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Monday, June 08, 2009

This song has the f-bomb in it, at around the 2 minute mark. Consider yourself duly warned, and take precautions if such things matter to you.

I chose this song because, well, I look at myself in the mirror these days and I wonder who the heck that woman is. It is so strange. I am used to seeing, well, a round face, for one thing. And less wrinkles. For that is another thing that has happened. There's a dirty little secret of weight loss. There's less filler, so you can end up appearing older. At least once you've lost a really serious amount of weight, and you're living at an age similar to mine (I happen to be 46). Hence my face, just under the eyes and in particular at the parentheses marks to either side of my mouth needs something.


Who knew Home Depot sold beauty products?

But in other, far more serious news, I seem to be finally, and with a vengeance (!) kicking this plateau's patootie. I will continue what I am doing for the entire month as I had planned and see what the final results are, but so far it appears to be very promising.

Here's what I'm doing:
* no alli
* 2 extra glasses of water/day
* steps goal (via pedometer) of 60,000/week (this past week I logged over 70,000)
* because of no alli, the ability to go to slightly naughtier restaurants and relax a bit re fat
* BUT - restaurant only once/week (as before), and tracked, and an effort to stay within calorie and nutriment ranges, as always
* full food tracking, as always
* regular weekday meals
* 10 more lbs of weights lifted at home
* but only do weights at home 4 days/week
* extra abs work (just an extra 25 situps, with no weights added) 5 days/week (I had been doing them for 3 days/week before)
* walk to a farther away bus stop in the mornings that I am going to the gym (and no home weights on those 3 days/week)
* walk up monster hill every night for commute home
* for non-gym days, walk from Newton Corner, fast (this is an extra 10 minutes of walking and twice my normal speed -- I ended up doing this 3 days instead of the planned 2 because of the bus schedule)

Here are the results:
Down 3 lbs., more than I'd lost for the previous 6 weeks COMBINED. Down a total of 150 lbs.!!!
New personal best measurements for band, hip and thigh, tied for previously attained personal best measurements for bicep and keister, and only 1/4" above the personal best for belly.

Hmm. This plateau-kickin' has some meaning. Stay tuned.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Niiiice! Well done!

    And I love that you're allowing a night out at the 'naughty' places (and here my mind when somewhere else when I read that... emoticon )

    All thinkgs in moderation - even moderation.
    4239 days ago
    Pure inspiration! Way to go on getting off that plateau!
    4240 days ago
    Congrats on kicking the plateau -- I hope to do the same this week. Though I can't really... in genuine honesty... call it a plateau. I haven't been working hard enough.

    4240 days ago
    Great going! I am inspired! Oh, and I loved the "spackling" remark. LOL!
    emoticon emoticon
    4240 days ago
  • SPARKLE72023
    By the way - - - - I loved the song!!! It brought back great memories and stirred the depths of my soul with the haunting melodies and rhythms. Thank you!

    Your Jordan Louis Teamie!
    4240 days ago
  • SPARKLE72023
    WHOOOO - R - U ?

    You're a wonderful person who should become one of our Spark MOTIVATORS, (if you haven't already done so)!!!

    Fantastic blog. And as for the 'looking older' and 'more wrinkled' part, well unfortunately that goes with great amounts of weight loss. The rich "fix" it with surgeries. Us poor folks just thank the Lord for renewed health and don't worry about the looks too much. We're told by some SparkPeople articles that If you don't loose too much weight too fast, then there will be fewer hanging skin & wrinkle problems because the body & skin will have had time to adjust to your "new measurements." Of course it won't be perfect but to answer that provocative question: WHO ARE YOU? ..... you're more than just wrinkles and hanging skin! Those are surface features of the real you.

    It's not all that comforting when you look at the mirror but you must not only successfully loose weight but also, develop a deeper & better self image - - and preferably not one that is dictated by the greedy corporate Wall Street giants!

    4240 days ago
    That is awesome!
    4241 days ago
    WOW! I'm impressed!!! Great job, I love your plan, you are incredible and have learned a lot, and still teaching your body a few things! :) Very cool, very inspirational, THIS can be done!
    4241 days ago
    Wow! Congratulations to you for losing 150 lbs!! What an accomplishment. You have kicked your plateau's patootie!!
    Way to go!!!! You should be very proud of yourself!!

    PS. I LOVE your use of lyrics to title your posts. I am about your age (a little older - almost 48) so I am usually able to guess the song without having to listen. Just wanted to add's very clever!!
    4241 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/8/2009 8:54:04 PM
    Way to go. You put your self on a boot camp and lost those stubborn pounds that would not budge. Lorraine emoticon
    4241 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3248497
    4241 days ago
    Look at you!! That's fantastic!! And it's wonderful you share such details to help others bust through their plateaus. You're such a great example. :D

    4241 days ago
    Congrats on your loss and changes! Thanks for the Who song :)

    4241 days ago
    You rock girl.

    Spackling indeed.
    4241 days ago
    I only have one question...
    What the heck is alli???
    4241 days ago
    I've noticed those crags on my face too and I haven't lost near the amount of weight that you have. I've been on that dreaded plateau too but honestly, I haven't been the best little Sparker. I haven't always been tracking and then found out that I'm eating too LITTLE again. My word for this week is REFOCUS! You are doing such a great job with your weight loss and also you're great at conveying what you've learned to us. As always, YOU ROCK!!!


    4241 days ago
    150 pounds! Wow, Jes, you *really* are disappearing.
    'Congratulations' seems like too a weak word to convey the admiration and inspiration your incredible loss inspires!
    Acceptable trade. A few wrinkles for more energy and good health ANY day. Great song, inspiring post.

    4241 days ago
    I never knew that Home Depot sold beauty products. But recently I saw something fascinating about that on the news. There is an interest among many retailers to become multi-dimensional stores. Apparently, with the recession, people aren’t shopping like they used to. So, some stores are increasing the types of things they carry. The news story I saw talked about how within the next 3-5 years, most stores will be full service carry everything stores similar to Walmart.

    Oh well, keep up the great work. You're doing great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    4241 days ago
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