Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Since joining back up I have been pretty good! I have met all of my nutrition goals and I worked out today!

I found some new healthy foods that I am really liking and have started have a snack during the day too. I think I am doing a really great job so far of keeping on track. Probably better than any other time because my foods have varied and I have found healthier alternatives! The more I get into this stuff the more I find, its fantastic! For instance I found these things called sandwich thins... They have a ton of fiber, 5 grams of protein and are 100 cals! They are SO yummy too! much better than regular bread! so use them to make sandwiches at lunch! or put my veggie burger on them! so good! I also changed my breakfast, I now have either .5 or 1 cup of yogurt, .5 cup of quaker all natural granola and berries. I mix it all together and its YUM! having really good food keeps me on track and I cant wait to find more healthy alternatives!

I also got a workout in today! I hurt my knee the other day and have had a hard time with stairs and such. I have bad knees in the first place so I am really not that concerned with it. I have had 3 knee surgeries already and I am NOT going back in for a long time. I know I have torn a little bit more since my last knee surgery but until I am unable to walk or exercise I'm not caving in. This is another reason it is important for me to get strong, the stronger my leg muscles are the less likely I am to have to go back under the knife. Anyway despite my knee killing me I got a workout in. I wanted to get some exercise in but did not want to push, so instead of doing a BL DVD high impact I did Bob's yoga. It hurt a little but right after I took so aleave and got in a hot tub to calm my knee. I know this sounds bad to those of you actually reading this but I have had so many knee issues in my life if I did not push I would never be able to get anything done!
Tomorrow I plan on talking a walk down my the lake. there is a great path and I am looking forward to getting some sun and exercise in.

Oh! and I decided to get into biking! with these bad knees of mine I realise that running is almost certainly out of the question for now. but biking is really good for your knees and I did not realise how many calories you could burn doing it! and its fun! i am getting my bike together this weekend and plan on starting to take it out soon! Ihope this is something I fall in love with, it would be really great to have something I am SUPER passionate about in the exercise department! lol

I have also decided that Friday is my new weigh in day. Since I have not done a weigh in for a while and I am positive I gained I am going to start from scratch. New weight, New measurements, new attitude! No matter how much I gained I am not going to get upset because I know that I can work through this and get all this extra weight off!

since this is getting so long I think I am going to cut off for the day. On the team " Taking life back" I am in the hot seat this week... meaning other team members can ask me all sorts of questions and I have to answer.. its a good way to get to know other team members. anyway, one member asked me why I wanted to lose weight and I started listing the reasons before I realised there were so many and I have never expressed them before! so tomorrow i am going to write a blog about that. I am looking forward to it =)

Part of my June Goal is to write something positive or nice about myself at the end of every blog so here is today's :

Today was a good face day, you know how some people have good hair days? I had a good face day, I can honestly say today I felt pretty.

Hope everyone had a GREAT day!

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    Great blog post! I'm glad you are out on a bike ride today (per your status) and I hoe you really enjoy it.

    Congrats on doing well. I love the sandwich thins, too. Just the right size and good ingredients and they make a good sandwich.

    I understand having to push through when you have a chronic pain (although, I am grateful I do not have any myself). I would recommend checking out - you can send them pictures and get a personalized set of exercises to work on posture and issues that could help the knee without surgery.

    Talk to you later!
    3275 days ago
  • GYPSIE67
    Hi Aly!
    I have not been on SP much these last weeks & was sorry to read about your trouble. Im really happy you are back on track, you deserve this.
    Having you BF with you in this weight loss & health journey will help you be accountable.
    Biking is a good idea for knee issues, there is also swimming & pilates.
    If you have access to a gym, try the elliptic machine, its like cross country skiing, so no impact.
    I wish you the best, hang in there, do it for yourself, you are worth it!
    You only get one body, one life. What are you gonna do with it?

    3276 days ago
    Sounds like you are doing great! I think it is such a good idea that you stocked your house with healthy food options. Also, yay for biking! Such a good form of cardio, and since it's non impact it won't bug your knees as much. Swimming is also a great option here.

    Also, I think you mentioned this in your other blog, but I also think it is amazing that Brian is on board with you! I am started to get Pat into my routine as well, and it definitely makes things easier. He can't keep up with me running yet :) We mainly stick to yoga. He can whoop my butt at push ups though.

    Anyway, hats off to you--this summer is to your health and well being!
    3277 days ago
    Aly, what a nice blog... you are back on track I can tell.. I am sorry about your knee issues and wish you a speedy recovery to this injury. Keep up the positive attitude and your great dedication to your teams and your goals... emoticon Sondra
    3277 days ago
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