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Sunday, May 24, 2009

30 day shred newbie here... The day before yesterday was day 1 and although I turned a fascinating shade of red, nearly puked, and sounded like i was giving birth, I felt pretty good yesterday morning. My thighs were somewhat tight, but not sore. My abs were a bit miffed, but then they haven't seen much action lately...pretty par for the course. So, I figured I'd give day two a whirl. I hung in there, didn't grunt and cuss quite as much as the first time, but after that workout, I was definately totally wiped. My husband, the firefighter/paramedic, came home just after I finished up and looked at me with that look of concern that a trained professional has when someone is stroking out or having the big one. He didn't say anything though.... he knows better.

As I cooled down ( which involved walking around in circles for fear that if I sat down, I'd never get back up), I was quite proud of myself for finishing. It wasn't until I went to take a shower that I realized that I couldn't lift my arms over my head to get my sports bras off. Quite the pickle let me tell you. I debated calling my husband in to help me, but then I'd never hear the end of it. I debated cutting them off, but i'm too cheap for that. I even thought about showering with them on, but that just might make them harder to get off. So I sat down on the toilet to think about it a bit ... that was mistake number two. When I finally just decided to bite the bullet stand up and take the damn things off no matter how much it hurt, I couldn't get thighs were now in total defiance. So now there I am sitting on the toilet in my unders wondering why it was always so hard to be me.
I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

Well I guess the Ibuprofen kicked in after a little while, because i was finally able to muster up enough strength to push up off the toilet seat with my arms, stand up and take my bras off like a big girl. Sigh.....


Fast forward to this morning. ..

I slept in, woke up to a quiet house, birds chirping. What a beautiful day! That's when I tried to stretch. OMG... I only thought i hurt yesterday!!!! I like to sleep with my arms over my head (god only knows how I got them up there). They felt frozen and I couldn't feel my fingers... they were numb. I'm pretty sure they must have been in that position all night long. Once again, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I attempted to sit up, my abs only thought they were miffed yesterday, today they are down right pissed. Sitting up wasn't even an option. Once again, I debated my options. Husband was at work, kids weren't within earshot. I could just lay here until my kids decided they needed something (but they are pretty self sufficient and that could be a while). Might as well bite the bullet and figure this out. So, I decided to roll out of bed. My name is not grace. I imagine I looked something like a beached whale in the process of growing legs and learning how to walk. Well I finally made it out of bed and into the upright position. ...

Thank God for Ibuprofen.... just as soon as it kicks in, I'll let you know how day three went....
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    Good Stuff!

    It gets easier everyday.... right???
    3854 days ago
    :( Maybe you should slow down and listen to your body. Don't over do it! If you can, get in the bathtub with epsom salts and relax for a while.
    Your story brought a chuckle to my day though. I really enjoyed it.
    3854 days ago
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