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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Well here I sit again writing to you about another event that occurred during my weight loss journey. As some of you who know me know that I recently became a Spin & Aqua Instructor at 24 Hour Fitness. Would I think I would be writing this 18 months ago... heck no! I am truly blessed with what the man upstairs has done for me

Well May 5th was my first Aqua class and it went amazing. The people welcomed me with open arms. I was so nervous but then when am I not. I teach "on deck" while the students are in the water. That way everyone can see what I am doing and I can watch everyone in case of anything. Needless to say they loved my music and me and thought I gave them a hard workout. Did I mention I was soaked with sweat from head to toe but then again I burned 523 calories.. yippee! I sub in other cities as well and they even said can we keep you as a teacher so that really helped... I knew then that I was meant to do this...

Well as for "spinning" I don't have my set class right now so I sub alot. Tuesday May 26th was my first class of spin and I went in the room setting up my bike and the music and then the unthinkable happens....
This voice comes out of nowhere... excuse me she says.."are you the teacher tonight?" I reply yes my name is Kimmie how are you? She nasty says.. where is the teacher why are you here? Why does the gym do this and not tell us ahead of time? I thought to myself are you kidding me this lady is worried about a sub? You came all the way here for a workout why do you care about who is teaching and why cant you give me the benefit of the doubt?
So she was pissed from the get go. I introduced myself to the class turned the music up and started the workout... My mom in the back row like a good mother kept her mouth shut but by the looks of it I thought she was gonna tell the lady off. We were jamming out doing jumps Britney Spears playing everything going fine... I was as nervous as they come.... the room packed every bike taken and all of this sudden this lady screams out... YOU SUCK AND YOUR MUSIC SUCKS! Can you say I wanted to DIE!! Every eye in the room on me.. my first day teaching I wanted to jump off the bike and just cry! I actually was crying inside! My poor mom in the back row holding her hands together like she was praying mouthing the words keep going Kimmie hold it together.... How embarrassing huh? I even have a tear coming down my face now as I'm writing thisto you... just thinking of that moment! Well as you know I held it together not very enthusiastic but I held my own. That was the longest 60 minutes of my entire life. As I ended the cool down I couldn't take it anymore I thanked everyone for coming and then I just told the whole class this was my first class and 18 months ago I weighed in at almost 300 pounds and to think I could be an instructor is truly overwhelming. Wow how I got the whole class attention. They told me I did fine to ignore her and just be more energetic but they understood you cant be like that when someone does that to you. So I hugged mom goodbye and got in my car and just balled my eyes out. Praying to God how could this of happen to me. I work so hard at my job to make sure the music and everything is fine. I wanted to give up but then something came over me. I went home showered and got on the computer and redid my play list. Went to the gym the next 4 days and practice and practiced in the spin room by myself. Countless hours.... I had a new class the following Monday morning at 9am. I was ready I was going to be "ME" and bring it! Class started everyone was happy in a good mood... during the workout they were whistling and hollering having a great time. When I finished 2 MEN came up to me and said that was the best spin class they have ever been too... My heart filled with complete happiness.. Everyone clapped said I was awesome they loved my music! After everyone left I cleaned up room and tears were flowing...
My point to this story is no matter how hard life is and how many times we get hit with the unthinkable.. just rise above it and keep going!! I could have easily quit and gave up and never subbed again but I knew deep down I was better than that I have what it takes... and I am by no means a QUITTER..... I've proved that with 130 pounds GONE!! If you set your mind to it its amazing what you can OVERCOME!! I TRULY BELIEVE IT! Now its my time to pay it forward and help others who feel they can not achieve something as hard as weight loss or even a workout!!
I absolutely love my job and hope I will touch at least one person in the spin room or the pool or wherever it may be! NEVER GIVE UP!!!

I love spinning!!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog I truly grateful!!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Next time, just own that moment like you have owned your body. My first week as a teacher, one of my students threw a desk at me and called me all sorts of unmentionable things. After a year of this kind of crazy meanness I thought I would never ever teach again, but I have found such joy in teaching throughout the past year. You rock! Anybody that reads your blog or your inspirational story knows that you rock and she should have been put in her place! Next time, just tell someone like that, the door is right there and they have a choice! Don't let other people bring you down when you have worked so hard to exceed. emoticon
    3654 days ago
  • JBMT08
    YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! That lady is a miserable woman who cant even begin to measure up to your awesomeness!!!! WOO HOO!!! I wish I were closer so I can take one of your SPIN classes! emoticon
    3847 days ago
  • no profile photo TALENTEDNITA
    all i want to say is...always put God 1st he will take you places you never ever dreamed of!
    You are sooo strong and what don't kill you can only make you stronger! 4get dat mean lady...what goes around comes back around!
    Keep it up Kimmie!

    God Bless u ; - )
    3884 days ago
  • JUDE-E911
    Wow you are one tough cookie-(sorry carrot)!!! I am proud of you! Geesh, you ever wonder how such mean people get that way? How does ones heart turn to steel??? I am so glad you made it through it, my heart aches for you just thinking how you must of felt in that moment...People are cruel, selfish, and immature. To think I have talks with my 9 year old everyday about the way little girls act to each other,,,,and some never grow up!!! But to think you made it through, never gave up and kept pushing is awesome!! So glad your mom was there for you as well, your so lucky and she is so lucky to have such an amazing daughter!
    3891 days ago
  • _BECA_
    You said if you could only touch one person I think you have touched many of us it is truly amazing that you prevailed with someone being so mean I think people like that are just miserable people so they really have to take out there misery on others which sucks!
    I too wanted to cry with you when I read your blog but you are a strong person and have come such a long way and even when you were faced with a rude loud mouth you won.
    Way to go teach that class and never stop doing the work that you love to do and always remember where you have came from and don't look back.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

    3904 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/16/2009 3:08:33 AM
  • no profile photo ANGEL_NOOK
    Wow! Thanks so much for writing this! I've recently rejoined SP for the 3rd time in 2 years. I know the reason I keep coming back is because I'm not a quitter. Way to go for not giving up!

    3904 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2219650
    You are truly amazing Kimmie! You took that experience of hurt and pain and turned it into a personal triumph. You are such an inspiration and an example of forging ahead and pushing through. I will be joining 24Fitness within the next few weeks and I hope to catch you there one day. Costco has a deal for members - $299 - 2years at 24Hour. Don't be surprised when someone comes up to you in the gym and says " Hi Kimmie - I'm SurlyGirl"
    3905 days ago
    you make me smile and keep on your blog, and you are so much better than that miserable woman...I am proud of you, love ya sistah xoxo
    3906 days ago
  • JLR7_18
    HOPEFULLY she stuck around long enough to hear what you said at the end of your class and saw other people being supportive. That ought to be enough to make her feel ashamed!! On the other hand, if she's ignorant enough to do what she did.... the most important thing.... you came out on TOP!! I hope it reinforces for you what a 'superwoman' you really are (and I'm not just talking about muscles!!)
    3906 days ago
    You're AWESOME! I'm glad you kept at it =) Some ppl just are rude, and dont realize how hard it is to be at the front of that room. Keep going, you inspire me! I wish I could take your class.
    3908 days ago
    HUGS!!! I HATE mean people. IF it ever happens again (I hope it doesn't), you should walk up to the person and say something like I'm sorry you're having a bad day, but that gives you no right to take it out on me...and be totally sweet about it so s/he feels like an ass! Kill them with kindness! Although, sometimes, my anger gets the better of me and if someone would say something like that to me, I'd have some kind of smart remark in return...but I'm hot-headed! LOL Just remember, Misery loves company...
    3908 days ago
    Wow...even after I told you earlier that not much surprises me any more with people... You proved me wrong.. It is good that you didn't cry up there and not get rude with her either.. You are too good of a person.. You have come so far and have so much to be thankful for.. She was just being a old grumpy mean woman... I see how it could have hurt.. but everything happens for a reason.. that moment made you that much stronger... We have daily struggles that get in our way that we have to overcome...and sometimes it's so hard that you don't want to keep going but you do.. And that is what makes the difference between you and that woman..
    Enough about her!!!!
    YOU are a beautiful, outgoing, caring, accomplished, and determined woman.. Don't forget that and keep on smiling and being you..
    Those guys that came up after your next class proved that to you...

    emoticon emoticon
    Hopefully I can come meet you soon and take one of your classes!!
    3908 days ago
    That lady was an ass! It was good that you were able to take the constructive criticism from others (and not so constructive) and improve your class. Great job!
    3909 days ago
    I can't believe that woman. I guess I would of said - well no one is making you stay here. I am so glad you have the heart of warrior and you went back and showed them the real you...and guess what they loved you.

    3909 days ago
    What a horrible woman! I have a feeling she would have made the same comments no matter WHAT playlist you used. As you said, she started off with a bad attitude, so she wasn't going to eat crow and admit that you are an awesome teacher. Some people just do NOT do well with change either (myself included oftentimes!), unless they initiate the change themselves. I am so proud of you for keeping your cool and finishing the class, and even more proud for finding a positive way to use the experience to your benefit. But I've gotta say, you've made me super curious what your first playlist was and what your second playlist was! I've never taken a Spin class, but I've wanted to. I would certainly sign up for your class if I lived in your area! I'm always inspired by your blogs and stories, and I'm sure you are a fantastic teacher. And congratulations on the great Aqua class too! Keep up all the great work!!!

    3909 days ago
  • NAENAE1213
    You ROCK! Not only did you NOT give used her negative energy to push you onward and to make things even better! That is awesome!
    3909 days ago
  • NYCOLA44
    It's amazing to me how awful people can be. Kudos for pressing through the class and not letting her hurtful words get to you. Your weightloss accomplishments are amazing, and the fact that you are helping others reach their goals is more admirable. Shame on her...but what goes around comes around she will get what coming to her . Continue to press on, and just know all of SP gives you a round of applause for your progress up to now. You are awesome, Good Luck!
    3909 days ago
  • CILLA0025
    Kimmie honey....remember you can please some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time. Don't waste any more precious energy thinking about that horrible hater!!! Love ya girl!!! You rock!!!!
    3909 days ago
  • BELG64
    What a witch with a capital B in front of it!!!! I want to come to one of your classes!!!! How about sharing some of your music list, I need some good upbeat music for my 5K on Saturday.
    3909 days ago
    What a great blog!!!! You = AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
    3909 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3248497
    Kimmie--what can I say? That girl was being stank and that is not the way you act. Even if you don't like the fact your regular instructor is not there doesn't mean you can act rude. Obviously no home training. I am glad u didn't give up, everyone is not going to like all your music all the time. All you can do is try your best and you see when you did that...everyone LOVED the class. You are right, we should never give up else we will never know what we can truly achieve!!

    3909 days ago
    Kimmie, I am so sorry that you had an obnoxious person in your class. If I had been there, I would have told her off! And maybe beaten her up,too! :) I'm glad your next class was better and that you are enjoying the teaching. I KNOW you are a true inspiration to your students!
    3909 days ago
    Sounds like your heckler was just an unhappy soul... I mean really -- who would act like that? If you or I thought someone was so absolutely horrible, we probably wouldn't yell out like she did.

    Sorry she rained on your parade but it sounds like you did great!
    3909 days ago
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