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Losing Self-Control...Has This Every Happened to You?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

OK, I don't know what got into me but it started with a few tortilla chips on Sunday but ended up with being off the track full-blown on Monday. I had totally NO CONTROL! I not only ate things I knew were not healthy but continued to eat when I was clearly NOT HUNGRY and indeed was full. AUGHHHHHHHH!

Maybe confessing will help me deal with today's struggle . . .

Yesterday was Memorial Day...and like many others, I went to a barbecue lunch. A little chilly outside so it was held inside and was complete with grilled hot dogs and chicken marinated in a combination of Teriyaki and Italian dressing. Yes, it was different but surprisingly tasty! Anyway, I chose the chicken and removed the skin. I just took about a spoon of potato salad and a couple of spoons of three-bean salad. I did have a few crackers and baked spinach dip and I gave in to the chocolate cake (scraped off the frosting). I figured I'd adjust my dinner choices to accommodate the extra calories.

When I got home, I really wasn't hungry and took my dog out. Stopping at some neighbors' house, they offered me a plate of their afternoon picnic to take home for dinner. I accepted it because they said they said they had had ribs (I do like barbecue ribs and hadn't had any for some time). I also accepted a diet coke.

Removing the foil when I got home, I discovered a half slab of pork ribs, a chicken breast, a medium ear of corn, a healthy portion of homemade barbecue beans and a large baked potato. Unfortunately, I don't know what happened to me, but it was as if a dam opened. I had no resistance and ate the ribs, corn, half a potato. and part of the beans.

emoticon I also drank the first can of diet coke and then drank another I had sitting in the refrigerator but hadn't touched in awhile.

Not two hours later, I decided that since I had blown it anyway, I'll go all the way and ate scrambled eggs and cheese (4 eggs, 2 slices of American cheese and a large sprinkling of asiago, parmesiano and romano shredded cheese. With this I had 2 slices of high fiber flax bread.

What happened? Why was yesterday so different? I don't know! emoticon

In the past, when I've binged, I just binged and didn't think about it and just gave in to the cravings. But since I joined SP, I've been different. My protein and fiber count has increased and my meals are more balanced. I don't think about food as much, feel satisfied and I have been able to deal with cravings before they became so intense. Also, with the help of the nutrition tracker, I have been able to make adjustments to stay within my daily goals.

So what happened yesterday??? Not sure but I know I gave in to the "idea" of food... hunger had nothing to do with it. Has this ever happened to you?

Follow-up??? It's 3pm today, Tuesday, and I have stayed on track with food although I am behind on my water intake (only 2 cups so far) so I need. I am feeling stronger compulsions to have a grilled cheese sandwich but I know I am not hungry. So, I will drink some water and get busy doing some housecleaning. emoticon
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    I tell ya, its something how events, commercials, and food programs, (I am a big fan of food network, collect recipes all the time) can influence us to fall off the wagon, so to speak. I myself try not to put myself in temptations path. Sometimes I know its hard, when I am invited to special events, to ignore the foods, but I opt for the healthier choices, if they have grilled chicken, I too would have it, and the skin removed, and maybe a taste of a potato salad, or other choices. I don't know why we do this, and give in to it. Maybe its the smells and all the other people eating what they want, and enjoying themselves. Also I believe, we tell ourselves its just the one day, I can return to my healthy eating habits, tomorrow. But, I like you, I dont know when to quit, and keep eating. I have come to the conclusion, I cannot eat like that anymore. If a hostess of a party, wants you to try a special dish, take a bite, then set the plate down somewhere, if its something you know isn't on your plan. Then go over and pick up a couple of pieces of fruits. All of us our human, just pick ourselves up, and dust ourselves off, and move on to a better future. Take care, and keep on keeping on
    3236 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/14/2009 12:25:43 PM
    Yep ... been there done it - have the T-shirt! Usually, when I have started a day like that, I know there is no turning back, so I enjoy it to the fullest. I get my favorite ice cream, and a piece of cake, and whatever I feel like eating - and I know that the next morning I will get right back on track. I do not worry if it happens once a month. I love food - always will love food, and enjoy flavors, preparation thereof - that is just me.

    So my advice, if you come across a day like that - celebrate it!! Celebrate the fact that you live in a country where you can get all these good eats, and that you earn enough money to buy the goodies, and thank science for having invented the refrigerator where you can store good food and dance with a cookie in your hand.

    Tomorrow will be a work day - and you will be alright, working at your goal again, feeling tons better when your belly is not that stuffed anymore and you no longer need the antacids :)

    3236 days ago
    Been there, done that and it will happen. I won't eat anything I don't really want and the rule is "No Guilt". If I'm going to feel guilty then I skip it. Hormones take over, part of life but they move on and so must we.
    3254 days ago
  • DOXIE9
    Oh, I can sooooo relate. It's like a dam opens up and you can't hold back the flood. Just get right back on girl. That's all you can do...just get right back on.


    Big ole hug for ya.
    3254 days ago
    Yes. I've had times where I eat and have NO idea why, even. They suck. I blogged about eating during the night upon several times in one night. Makes NO sense. It's frustrating. All I can say is, I do relate & you're not alone. We will do whatever we can to get it right, so let's do it. You are worth it & so I am. You are NOT alone.

    Best wishes!

    3254 days ago
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