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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Well everybody I have to tell y'all, I went shopping yesterday because I wanted to feel cute and look that way to go out with my boyfriend, he was also shopping with me. Now I wanted a cute dress so I gathered about 5 or 6 of them to try on, he in the mean while keep pointing out stuff that I know would look crazy as hell on me. A lot of you know what I am talking about, anyway as I am trying on these dresses with the new styles they have for this summer, I find myself getting more and more upset. Nothing and I repeat nothing looked right at all. Don't get me wrong I know I've lost 50lbs and I feel great, but trying on those dresses I felt like I lost nothing I just wanted to fall out on that floor and die. Their was no one in that dressing room with me and I was still so embarrassed. I HAVE SO MUCH WORK TO DO!
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  • 2008LYNN
    In my experience, the next time you go shopping EVERYTHING will look fabulous, you'll find way more than you can buy. And go without him.
    3307 days ago
    It's a rare woman who can go into the dressing room and feel that things look right even those who don't have weight issues.

    The comments that have been made are all so great. I snuck back to look at your photos and your weight ticker and Darlin I gotta tell you you are amazing!

    I know shopping is rough but your most recent photo really shows off your beautiful face and you have so much to be proud of so please don't let this get you too far down.

    Keep trying to find clothes that are appropriate for you...part of the problem sometimes is that the styles are aimed at a totally different demographic...I'm 57 and I won't shop at the mall because I swear they think everyone is under 20 or 25! Also, my husband is very supportive but he is not a great one to go shopping with...a really good (trusted friend or sister) or alone works much better for me.

    Also, one of your comments referred to feeling good in your own skin and getting your mind to catch up to your body. This is really good advise.

    Anyway, take a deep breath, remember how great you've done and keep trying to find things that you feel are right for showing off YOU!
    3310 days ago
    I agreee with the feelings you have. It seems sometimes that when I have made a milestone, like losing a lot of weight like you have, that I just feel so totally FAT, even heavier than I was originally.

    I wonder if it is because we aren't used to the new 'look'?? The styles of clothing are different as our bodies change. Are we trying to fit into something we aren't ready to wear, whether size or style-wise?

    I am always embarassed when I take a bunch of clothing in to try on and NOTHING works. Even worse if one of my friends or family is with me. More so if it is someone of the opposite sex.

    I hope you were able to find something that worked well for you in your shopping spree. Don't give up hope- you are doing a good job with your weight loss-

    Mary Kay
    3310 days ago
  • SUNNY89
    Shopping and trying on clothes can be a real downer. They just don't fit right. I hope that you don't let this shopping trip ruin the feeling of success you had when you lost that weight. Keep your goals and you will find clothes that you enjoy trying on soon.
    3310 days ago
    I frakkin' HATE that! emoticon It sucks going into the dressing room with oodles of clothes & coming out with nada!
    And the guys just don't get that some outfits just don't look right on bigger girls. My honey doesn't understand why I don't wear string bikini underwear. I tell him he won't see the string anyway cuz it'll be under my fat roll!
    It makes it uber-frustrating when you've worked so hard & still feel dissatisfied. Keep your chin up & don't give up! You'll find the perfect dress & success! emoticon
    3311 days ago
    Okay, let me tell you, I feel EXACTLY the same way when I got to try on clothes, and until you feel comfortable in your own skin, its going to be that way, which I know is disheartening, but its the truth. Use the way you feel right now as motivation to really get out there and be DONE. You are GORGEOUS! And dont you ever forget that. You wear the clothes, the clothes don't wear you. If something doesn't look right, then OH WELL, you are still a beautiful woman and you don't need clothes to verify that for you.

    Best of luck love,

    3311 days ago
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