days ago
    Hey, just wanted to say I enjoyed reading your list! Thanks for sharing.

    Got a chuckle over the one about the time you went to the waterpark and broke your big toes. Ouch. Reminds me of the day I was at my kids' school playground a few years ago. My oldest son called me over to try out one piece of the playground equipment. The idea was to jump up, grab a handle with both hands and sail across to the other side where you jump back onto another platform. Well, I decided to go for it forgetting that I was a few decades older and a quite a bit heavier than when I was 12 and routinely did stuff like this. My shoulders did not feel right for the next few days. I was afraid I would have to go to the doctor and explain how I jarred my shoulders.

    Also, guess what, I would have had an older sister named Laura Lee, but unfortunately she died as an infant of a health issue. My mom said she got the idea from an author named Laura Lee Hope.
    3896 days ago
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