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Perils of Seeing Too Much: Possibilities & Problems

Friday, June 05, 2009

Did you read the Healthy Reflections today?? WHAT??? You don't subscribe to it? Well I hope you do regularly visit the MOTIVATION section of Spark's site, which, IMHO, (and while I realize it is only mine, I deep down know it to be true) is the AXIS that makes Spark stand out from alllllllllll the other sites, making it, as it does, and INTEGRAL part of a wholistic vision for change.........change for the better.

For those who did not see this day's Healthy Reflection, aren't aware of the vast riches in the motivation sections, beyond showcased spark pages, and teams, or don't think they need any motivation or understanding of their own, you are welcome to stay and read on, or pass on as you choose!

Today's Healthy Reflections was:
man who wants something will find a way; a man who doesn't will find an excuse.

- Stephen Dolley Jr.

Do you see possibilities or problems?

It's been said that some of the smartest people around would make lousy entrepreneurs. How can that be? The fact is, some people are so smart they can easily see all of the problems, roadblocks, and snafus that they'll need to overcome to succeed. They can think of all kinds of reasons why their idea won't work.
This knowledge can overwhelm any thoughts of possibilities or dreams. When you think of your goals, do you focus on the positives of making it happen, or the negatives of potential barriers?

To reach your goals, you gotta really want them. More importantly, you gotta really believe that you can do it. Think more about why you CAN make it happen instead of why you can't. No more excuses.
END quote.........................

Now I DO believe that there are possibilities, and I DO see the problems in reaching them; I have to confess, I had myself believing that I just did not have HOPE and FAITH! I did not realize initially, that it was not the really a lack of HOPE or FAITH, but the predominance of certain ways of "looking at" things, people & situations that was creating the sinkhole into which my mind was allowing HOPE and FAITH to be swallowed and buried, alive.....you know how painful THAT can be, now, don't you? Even if you don't have direct experience of it (and I hope you have NOT!) we are possessed of an imagination that can allow us to make the leap;

This is exactly what happens when we decide that we are not worth it, it can't be done, other people deserve it more, it can't be done, there are x,y,z reasons why I could not do what I wanted to do, it's too hard, it can't be done, they won't let me, he caused me to get off track, it can't be done, most importantly, we have a tendency to shift ourselves and our part in the situation OUT of the equation equation entirely, which skews the whole package unrealistically (" and now I am going to moan and groan about it because deep down, I am carrying something else I did not mention.........OH, yeah, resentment, born of an unwillingness to accept that CHANGE is necessary for growth, EFFORT is involved......especially in light of those events that have happened outside my power, which can be highly enticing to leading me down the very wrong path!)

You can see how this can snowball into a downward descent into failure, now, right?
So a shift in perspective can turn a talent for seeing all those roadblocks into a liability or vice versus. I originally had a penchant for seeing allllllllllll the problems. I did not make them up, they really were THERE. So what happened? A shift in perspective did, that led from simply "using" problems as EXCUSES (or justifications) to seeing solutions to problems; Does it end there, oh nooooo, no, not at all. I could very well see the solutions too.....What is the main ingredient of this shift? What is it that, if you don't have it, is a recipe for failure?
OWNERSHIP. No matter what situation we have been in or are part of, we have part ownership in it; it may be more, it may be less, and it is best not to even GO to the tendency to waste energy on 'who' has more ownership: Stick with your own, spend time finding out what it was, get to know who you are and what motivates you, decide if it is helping or hindering you. Shift from "victim" to victor! The main ingredient in unlocking the way to success.

Grab it, make it yours, move on into the light, you can either continue to grow, or you can die.
The choice is yours.
What will it be?
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • CAROLJ94941
    I found this blog of yours while reading your comment on reflections today (which I also liked).
    The OWNERSHIP part really struck home. I've been working on that a lot lately, and some of the things are years old that I'm finally owning!

    I love your photos and the fact that you're an artist and a landscaper. Do you have photos of your gardens? I'm also an artist and while I'm not a landscaper :( I've been working on my gardens lately with my son who is home from college (I also had him late in life).

    Anyway - long winded way of saying thanks for the entry(s).
    3168 days ago
    I choose to keep returning to the light and move in the direction of my goals! I OWN my Life and I will make it work!
    Good blog, Kat! Sorry that you arenĀ“t well today! Hope it passes quickly.
    3243 days ago
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