CLX week 7.5 review, my week, etc

Sunday, May 31, 2009

i apologize for being late with this blog..things have not been the best near me lately emoticon

Chalean Extreme is still great exercise wise- I am approaching day 60 soon!!! Tomorrow I begin the 3rd and final phase, "lean"
I LOVED phase 2 "push" where I lifted super heavy weights for 6-8 reps. It made me feel so empowered and strong and i was truly shock at how i was able to eep increasing weights. I've been squatting, lunging, bench pressing & chest flying with 20 lbs or more in each hand!!! that's CRAZY emoticon
I also liked focusing on one body part at once.
The past week or so i've been incorporating slim series in with CLX- no one works my waist like Debbie! Cardio & standing ab work at once- love love love love it! emoticon

So yes my workouts have been good, my eating has been terrible. I don't remember the last time i DIDN'T have chocolate in a day. some days are worse then others. food wise i'm fine- its the chocolate/italian ice i've been royally screwing up with. emoticon

I sat and said to myself "Diane, you've been eating sweets like they are going out of style. You are disgusting. What the BEEP is wrong with you???" After rationalizing that I'm super duper stressed, and haven't been sleeping right, i came to the conclusion my serotonin levels are at an all time low. emoticon

Serotonin is the chemical our body produces to help fight cravings, keeps you full and pretty much controls your willpower. Both stress and sleep deprevation can cause the levels to drop. It all make sense why I'm been chocolate crazy- that and a certain un-fun time of the month is approaching. (hi, i'm diane- the TMI queen) There's a great article kinda about this in the new clean eating amazing.

emoticonSo why have I been stressed? I have a school/job situation dilemma...

thursday i practically had an anxiety attack. emoticon
i woke up & had heart paputations- so nervous to go register for fall.
Turns out only 43 of my eighty something credits from FIT got transferred over. I was expecting that much though. The lady in the transfer specialist department was a doll.
So i get to registeration & just about every class I needed WAS CLOSED..it was terrible & i was not breathing too well..
I need at least 12 credits to be full time and get financial aid & didn't think i was going to manage to get that many. FIVE HOURS trying to register.
Thank goodness for the super nice professors in the Adult Fitness Department. They helped me a lot.

I have 15 credits as of now, but my schedule is not fun. The way classes are spread out I am only going to be able to work at the doctor's office once a week. Who can live on working one day a week??? Plus I feel bad for my boss I am going to be screwing her like this. But I have to do school or I'll be there till I'm 90.
I have to look into work study at the school for the sake of my wallet.
I have 5 hour gaps between classes. More classes open in august so I hope I can get at least one more. i can't drive home between classes bc the toll between nj & ny is $6 each time.

Also, I'm thinking about doing summer classes in June. I REALLY want to do 2- it's only June 8-25th. But classes are Mon, Tues, Weds & Thurs and again- I'd be screwing over my boss big time plus I'd be broke as hell. I have to figure it out. I'm right on the edge of having a complete nervous breakdown. My boss told me do the classes, everyone told me do the classes...but i can't exist without the little money i am earning.

nutrition school is still great- i can earn extra money if people wanted me to counsel them on phone/in person but no ones been wanting me, even though i make a pretty good counselor! i can give great advice, just need to take it lol

and i'm still waiting for the results on the million dollar body game. this got pushed to the back of my mind because i haven't heard anything and doubt i won. it is what it is,i'll cross that bridge when i hear results

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  • no profile photo CD3375540
    Sorry you are so stressed lately. I am sure it will come together real soon!
    4160 days ago
    Yeah, I was also thinking about you taking a fitness instructor position at the school gym. You know, get your workouts in AND get paid for them! How cool would that be on your 5 hour break? Sounds RAD to me!!!

    I hope you get everything straightened out though! I can remember my few years of University and trying to schedule in all my classes too... what a GONG SHOW! So much stress! do take care, get your rest and don't forget to Breathe!
    4161 days ago
    I wonder if there is a gym near your school? If so, maybe you can try getting a job there - i bet that they can work with your hours? And, maybe you can get a discounted or free pass to work out there? I also hear that getting a job at the school library is great, too because you can get a lot of studying done (but i'm not sure about the pay for these suggestions...).

    Anyways, good luck!
    4161 days ago
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