Tuesday, June 09, 2009

So, the EKG that my dr insisted was so important to perform before I went back to exercising this morning was cancelled and rescheduled for next week. I wish I could be surprised, but rescheduling appointments (usually after waiting a few weeks for one in the first place) is pretty commonplace here. And I've been thinking about if I really want to persue this problem with my current physicians.

The pros of staying with this group are:
-They took over from my old dr and have all my medical records and perscribe the migraine meds I want
-They are convenient to my home / I can walk to the office
-I know their phone number as well as my own and can recall it off the top of my head

Wow - What totally lame reasons to stay put! (Except the first one.)

The cons of staying are:
-Frequently changing / rescheduling appts
-One dr is obsessed with numbers from tests and doesn't really think things through well before perscribing medications (trying to give a combo medicine to lower cholesterol and blood pressure to someone with borderline low blood pressure is NOT good)
-This same dr doesn't feel it necessary to check basic things like blood pressure when you come in for a yearly physical (says it's always been low he isn't worried about it)
-The dr I want to see isn't seeing "new" patients even though he saw me numerous times at the last office, at the new one he will only see "his"
-The new guy I saw doesn't seem to understand english very well, asked me the same questions multiple times, and didn't seem to really hear me when I was giving him my symptoms.
-The new guy repeatedly tried to give me a referral and didn't seem to understand me when I repeatedly corrected him on which insurance I had and that I didn't need one.

I think my biggest fear is that if it's more than just a basic thyroid issue that I'm either going to end up misdiagnosed because of the language barrier.

Since I didn't have to come to work late due to the ekg this morning, I blew off getting the bloodwork done today too. I'm thinking maybe I should just look for a new dr and hold off and see what bloodwork he's going to want, and then everything can go to just one dr. Time to log into my health insurance and see who else is in my neighborhood!

Went online and found a new dr that's taking new patients. Even closer to home, and the receptionist assures me he speaks very good, clear english. We joked about it for a few minutes, but I realize that the language barrier really is a HUGE thing. My new appt is next Wednesday. I am cancelling all my other appts with the "old" doc. I'm also going to start exercising again. I don't like the way I feel when I don't. I'll take it easy, but I'm done being stagnant!
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    Glad you found a new doctor. Doctors are critical for your health, obviously, and how you interact will really define the relationship.

    FYI, the medical records are YOURS. you have a right to either have them copied or just take them, though you may have to pay a nominal photocopy fee (5c per page, in colorado, is the max).

    I'd keep a copy for myself and give a copy to your new doctor. I never can remember what year they nuked my thyroid, what levels of IUP they gave me, etc. so having my records is a god send.
    4281 days ago
  • SUZY6281
    You know, its funny when you write down all the pros and cons of a situation how much clearer it becomes. I'm so glad you decided to go elsewhere. The cons list worried me.

    Now, about the exercising. Until you know for sure that you are okay, be sure to take it easy. If you feel dizzy or odd, stop what you are doing. In a woman heart issues can be masked by other things and symptoms of heart trouble can be as vague as an aching back. So be careful until you know for sure.

    Keep us in the loop. We worry.
    4281 days ago
    I think you made a good solid choice which will be better for your health in the long run. You need a doctor you have confidence in who understands your health and tries to treat a total you, not just the numbers.

    The medical records should not be hard for the new office to get; you sign a form and the doctors send them over.

    If you feel all right, I don't see any reason not to go back to exercising. Just be aware of how you feel and if you develop heart symptoms --- arrhythmia, skipped beats, etc --- get to the ER ASAP. Don't mess with it or wait for your doctor's appointment. Better to get it taken care of than have it turn out to be something awful.

    4281 days ago
    I think you made a good (and logical) choice. Your medical records can be forwarded. I hope you like your new choice. If not, there's nothing that says you have to stick there either. Find somebody you're comfortable with, and that is actually interested in helping you.

    4281 days ago
    Great idea with listing the pros and cons!! Sometimes I can convince myself to stay in a bad situation just because I think it's easier than trying to fix things...when in reality putting it down on paper can make an INCREDIBLE difference (or in this case, on your blog...same difference)...being able to visually SEE the pros and cons is HUGE!
    So good for you! And good luck with the new dr.!
    I know how hard it can be to find the right one!

    4282 days ago
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