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Wow!! Wow!! and Wow!!! and more Wows!!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

There is so much good news to share I don't know what to tell you all first. So let's start off chronologically. I have two walking buddies. I walk with one in the morning and one at night. It has been getting very warm here in the mornings so we have decided to do aerobics (WATP) at my house. Love our summers here in Yuma. Yeah right!! But it is still nice in the evening for now to keep outside with walking and biking. That will change soon...not looking forward to that. Anyways on to the Wows.
I was a speaker at the Spark For Life Convention. Loved it! Loved it! Loved it!!! I had a fabulous time. Met many many fabulous people. Made some new friends. Learned a lot. Definitely buying the book when it comes out in December! Nervous about the speech I had to give. So nervous that I ended up "winging" it and have no idea what I said. But I did get good raves after it was over and saw heads nodding during it, so I must have done good. lol. My hubby, Sis, and mom were all there to support me. Yay!!! All the people at SparkPeople were amazing. I loved meeting the people behind the scenes that make all of this possible for us. I can't begin to tell you how fantabulous they are. They are the most nicest people you will ever meet not to mention all of our fellow Sparkers out there. It is so good to be in the company of people who get you, who have been where you are at, who know what you are going through, who know what you have been through, and who want to be in a better place in their lives. There was such a positive vibe. I wished it lasted longer (the convention). I can't wait to go to next year's. If you didn't go, you can't miss the next me!!
I have made a huge dent in progress on myself and my house. My friend Jodi helped me do which I cannot thank her enough! She spent her vacation with me cleaning. Who does that?! I BFF. She is awesome squared and then some!! My bedroom is now a bedroom and not the black hole where everything gets sucked up in and stays there. I am ready to tackle the rest of my house, one project at a time. The depressional funk is gone. I have a new outlook on life. And I want to live it!!
My Sis had some bad weeks waiting for news about how her baby was doing. Waiting for time to pass so she could get the amnio and then waiting for the weeks to pass again to get the news....the results. And I am super super excited to tell you all that she is going to have a healthy baby!!!! I am so sorry she had to go through all the agony of negativity and not knowing and worrying. But it is over now and everything is fine. Better than fine. And this leads us to the next Wow!
I DID IT!!! I did my first marathon!!! WooHoo!!! I was upset because I was going to have to walk the whole thing because I was having IT Band issues and then I found relief. I went to the expo on Saturday and found this booth that was selling different gadgets and wraps and there it was. The answer to my prayers, well the answer to my dilemma...let's not get all drama about. lol. They had an IT Band wrap. The best $15 I spent!! It worked too. NO more pain in my knee. I was able to run when I had to and that was awesome. I actually missed running. Until I had to face those darn uphill slopes (being nice here). hahaha. I had a great weekend. I was able to spend time with my Sis and see what she does (for a living), well part of what she does. Bowing down to her. She is so great! (I know you are reading did I do? lol) Went to the Expo and checked out all the booths and ate all the free samples I wanted to try without any guilt because I was doing a marathon the next day. Burn those calories!!! Went to dinner with my Sis. Went to my cousin's 21st birthday party. And the jaws were dropping all over the place. Yes I did take away some of the birthday girl's thunder...didn't mean to but I earned it! Saw a lot of family I hadn't seen in a while...back before SP. So they were in for a shock. Went back to Sis' and went to bed. Got up at 5:20am and got ready for the marathon. We were running a bit behind. Long story. We were in the group of stragglers running to the start line because everyone had already started. Whoops! So Ryan was only able to run/walk with us for the first 4ish miles because he had to go to work (boss had to go to a funeral so he had to open up). Amy (Sis) did the first 7 1/2 ish miles with me. I was solo for about 11 ish miles...I ran about 9 of those miles or so. Met back up with Sis just before mile 19 and we did the rest of the race together. I am in awe of her. Here she is less than a week away from being 5 months pregnant and she is walking/jogging most of the marathon with me. Again I am bowing down to her! She Rocked the marathon. So this time out I made sure I had enough food/water with me. I had a 2 Ltr camelback filled with SmartWater (water with electrolytes) and plenty of Zbars (Clif bars for kids) to get me through the race. I did not want to dehydrate this time out. So I ended up peeing like a pregnant woman on this race because I was drinking enough fluids. I have proof of that...everytime my Sis had to use the bathroom so did I. LOL!!! I was soooo glad she joined me at the end...couldn't have done it without her. She is my inspiration! She kept me going. Hugs to you Sis!! So we crossed the finish line together....6:05:21!!! Only an hour later than we anticipated. Not bad considering I was going to walk the whole thing because of my knee and my Sis was pregnant. I am proud of the whole thing. I DID IT!!! We did it!! It was a great experience. I learned a lot about myself on this race. I know I will do better in the future races. I know what to do for the next one. There are so many little stories to share about the marathon....I will blog about them later. You will laugh...I know I do when I think about it.
So now I am recovering from the sore muscles and aches. Doing a lot better than I did with the Half in January. See you can learn from your mistakes. Now it's back to training for the next race. I am doing another Half Marathon in October. I know I will be in great shape for it. I am walking it with my friend Jodi. She wanted to do one and asked if I wanted to do it with her....oh you know I do!!! And so it begins....

Oh I almost forgot the final Wow! Monday was my weigh in day. Drumroll please..... 149.4 pounds!!!!! I did it!!!! I actually past my goal of 150!!! WooHoo!!!! So now I am in maintenance mode...which means I get to eat more food. Not sure if I can get used to that. I had a hard time yesterday trying to come up with more to eat to meet my minimum. I know what a tough problem to have. It's just amazing to me how much I have changed. Before SP I would have easilly passed by the 2000 calorie mark and now I am having trouble trying to get up to that mark! What a difference a year + makes. Yay!!!

So to recap: Made 2 new friends that I exercise with, went to the convention and shared my story and made new friends too, I have my bedroom back, Sis' baby is healthy, I did a marathon, and I am at my last goal weight and now I am in maintenance mode! Wow to the past 6 weeks!!! WOW!!!

You CAN do it!!! Find something you are passionate about and go for it. Find an exercise program that you love to do and do it. Get a buddy to do it with you. They will help keep you motivated. I have two that keep me off the couch and on the pavement. You CAN do it!!!! I know you can....I am proof that it works. I BELIEVE IN YOU!!!! WooHoo!!!!
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    emoticon emoticon
    510 days ago
    Wow.. just wow. This blog brings hope and amazement to me. Keep up everything your doing and talk about turning your life around for the better :D
    2917 days ago
  • S318830
    I can't believe I didn't see this blog before. I've been coming out of my stress-induced funk finally (it was one heck of a year) so I'm roaming around my friends' pages. Congratulations on reaching maintenance. How are you doing with that? Any advice? I'm in a major push to reach my own goal of 145 by the end of December. Nice job on the marathon. I saw a comment from Leah about you doing Carlsbad? Are you? I went to sign up for the half a week ago and was bummed to see they'd already sold out. So I signed up for another San Diego half in Feb.

    Anyway, congrats again for everything!
    3113 days ago
    Great Job Stac! Sorry I missed you this weekend. Hubby said you were in San Diego. Wish I could meet you to walk but I go to work at 730 am so unfortunately 8:20 is out for me. But good job for you.
    3245 days ago
    Stacy you and your dear sis are totally AWESOME!!!
    3262 days ago
    Good Job!
    3274 days ago
  • BUGABOO7500
    Congrats on all your acheivements. You have done such a great job. Good luck finding stuff to eat :-)
    3274 days ago
    I'm soooo happy for you! Great job on the marathon! I didn't see your comment until after the marathon so sorry we didn't get to meet up!!! I was at "L" so that's funny we were right next to each other and didn't know it!! lol! YEAH at being at your goal -- all that in one week! You are amazing and a wonderful inspiration!
    3275 days ago
    Passion and fire, that's what SparkPeople is all about...and Stacey you are the EPITOME of this! WTG! It was such a joy to hear you and the others speak at the convention! You all affirmed so many of the common denominators of our journey together in reclaiming our health and wellness!

    3275 days ago
    You ROCK, Stacey! Put a smile right on my face! I bow to you, girlfriend!
    3275 days ago
    Wow is right!!! Congrats on all you've accomplished!!! Celebrate girl!! AWESOME!!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3275 days ago
    Definitely something(s) to woohoo about! My baby sister does marathons, but I have never run a race. I've had surgery on both knees. That is awesome that you finished. My grandson did his first marathon this fall. He was not pleased with his time, but he did not train, and it was his first. I told him that if you finish a marathon, you are like in the top 10% of America because the rest of us (the other 90%) haven't even done it slow!!! Way to go! emoticon
    3275 days ago
    Wow is right! Everything in your world is groovy! Enjoy.
    3275 days ago
    I read your blog with tears streaming down my face girlie... so happy for you my friend and for your sister, I feel like I know you both. I wish the best for you Stacey.

    3275 days ago
    Wowwie!!! I love all the excitement and enthusiasm in your blog!!! Yay for you and hip hip hooray for your sis!!! Awesome news!!! Congrats on the marathon finish. Super bummed I didn't get to meet up with you. We were super slow (6:40) because my running partner hurt her ankle at mile 2 and then got light headed and almost passed out at the half. She continued but had to walk. I forged ahead and then would wait for her. I am curious as to what my time would have been if she were in peak condition that day. Oh well, we set out to finish and we did. Yes! Congrats again on a job well done my friend!

    3275 days ago
    Your so awesome. I truly know how you became a SparkPeople Motivator! Your amazing. I'm sure glad your my bff.
    3275 days ago
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful news and for making me smile!
    3275 days ago
    Wonderful blog!

    I just cleaned my house and feel like I can conquer the world now! It's weird how when your place is nice and tidy, it feels like your LIFE is nice and tidy.

    congrats on your marathon too! You're amazing...and actually, so is your sister! 5 months preggers and she's doing a marathon?! Wow!!!

    3275 days ago
    Wow Stacey,

    I knew when I met you that you could do it but it still has me in awe. Congrats to it all. Hug your sis for me and tell her I said congrats too!

    Love ya Stacey!

    Hugs-Kat (AKA-Rocky)
    3275 days ago
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