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Thursday, June 04, 2009

I guess I need to find a new primary care physician since mine is obsessed with cholesterol. Yes, mine is a little on the high side. No I am not taking Crestor for it since I already have borderline low blood pressure. He doesn't seem to care that my thyroid numbers are on the low side. He also doesn't seem to want to recognize that high cholesterol may be a symptom of thyroid issues.

So I tried to circumvent him and go to an endocrinologist this time around. Yea, that was a waste of breath. If I don't have labs already and a diagnosis from my dr, this specialist won't see me. Apparently an endocrinologist isn't smart enough to diagnose thyroid problems, they need a general practitioner to tell them there's a problem.

*sigh* I'm really feeling frustrated about now.

I was able to talk to the nurse at my dr's office and she's scheduled me to see a different dr. Hopefully this one will listen to me because I really don't feel like having to change dr's (mainly because of convenience). I'll see the new guy tomorrow at lunchtime, so hopefully will have an update after that.
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    For what it's worth, I'm with you on the not taking drugs, if you can control with diet and it's not too high.

    There may be a point you need to go the drug route, but there are so many ways to control it naturally (at first.) Course, I've got no thyroid left, they nuked it from me 10 years ago. So I can't comment on how thyroid and cholesterol work together.

    Stupid sounding, but serious "try", is dark chocolate. It has an effect like aspirin that helps lower the cholesterol, and helps prevent the platelets from breaking off. If you aren't eating dark chocolate (not with milk or suger or fillings... just the nice 80% dark stuff), you should try. and if you aren't doing a baby aspirin a day, you might try that too. much easier on your system then full blown Cholesterol meds.
    4286 days ago
    I can sympathize. Mine is a relatively good doctor for minor ailments but he's a pill pusher. Whatever the pharmacy representatives are pushing, he wants me to take even if it's not in my insurance company's formulary or the most cost effective or appropriate for treatment.

    I finally got an endo who listens...after ironically being referred by a doctor who didn't believe I was anything but fat and lazy. She confirmed that my hypothalmus, pituitary, and thyroid are essentially dead and will need extensive support in order to function at all. I'm happy that she was wrong about the weight loss, though. I've lost ten pounds since joining SP.

    Keep at it and don't take no for an answer. You deserve decent health care!
    4287 days ago
    I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED!!!! I am reading Jillian Michaels' Master Your Metabolism. I got it at Target for $18 (verses the 26 that Borders wanted for it). She talks all about balancing all your hormones (and she consulted endocrinologists for this book) to give you energy and burn fat more efficiently and get better overall health. I REALLY think you would love this book, just based on what I have read about you on your page. It talks about not only cutting out processed foods and making whole and organic foods work for you, but also how to help your hormones balance themselves in the face of environmental toxins such as fertilizers on your neighbor's lawn or pesticides on foods. Let me know if you get it - she does address lack of energy and I really do think it would be a great benefit to what you are going through - and easier and cheaper than know-it-all doctors who don't really know it all. lol.

    4287 days ago
    Don't sigh... I faced a similar situation.

    From what I know, endocrin needs to see the history before ordering more tests to diagnose the problem. Just take recent lab reports. Perhaps your insurance dictates that the primary care physician should give an order to see an endocrin. May be you are right in wanting to find another primary care physician who can explain and put things in perspective for you.
    4287 days ago
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