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Monday, June 08, 2009

I am REALLY not sure the new dr is going to work. He doesn't seem to speak or understand english very well. I tried correcting him numerous times about what health insurance I had when he tried giving me a referral. I also answered the same questions multiple times. It was quite frustrating. He did, however, offer diet pills if my thyroid isn't slow. I'm not sure if I like that or not. I'm kinda leaning towards not. I really don't want a dr that's going to throw pills at everything.

In addition to a whole battery of bloodwork I need to get done tomorrow morning I have to go for an ekg. He thinks he hears a heart murmer and wants to run the test. I'm not really worried since my old dr was a phenominal diagnostician and he never detected anything. I don't think they just show up overnight, do they? Wait, don't tell me, I really don't need to worry. :-) The new guy has told me he doesn't want me to do any strenous exercise till after the test though. Um, no problem. After 4 hours of gardening yesterday I can barely move today, let alone exercise! I made it out of bed and feel like that's a major accomplishment. Definitely getting in to see the chiropractor tonight! I guess I'll find out something tomorrow after the other tests? Hopefully???
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    Yeah, I agree with Suzy. if you're not comfortable with him (or the language barrier or his wanting to throw diet pills atcha) then look for someone else. Find someone who really understands you. Diet pills are SOOO not natural and they don't correct anything - they are just a temporary fix.

    I know what the soreness from gardening feels like - had that a couple weeks ago. lol. take it easy!
    4281 days ago
  • SUZY6281
    You know what? If you are not totally comfortable with your doctor, you should look elsewhere. They are everywhere and somewhere out there is someone that you will like. In the meantime, by all means have the tests run and see what he has to say. I would hesitate though on taking diet pills. Based on just my experience, they are hard on the heart. And why would you want to introduce a new chemical into your body when you are trying to eat healthy?

    We had a doctor that would hand us bags of medication to take home with us. All kinds of things that we didn't need. We got rid of him pretty quick, and even now with our new doctor we edit what he wants to give out.

    Do some research on your own and stay informed. Like an earlier poster said, "50% of all doctors graduate in the bottom half of their class, and someone graduated last and still has the title of "Dr." So true.


    4282 days ago
    The language barrier aside, I believe that finding the right doctor is just like finding the right pair of shoes. They need to fit. If the shoes don’t fit, your feet will hurt. The same is true of a doctor. You need someone who you feel comfortable with. You need to be secure in knowing that the doctor clearly understood what you said and that when he tells you something, you understand what is being told to you.

    Also, heart murmurs aren’t necessarily. They can be caused by something as serious as a defective heart valve or as commonplace as pregnancy. The flu or other conditions that could cause a fever may also cause a heart murmur, so yes, it could develop over night. But don’t worry.

    It sounds like you have your health in your own hands. If needed, you may need to find a new doctor. The one you have may be brilliant. But, if you don’t feel comfortable with him, that is not good for your overall health.
    Finally, I think a chiropractor is a great option. When I had my sciatic flare up, that’s how I healed. I was as good as new.

    4283 days ago
    If you're not happy with the doctor, keep looking until you get one you are happy with. One who doesn't speak/understand English well can be dangerous. If he makes simple mistakes iwth things like insurance and wants to throw diet pills at your problems, he's probably not going to work out anyhow.

    It's possible for a murmur to just show up. I have one and it wasn't detected until last year. Unless it's severe, it generally doesn't cause any problems and they won't do anything for it.
    4283 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1117753
    Sounds like there might be a bit of a language barrier - which is a scary because if he can't understand you how is he going to help you? Maybe you had to answer the same question multiple times is so that he gets a better grasp of what you are telling him. You should try doing the same with him - I find that asking someone a question about what I said will help me feel confident that they understand what I'm trying to tell them. Hopefully it all works out and you can work with him to get healthier.
    4283 days ago
    Drs are very annoying, even the ones I like. If only cause they like to get big needles out and steal my blood for what I assume to be various Frankenstien tests in a dank dark lab.

    Take care, and "rest that heart". ;-)

    4283 days ago
    50% of all doctors graduate in the bottom half of their class, and someone graduated last and still has the title of "Dr."

    Good luck on your test results
    4283 days ago
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