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More than Numbers on a Scale

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I’ve been thinking, we are so obsessed with losing weight as we should have a major concern; but that’s not the only factor. I myself, as are many other, am scale-a-holic, I am addicted to the scale; it’s true I’m not in denial. Anywho! I was thinking about my journey thus far (almost 1 month with SP) and this is what came to mind.

I have made progress whether the scales say so right away or not, this is how I know. I can step in and out of my underwear without sitting on the bed or holding onto something. I can bend down and tie my shoe comfortably. What I mean is this, I no longer have to try and hold my stomach in while holding my breath and tie my shoe; boy was that uncomfortable. I can arrive home and not dread getting out of the car because I hate to climb those measly 5 steps to get in the house. What a nightmare it was if I had to bring in grocery or anything else other than myself. While sitting or standing, I can see my breast; not my stomach! OMG, this is true! These are things my SparkFriend RACHELMARLENA would can non-scale benefits; and she is right.

My point is, as long as we are doing the right things, eating healthy, making those good choices; getting our strength training and cardio as we should, you know burn more calories than we consume, and drink plenty of water. (Sorry about the long sentence) Then we should no doubt see the scales move in a downward spiral sooner or later. But along the way there are other factors to consider; the things we have gained along the way; thus the title more than numbers on the scale. I’m talking about, wonderful friends (I love SP), the willingness to allow others to inspire you, the ability to encourage others (when you need it yourself), higher self esteem, self confidence, a healthier you, an appreciation for fitness and all the other wonderful things it brings.

So the next time you get on the scale and it doesn’t reflect the numbers you were hoping to see; don’t beat yourself up, think about the other accomplishments you’ve made, the other benefits you’ve received and start again strong, the scales will have to move if you’re doing your part, they (the scales) have no other choice.

Thank you for listening, I truly enjoy my new found family here and I thank you all for allowing me to share with you. I keep you all in my prayers that God will forever rain down his blessings on you and your families and grant you you’re every need.

Peace and Blessings

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • CMB2048
    Julynn, your blog post made me smile.
    3557 days ago
    non scale accomplishments are the most important. I keep a list of them on my sparkpage for when I get frustrated.
    :) Jeanne
    You are doing awesome!
    3562 days ago
    The SP family support sure can make all the difference - I'm glad you've found it!!!
    3562 days ago
  • BEA-N-ME
    You are fantastic! I have loved every blog I have read. Your perspective on, well, everything is dead on! I love reading what you write, I will be back often! Write On! Keep on the "good" path,and we'll come along for the ride, so that youcan keep helping us! I hope you get something in return as well!
    3564 days ago
    That's awsome! All those non-scale related rewards are the best. Nothing like realizing the jeans are loose, or you can button that shirt without gaps, or that you are not out of breath as easily anymore. Keep up the Sparking- you are doing awsome! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3566 days ago
    Ooooooooooh am I RIGHT there with ya!!! I jump on the scale every morning before my shower (and after I pee...cuz let's face it, if I weigh more than I want to, maybe it's because of THAT! LOL)...
    And you are SOOOOOOOOO RIGHT about how WONDERFUL everyone here is!!! I especially liked how you said, "the ability to encourage others (when you need it yourself)"...sooooooooooo TRUE!!! That is HUGE!!! So many fantastic people comment on our blogs, telling us to hang in there, and that they KNOW we can do it...even when they may not be having the best day themselves!!! Sooooooooo important!!!
    Every one of them are angels and they don't even KNOW it!!!
    Hope you're having a great week hun!
    ((BIG HUGS))
    3566 days ago
    I'm so happy you're finding your small successes Julynn! I have become pretty obsessed with the scale myself these days! I have to say that seeing the numbers go down is great, but fitting into my clothes again and not having such a muffin top of a stomach overlap is really nice! We're here for you on your journey!
    3566 days ago
    Julynn, you have discovered the secret of weight loss and lsoing the obsession with the scale - finding all the other "proofs" of your success. Mine include: my rings don't feel so tight that I think my fingers will burst, I am getting used to hearing my stomach growl because it's hungry and not because it is stuffed, I have a waist, yesterday I put on a dress with pleats and they stayed pleated!

    Keep making your list. Write it down. Add things as you discover them. That will cheer you up mightily when you feel like things are going too slowly!
    3567 days ago
    This is a great blog and it made me laugh...which is an accomplishment for today as I have been a little emotional today. But I just got back from a 45 min. bike ride, (my neighborhood is mostly hills...) so if I down I must come up...I made an accomplishment...I only stopped twice...woohoo!

    But back to your blog...I really think it's so true..that we put too much emphasis on what the scale says that it brings us down and discourages us...and thus, failing in our battle with the bulge. I, for one have to get on the scale, because it does give me a little motivation, even if it doesn't continue doing what I am if I start going up, then that scale will be toast...LOL! I need to see for myself, that what I did the day before is at least maintaining...or preferrably going down. emoticon
    3567 days ago
  • SAMANTHA19782
    You are so is all about how you feel and not just the scale...although I am not giving it up just yet. I have noticed changes in me even after almost 10lbs. Such as shaving my legs...not seeing my donut upper stomache blend with my breasts...well not as pronounced at least :) Some clothes fit a bit looser and my mood is not so tired. I actually have energy most of the time. I have to walk stairs to my apartment and it isn't a chore, sleeping on my back isn't bothering me. You made me see all the things I should be focusing on more...not just the number on the scale. Thank you!

    I love spark people also and have found it great. I have also met some great included. My life seems a little more blessed these days!

    I hope you have a great rest of the week! Take care

    3567 days ago
    This is a wonderful blog -- so inspiring. And: thank you for stopping by my page and leaving your comment.

    I see you are a "survivor" -- I start my radiation treatments tomorrow, feeling quite upbeat and raring to go!

    Happy first month anniversary to both of us! emoticon emoticon
    3567 days ago
    Julynn what a wonderful and true blog and it is so true.
    I went to see the musical Cats last night and had to walk up a long flight of stairs and I was rather impressed that I got to the top with out having to stop half way up or sound like a puffed out steam engine and I commented to my partner that it was great as we were only at the same theatre least than a month ago to see another show and I was not so lucky that time. So yeah it's not just the scales that are important.
    3567 days ago
  • DBELLE39
    Thanks for sharing these thoughts in your blog. You are so right, there are more ways to see success than just the scales. When I think about that I've "only" lost 17 lbs with 25 more to go --I stop & realize that I have more energy than I used & my tummy is not quite as pooched as before spark. I have even noticed that my cheekbones are more noticeable now. So yes, I will gladly take the 17 lb loss as success.
    Finally, yes we are all family here at spark, that is what makes Spark such a successful tool ---without all of my new friends, I could not have kept going like I have.
    God Bless your efforts!
    3567 days ago
    I loved this blog Julynn and it was exactly what I needed to hear! It can be so very frustrating when we get on the scale and see the same number or *gasp* a higher one. Sometimes I let it ruin my day but after reading your blog I am determined not to. We do have SO many other benefits to this journey than simply losing weight and it was a great reminder to celebrate and concentrate on those things.

    3567 days ago
    You go girl!! It is true! We get so discouraged when we do not an improvement on the scale. But we do not stop to think that muscle weighs more then fat, if you drink alot of water it may be water weight. We should evaluate why the scale has not moved and if it is because you ate more calories then you should fix it. But if you are doing everything right and you are feeling better then it is true "Your weight is just a number" emoticon
    3567 days ago
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