PCOS - a thing of the past?

Friday, May 29, 2009

Ok so lots have been going on in the past few weeks...Well besides pretty much gone of the face of the internet! I've been busy getting foot is back to normal! Yea!! And well I also finially got an apt with a dr...who actually listened to me! I was quite shocked persoanlly! My family GP never listened to me...thus I named him Dr Quack (sorry for those who maybe a dr who maybe reading this...but its tru lol) So I was talking to my new dr about my insomnia, and how im anemic and have been really tired and blah blah he sent me for blood work (to check my iron and hormone levels...he wanted to see what my levels were b/c of my pcos)...and for once in my overweight life the dr (different then the one who gave me the req) said that i was NORMAL!! when he first said that i thought he was on crack...all my levels are iron levels are good...i think persoanlly a lil low but not as low as they were 1.5 yrs ago when i was diagnosed at anemic...and my hormone levels are right between where they should be! I don't think I could hvae been more happy then if somsone decided to propose to me! Ok maybe I'd be more happy if someone were to propose to me!! lol but thats totally besides the point b/c well thats not going to happen for a while! lol

anyways back to the topic at hormone levels are normal (for once) and the pcos in like actually happened without for those who are reading this and don't want to do the whole drug can u maybe asking what i did...well i moved out of civilization! lol I moved from the big city...about 4000Km north! lol (altho i don't know if that actually did anything actually but its worth the mention) I also started eating better...I don't eat fast food anymore...nor do I really crave it...its not available up here and well really no one needs it...we all did just fine without it yrs ago and we will be fine without it again! I also started working out more...I walk just about ever where in town...its a very small town only 3500 ppl and well most ppl walk and we only have 1 stop light...not much in the way of traffic!! lol So along with not eating fast food I've been eating healthier...I've cut out certain food like red meat and pork, and white cows milk (i love chocolate milk have havent been able to give that up yet...working on it tho) I drink organic soya milk...and altho it totally doesnt taste like reg milk its still just not a fan of chocolate soya milk we get up here....oh i also eat more fish...
i also read an article somewhere about owning your body and dicisions....which i take with me when i go out to eat...dont allow ppl to tell you what you should and shouldnt eat that will only make u want to eat more of it...but if u want it and crave it then ur more likely to just take a few bites and be contented! im probably butchering the article but the point is still there...dont let others tell you what u can and cannot eat or have in ur life...

so anyways thats my new good news...oh and im going to rejoin the gym for the next 4 weeks...going on vacation and altho i said i wanted to loose 20lbs before i go well i don't see that being healthy at all...but if i do then all the power to me! if not then oh well im not going to let a scale own me!
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