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Weight Maintenance - Questions, Answers & Calculator Link

Monday, May 25, 2009

Answers here: caloriecount.about.com/w

# Is the BMI chart correct for very tall people?

# How should I spread out my calories?

# What is the rectangle body shape?

# Where can I have my body fat tested?

# Do petite women need fewer calories?

# Why is my energy level low?

# Should I strive to weigh what I did at 18?

# For maintenance, should you eat the calories you need for your BMR?

# Is it plausible to eat just one meal a day?

# How can I gain weight and how much should I gain?

# How can I enjoy eating in Italy, but still drop a few pounds?

# How will I know when to switch to maintenance?

# How can I gain weight while breastfeeding?

# Which foods are high in protein but low in fat?

# Should I increase my calorie intake for maintenance?

# Do I have to eat "low-calorie" food to maintain my weight?

# What is the most weight I can gain in one day?

# What should I do about water weight?

# How can I fix my saggy breasts?

# Why do I have fat thighs when my body is skinny?

# Will I gain weight if I eat bad food on a low calorie diet?

# Should I eat fewer calories when I quit smoking?

# Why can't I control how much I eat anymore?

# How many calories do I burn while I'm sleeping?

# Is 1400 calories enough for a teen?

# How can an older woman maintain ideal weight?

# How can I keep my weight from fluctuating?

# Why do I weigh more in the afternoon than in the morning?

# Why would you suggest liposuction to a 16 year old girl?

# Is my frame small, medium or large?

# How can I lose belly fat without losing weight?

# How can I re-learn portion control?

# Which food groups should I concentrate on to gain weight?

# How can I get rid of cellulite?

# How can I gain weight but not have it go to my stomach?

# How should you come off a diet?

# Why do I look fatter now at the same weight?

# What can I do about excess skin?

# Should I lose any more weight?

# How many calories do I need to maintain my weight?

# Why can't I gain weight?

# How can I maintain my weight loss?

# What brand of a birth control pill is the best to minimize weight gain?

# How can I gain weight and more energy?

# Isn't 2500 calories a day too much for maintenance?

# Is my diet healthy?

# Is it possible to go from 2-3 hours of exercise each day to one hour during maintenance?

# Is my muscle keeping my weight high?

# I've lost 35 pounds. How do I maintain?

# I am 16% body fat but I need more mass and strength. Do you have any advice?

# I am an athlete and I need to put on 20 pounds in a healthy way. So what do I need to do?

# How can I get the figure I want?

# How do I prevent the return of cellulite, especially on my legs?

# I work out but my weight doesn't drop. Why?

# Do I have to eat 3500 calories to gain a pound during maintenance?

# How can I recover from a weekend of Easter binging?

# Is weight gain inevitable after dieting?

# I am a 22 year old girl, 5'2" and 97 pounds, and I want to weigh 103 pounds. Will I gain on 1600 calories a day, which is 300 over my BMR?

# How can I eat in a restaurant and still be healthy? Are there healthy restaurants in New York City?

# If I eat too many calories today, can I cut back tomorrow?

# Intuitive Eating is very freeing, but won't I gain weight?

# Why do you have to eat MORE after you've lost the weight? How do you NOT gain if you're eating at maintenance?

# How much exercise do I need for weight maintenance?

# Is 123 pounds a healthy weight for 5'8"?

# What should I do about loose skin after my huge weight loss?

# Why doesn't my friend acknowledge my weight loss?

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    I subscribe to this site. Actually, the whole about.com site provides a lot of good information about a lot of topics that are not directly related to health and weight loss. I get newsletters from them regularly. As with SP, there are many inspiring stories on it. Thanks for sharing this.
    3255 days ago
    WOW! A lot of questions, but .......makes sense. We're all different in one way or another. Thank you for sharing the site. I'm going to check it out!

    3256 days ago
    Whew!!! That's a lot of questions. I popped into the site and it looks like it will be helpful to you and all of us. I'm so proud of you for choosing to go to maintenance. You are ready to begin a new adventure. Keep us in the loop.

    3256 days ago
    Holy Shamoly!
    I can't wait to explore that link-
    I have a lot of those questions now!
    3257 days ago
  • MARTY19
    WOW! Great site. I added it to my favorites.

    3257 days ago
    Awesome site-lots of info-thanks!
    3257 days ago
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