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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I always used to get nervous talking in front of people. My brain to mouth filter just abandons me and I always make myself look like a total idiot. I thought I had gotten over this. Apparently, I haven't.

Last night at the Bucks County HOG meeting they introduced new members. Hubby and I were a couple of them. So they stand in front of him and ask what he rides. So he gives his name and the pedigree on the bike. Next the stand in front of me and ask what I ride. Okay, my brain to mouth filter was half functioning because the first thought that popped into my mind was "I ride him". Okay.... Got the teeth clamped together in time to NOT say that. Instead, before I can even think I say "I'm his b*tch". I then proceeded to turn redder than my hair and wanted the floor to open up and eat me.

There were some "boo's" and some whistles. I was surprised at how mixed the reaction was. Fortunately, there was a really sweet woman behind me who said quite loudly "Cool! I ride b*tch on a sportster too!" Unfortunately, I think I may have shut down a couple new friendships that were just starting with the comment.

Can I go back to shutting up and just hanging out in the background again now?
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  • SUZY6281
    Last time I got up in front of a bunch of people to speak, I lost my voice. Opened my mouth and absolutely nothing came out. Not sure which is better. Ha!

    You know, if someone chooses not to like you because of one little (funny) comment, then they are worth being your friend anyway. Don't worry, your sunny disposition will outshine them all and you will make new friends quickly.

    4271 days ago
    That's awesome! I'm actually not surprised about the mixed response. Some think the best way to combat negative words is to own them and re-define them. Others will boo because of the semi-profane word, the negative stereotype, or because you are defining yourself in relation to your man and not on your own terms. Me, I applaud that last one. I think if more people would define themselves in relation to those they love (without giving up their own personality in the process), our relationships would be more important to us and wouldn't fall apart so easily.

    I think your comment was hilarious and in a way it's very brave. You made real clear to everyone there who you are: not afraid of being a bit profane, confident enough in yourself that you can admit to taking a back seat in this part of your life.

    Public speaking is all about context anyway. It's not like you were speaking at a CEO conference or the annual NOW convention.
    4272 days ago
    No kidding. Anybody that sensitive wouldn't have lasted as a long term friend anyways. Unless you are typically very well spoken and politically correct.

    I don't mind talking in front of people, if I know ahead of time and am mentally prepared. Otherwise, I'd have been in the same boat...although I probably wouldn't have clamped down on the "I ride him" comment in time. :-/

    Bikers without a sense of humor? Really? Now that I think about it...I don't know any of those. (Either that, or I've offended a few folks and didn't even know it.)
    4273 days ago
    If they are worthwhile to be friends, they'll get over it.

    we have become way too oversentive these days. Why boo? It's YOUR word for you, and YOUR relationship with him, and oh by the way, one clearly said in humor.

    Idiots! ;-)

    HOG club, hum?
    4273 days ago
  • ME2448
    I have this same problem. At work they have asked me to be on a couple committees and I won't do it because I can't talk in front of people. I have a feeling I will never get a promotion until I can get a handle on this. I even took a management speaking class and haven't gotten it together. I am on Face Book now and connecting with some old friends and I read my e-mails through a few times to make sure I haven't said anything bad. Wonder why some people can speak so good in front of people and others can't.
    4274 days ago
    Hey, I get nervous talking in front of people too & if those people don't want to be your friend after you saying that then they aren't cool enough to be your friends anyway. Stay true to who you are, your perfect, and funny too!
    4274 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4099606
    That's pretty funny. I ALWAYS have to push the first thought out of my head before I say it. I think my brain is wired wrong....or everyone else's is.
    4275 days ago
  • MARSHA74
    Dont you dare hang out in the back ground!!!... shame you clamped ya mouth shut at the first thought!!! let it out!...who needs the friends that wouldnt find that funny????? emoticon
    4275 days ago
    hahahhaha :) I can relate to the feeling. :)
    4275 days ago
    lol, You crack me up, they probably needed someone to liven it up. emoticon Carmen
    4275 days ago
    Freedom of speech is one of our most cherised rights. Speak your heart. emoticon
    4275 days ago
    4275 days ago
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