Friday, June 05, 2009

Oh yeah...... now I got that Paula Abdul song in my head! lol. Anybody else singin' "We come together cuz opposites attract"? (I might have been seriously dating myself by saying that!) Back on track here, Sarah....

Last week friday (my weigh in day) I weighed 268.4 - a 1.4 loss for the week, but only .4 away from my 30 pound goal. I told myself that my only goal for this week was to lose that .4 and get to 35. Uh... not so much. My family was in town for the weekend and I felt the pressure to cook like my mom does - down-home comfort foods for pretty much every meal. I made shepherd's pie and pasta and pancakes and sausage gravy & biscuits and one trip to a burger joint where I only had 1/2 burger (but a double scoop of ice cream)... and with all that food that I don't generally cook anymore (or at least not all in the span of 3 days!) I also got back into portions that I would no longer eat. I ate too much of the good stuff. Now, I did serve sides of fruits and veggies with every meal and I still got all my water in and I still exercised on friday (I always have Saturday and Sunday off) AND on Sunday I did some hard work for about 2 hours creating a garden (digging up sod and soil that actually turned out to be clay) so I am sure I burned quite a few calories doing that. But still I managed to skyrocket my weight from 268.4 all the way up to 279 by MONDAY MORNING! Now, I had all my little Sparkies in my brain telling me that there was no earthly way that I ate so much that I gained 10 pounds in three days. One look at my rings on my fingers and I KNEW that most of that was water weight (yay Sarah - no freak out!). I remained calm and told myself that it would come off this week and that I would keep doing what I normally do and drink plenty of water. And so I did.... and I have been seeing the numbers go down fairly rapidly all week and my rings got looser too... but not enough. When I stepped on the scale this morning I was a slightly depressing 268.8 - up by almost half of a pound. Yes, I lost over 9 pounds in a week, but it's nothing to be proud of since it was just water weight anyway. So, instead of losing I am gaining.

And then there's the gym. Since the beginning of March my workouts have gone from 30 minutes exactly (that was the required minimum) 5 times a week to 60-90 minutes a day 5 times a week. My intensity is greater, my speed is faster, I have more energy (at least DURING the workout - the rest of the day I am exhausted). I have also been running (mixed with intervals of walking still... but I will get to ALL running some day!) and have been making great strides (no pun intended! lol) in that arena. I had a really hard time even getting to 2 miles about 3 weeks ago and today I finished 2.75 very strong! In fact, I think I need to tell about it since I am so excited! My goal time (based on 15 minutes a mile) for the 2.75 miles was 41:15. Here were my times for the week: Monday - 41:22, Wednesday - 41:02, Today - 39:30!!!! I set a goal for myself to get under 41 minutes today but I beat that by 1:30 and I was ecstatic! Not only that but I really pushed myself at the end - just for the fun of it since I got this strange burst of energy for the last 5 minutes or so - and instead of running at 5.0 or 5.1 like I usually do, I was running at 5.5 - and then for the last 30 seconds or so I just kept getting faster and faster - I was at 7.0 for the last 30 seconds or so! Overall I feel really good about my exercise. I wouldn't change a thing about my cardio - I am really proud of how far I've come. As far as strength training - I am kind of on again, off again. I was doing it M-W-F but those were also my 5K training days and I just didn't have the strength to do weight machines. So, I do need to figure something out in that area.

But the food... oh, the food. There we have a problem. I like it too much. Anyone else have that issue? lol. My GOAL for food is to eat four healthy meals (I eat two breakfasts - one very small one right before working out that is carbs like cantaloupe or a half an english muffin for energy and then a little bit bigger one after I get home that usually has more protein in it to aid repair of muscles) and two or three snacks. I am not opposed to having a little sweet treat each day. I buy organic dark chocolate candy bars and one bar will last me a whole week or longer. My problem with my weeks is that I don't know if I am eating too little because I HATE TRACKING! But then those naughty weekends.... ugh. I am not even a drinker! My problem lies in eating more decadent food at home (cuz hubby is home more on weekends and likes big "comfort-food" type meals) and from going out to restaurants.

So you see... one step forward with great exercise - two steps back with being clueless about how well I am REALLY doing on weekdays and KNOWING I am having struggles on weekends. I just wish it would all even out. I am getting a little frustrated with my body doing crazy things like losing 3 pounds two weeks in a row and then losing and gaining the same 1.5 pounds for the next three weeks. I am stuck in a rut and something needs to change ASAP.
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    Well, my body does the same things with the poundage up and down and sometimes what i am doing food or exercise is not changing at all! However, food is still my BIGGEST struggle and then consistency on exercise, etc...

    It takes time Sarah. TIME to build consistent habits and work out the kinks etc...
    4281 days ago
    We all love comfort foods we grew up with. They're just so comfortable! Good memories, good times, feelings of love.... One of the most difficult parts of making a lifestyle change is getting use to having less of these foods. And making the lower fat / lower calorie versions of your favorite dishes can be challenging. (Not to mention a lot more work in many cases.) Leaving comfort foods behind can be really hard. Just remember, you don't have to. You can still have them on occasion, and that you'll enjoy them even more when they are only a rare treat! (And only having them rarely helps you not feel so guilty about having them when you do!)

    As for tracking. I don't think anyone "enjoys" tracking. It's something you have to just suck up and do. Even if only for a couple weeks every now and then to get a reality check. Measure / weigh everything and make sure you aren't distorting portion sizes. I don't measure all the time, but I do bring the measuring tools out occasionally to make sure I'm not way off. (I have been in the past.) It helps a lot.
    4283 days ago
    Hi Sarah
    I love the background....Orange Tigers kick butt!!
    You are absolutely amazing. I am in awe of how you have embraced exercise and running. The exercise part has been and continues to be the hardest part for me. I wish I could get to where you are right now. I do get in my exercise but it is always a struggle and not something I truely enjoy.
    Anyway I have to agree with everyone else, that tracking your food is crucial. That is what helped me lose most of the weight. When I stopped tracking things it started creeping back up. The easiest thing for me to do is plan ahead for the day. I input what I am going to eat and make sure that I don't go over my calories. That generally works during the week. The weekends I am not so structured and just try to eat in moderation. I track what I eat after the fact. When you are not tracking you have no idea if you are getting enough calories in relation to your how many you are burning, if you are over, or if you are taking in too much sodium and retaining water. Give it a try for a week without changing your workouts and see if it helps. There are so many great recipes out there that don't taste like "diet" food. Hey and yea never know your hubby may like them just as much as he does his comfort food.
    Keep up the great work!
    4283 days ago
    I can understand your reluctance to track. It seems vaguely annoying, I know, and when I was really stalling out in losing weight and stuck in the same 3 pounds cycle for months, I decided that I just needed to bite the bullet and track which I had never done up until that point really. In fact, that's how I discovered spark was looking for a way to track my food. Anyway, I'm going to admit something here...I love tracking! It kind of makes eating into a little gameshow where I hope to win all the prizes. What? That's weird you say? Yes it is. But it's how my little mind has come to cope with it and it works for me! I'm hoping the day will come some far off day in the future that I won't have to track, but until then, that tracker and sparkrecipe calculate is our friend. I really think you'll see a difference if you're more diligent about using it. What's your favorite saying? No pain, no gain -- or maybe in this case it's more like 'No annoyance, no benefit'. Good luck!
    4283 days ago
    WOW OH WOW...... YOU HAVE TO THINK OF ONE THING THOUGH...... you have made it this far..... I have spent so much time and LOTS OF MONEY on different programs and I have decided that this is the last resort..... as with you I have gained then lost then gained then lost the same mount week after horrible week..... but eventually it works itself out and your back on the same track as before.....

    Now as for the meals you have to make on the weekends, and family affairs...... can't you find some way to make the same meals healthier for all of you, and believe it or not unless you tell them otherwise they never know that it is a lower calorie version of the same meal...... I have done it and have never heard a complaint about it, I was actually told that the meal was great...... YOU CAN find healthier versions online of your recipes most of the time..... GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!

    4284 days ago
  • JOYOUS111
    you will not see changes until you change...a big change for you would be to track! Sorry! Awhile back you wrote something that really hit a chord...That you have been dieting for your whole adult life yet still overweight....Time for a change and that would be a big one.

    you can do it and it does not have to be perfect, exact or micro mananged.

    you know I care.
    4284 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/5/2009 3:03:31 PM
    TRACK YOUR FOOD. It will make ALLLL the difference in your weight loss because you will KNOW how you need to tweak things. With your exercise being stepped up so much you are definitely burning more calories and no way to know how to adjust your intake to maximize your loss if you don't know what it is. Ya know? :) AND HOLY WOW on your run!!! :D That is AWESOME!!! :D Congratulations on SMASHING your goal and running at 7MPH! :D That is GREAT!!!!!! :D And you know that most of the 10lbs in 3 days was water weight, but maybe a portion of it was legit gain -- so you did great by getting rid of 9lbs of that in a week. Now just to stay on track and get back in a new low again. :) You are doing a great job keeping focused and reviewing your actions to get better results, I just think that by tracking you will be able to do an even better job of this because you will have concrete numbers to review as well. :)
    4284 days ago
    you seem to know where the problems are. What can I do to help? I worked with a man who was mentally challenged. He always had to have 2nds. When I prepared his plate for him I gave him 2.... servings each was 1/2 so he actually got 1 total. He lost 40 pounds over 6 months just by doing that. For me. I goof but I am human. I keep busy so I forget to eat. Yes it is possible to forget to eat. That is wrong also. Because when I remember I eat too much. I work out on empty stomach. When my hubby and kids want comfort food. I pull a Healthy Choice out of the freezer. My favorite ones have the cherry crisp in them.
    4284 days ago
  • MOCNVW23
    Well it seems like you know where the problems are. The one thing you shouldn't do is look back at what you did yesterday or last week. Look at today and tomorrow. You know where the problems are now you just have to try and work on fixing them. I know you said you don't like tracking, but I know that for me tracking has helped me alot. Once I started tracking, that is when I started losing and not gaining. Because you can actually see at the end of the day what you consumed and at the end of the day when yougo to I am done tracking for the day and show me my feed back. That was the real eye opener for me. Seeing what I went over or under in. The charts I think really put things into light, cause you see it all broken down and you can be like wow, that one item was the biggest part of my calories for the day, so it really helps you to learn how much and what you need to improve on or cut back on.

    As far as eating out, I eat out at least once or twice a week with my mom, you just have to really look at the menu and make smart choices, skip the fried foods (yea I know they are the best on the menu), but try ordering a salad, veggie soup, a lot of times I will order off the senior menu, that way there the portions sizes are smaller.

    Print out a motivator. I have a pair of pants that I loved, and can't wear anymore, I have them haning in my bedroom, on the frig I have a picture of what I look like now and one of me the way I use to be and want to be again. Something else my mom suggested is this. I have a pic of me now and a pic of me in the past, well so far i have lost 20 pounds and what I am doing is, I have a pic of me at 345 where I started and then beside that one I have a pic of me at 325, and I have the one of where I want to be. I am going to continue to take pics of me for every goal I meet and put them in order on teh frig until I get to and reach the pic of me on the way I want to be, and let me tell you that has been a huge motivator for me.

    You can do it , just look at today and tomorrow and not yesterday or last week, take it one day at a time.
    4284 days ago
    What has worked best for me?? (Sorry, you're not going to be happy). Tracking my food. All of it. Consistently. Weighing/Measuring everything.

    And, of course make sure your fitness tracker is reflecting the calories you are burning - so your calorie count is set high enough.

    You can do this. You are making changes & improvements to your exercising. Just keep making changes & improvements to your eating/tracking!! emoticon
    4284 days ago
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