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Saturday, June 13, 2009

I came home from the hospital Friday evening and today is my second day of clear liquids. So far, so good. It's all still a little surreal--after waiting for so many months for the big day to arrive, it came and went so quickly.

I couldn't wait to weigh myself when I got home...dumb move. I was up 5 pounds from the morning of admission. Of course, I know that can't be fat, it has to be fluid retention. I'm thinking I should stay off of the scale for awhile least until I'm out of the clear liquid stage. We'll see if I actually have the willpower to leave the scale alone...I'm usually an "every day" weigher.

I'm enjoying my "cocktails" every 15 minutes, but I sure am looking forward to progressing to more than 1 ounce at a time. It's still three weeks until I get to pureed foods, so patience and determination are going to be the things I work on most right now.

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    Welcome home! I was so scared to swallow those first few days... sip...sip...sip. It would take me like four hours to drink four ounces lol.... tomorrow will be my 3-month bandiversary... and no, I did not weigh myself the day I got home, lol. Way too many fluids in my IV at the hospital! My advice (not that you asked, mind you!) is to walk, walk, walk. That left shoulder pain will hit and you need to walk -- I have a ranch home, so it is all on one level so it was easy peasy. I would slowly walk from room to room... Also if you have (can borrow) a rocking chair, sitting in it and rocking helps Alot with the gas pains.
    3594 days ago
    WELCOME to Bandland Grace!! Just remember to sip, sip, sip, and do LOTS of mini walks - not long ones. Not only does this helps with the gas bubbles but also some form of exercises to keep you going.

    Remember to keep the focus and use sensible portion control. During your liquids days, you should be drinking 1/2 cup at a time, as many times you want thoughout the day. Also, there is no calorie counting during this time either, as you are trying to heal from your surgery.

    Good luck on your weight loss journey for you are going on an amazing adventure!
    emoticon Jazzy!!
    3597 days ago
    Congratulations! I am happy for you! :) I didn't realize your surgery was this close. The last time we talked, you were still in the deciding phase. I am happy you are doing well and confident you will succeed. Just remember to drink a lot of liquids by sipping them and walking a lot. It took me a good 3 weeks before I felt like myself again. Take it easy and congratulations! :)
    3599 days ago
  • !!KELL!!
    I'm newly banded also....I got mine last Monday....I am glad you are doing well....I didnt think it was going to be this easy, did you? My nurse told me not to weigh for about a week because of all the fluids they pump you with, so I waited 4 days post-op and had lost 7 pounds, so give it a few days then weigh.

    Congrats and we are on our way to HOTNESS!!!! LOL
    3600 days ago
    my advice is to stop weighing yourself for the next 6-8 weeks and this is why: First of all, until you begin your fills...your weight loss will be minimal at best. I only lost 10 lbs post-op compared to some who lost 20-30...everyone is different, it also depends on how "fat" you are and how much lean muscle mass you have. People who are heavier tend to lose more the first two months.
    Secondly, by week two - three you will begin to get the mental hunger that I have told you about earlier. By day 21 when you can begin to eat solids, it will feel like heaven and your weight loss will all but stop.
    Until you hit your first 2-3 fills, do not be too hard on yourself...this is a journey and you have a long road ahead, but it is so worth it. My husband actually came up to me this morning and said "gosh, I cannot believe looking at you from the side how much weight you have lost"
    When I weighed myself, I was still stuck at 180 lbs...I think it is inches he is seeing go away.

    Anyways, I am so happy for you!
    3601 days ago
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