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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hi Spark Friends!

I am overdue with my blogging because I have had some health issues I have been dealing with. It has been prevented me from being in my regular gym routine and it has been hard just walking for my exercise. We all like to do what we like to do for our exercise and mine is the gym equipment. I FINALLY went today and while it was GREAT to be there I had a glitch and that brought me to do a lot of thinking while I worked out. Here is what I thought about....

First of all my ipod was dead. It was not charged so I had no music. I was so excited to get back to the gym I did not prepare well. Just grabbed the ipod, my water and ran out the door. So, that meant a workout in silence for me. So there I was on the Elliptical and there was a guy in front of me whaling his arms everywhere and playing an imaginary guitar. He would fling his arms all over and make noises and bend down and play his fake drums. I thought he must have one heck of a song on his ipod or he is nuts. LOL I turned to my left and saw a woman on a treadmill she was boxing with her arms as she walked the treadmill. Then she'd jump off and do a bunch of push ups on the floor beside the treadmill and jump back on.

I thought OMG I am in a circus not a gym. I finished my elliptical workout and proceeded to my weight training. There I thought a lot about the documentary I saw that Farrah Faucett did on her cancer. It was very sad but very eye opening. She was bringing awareness to others on the need of more research for her type of cancer by documenting her entire journey in dealing with her cancer. She is very sadly, almost at the end of her journey as it is taking her life. There was something that she said in this documentary that really stuck with me. As a rain lover myself, when she said the one thing she will miss in life is the rain. In tears she wondered if God would allow her from heaven to dip her wing down in the rain if only for a moment. That broke my heart and I was in tears. She really wants to live and has no chance of that happening anymore.

So, I am seeing a circus, thinking of this documentary and there I was on the hip abductor when I looked down and to my horror discovered I really had been excited to get back to the gym when I left my house in a hurry to get to the gym. because my workout pants were on inside out.LOL I thought to myself first of all I look ridiculous and I wonder how many people noticed and wondered who dressed me.LOL Then it hit me I may be at the gym with my pants inside out and the guy may be playing pretend instruments and the woman who boxes and jumps off the treadmill to do push ups and gets back on may all look weird and odd and funny but we were all there trying to be good to our bodies and be healthy. To live a healthy lifestyle. We were not home on a couch in front of a TV eating a bag of greasy chips not caring about our health.

Then there is Farrah Faucett who no longer has any options in life. Her life is just about at the end. That is so very sad and so it makes me feel even more empowered to continue my healthy journey here while I do have a choice. It makes me ask all of you, my spark friends to PLEASE continue your healthy lifestyle journey . If you stumble, get back up and start over! Do NOT give up because what your giving up on is yourself. Do NOT settle for an unhealthy weight and body. Be the best you can be and you know what, YOU deserve that! YOU are worth it! Yes, it takes some effort and changes but they are good changes and the results far outweigh the effort. Nobody can do this for you. You must want it and then you can achieve it! It really is that easy! Don't wait until it is to late and you are someday at the end of your life maybe even due to health complications because of an unhealthy lifestyle.

Get healthy now! You will have nothing but GREAT things as a result of it. We never know what tomorrow holds. So why not at least do our part in taking care of our health now. TODAY! There is NO food worth short changing your life for. I want all of us to be healthy. We have such a wonderful support system here and so many wonderful people who are willing to walk besides us in this journey. Lets do it and do it today!

So maybe leaving with my ipod uncharged was meant to be. I say this because it gave me lots of thinking time and I will not be so quick to judge others or take a second of my life for granted. I share this with you my spark friends because I want us to all realize the importance of maintaining a healthy body and being a healthy person. Together we can ALL do it!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • LISA1316
    Your blogs always hit home for me and I read them just at the right time. You made me laugh and cry...would God allow her from heaven to dip her wing down in the touching? I need to be on this lifestyle journey every single day not just here and there...I'm letting my life slip me by. Thank u for opening both of my eyes... emoticon I'm going to the gym first thing in the morning! emoticon Thanks my friend for sharing this with all of us.

    4260 days ago
  • JIBBIE49
    Yes, isn't it sad that Farrah Fawcett is losing her fight after having the finest medical care in the world? My son has Testicular Cancer and had surgery Jan. 30th and he just finished his third round of chemotherapy. He has one more left. It is an awful illness like Farrah said.
    4261 days ago
    What an inspiration, thank you!
    emoticon emoticon
    4261 days ago
    Thanks Donna for your blog. I watched Farrah's story and was very sad. I pray for her and all the sick people. You are so right that we have a choice to be healthier by eating better and exercising more often even when it is hard to do so. If you are ill take it easy and do a little bit until you are strong enough to do more. Best wishes to all. Linda
    4261 days ago
  • -CHERYL-
    WOW!!! what an inspiration you are. You touched every emotion of mine. you made me laugh and cry and everything in between. You are an amazing woman!! thanks so much for sharing your heart with us.

    That is horrible what farrah is going through! then dealing with her emotions about her son too. That brings us back to reality doesn't it?

    I think I would want to join in on the circus and enjoy life and laugh with the members instead of watching.

    Again, you are a blessing to many!!
    Love and hugs
    4262 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/19/2009 11:05:10 PM
    Very nice and thought provoking! Thanks for your encouragement. I also watched Farrah's Story the other night. So sad! But she isn't giving up yet. She's still hoping for a miracle! I wish for one for her also. I guess there are no guarantees in life, but we can make the best of what we have while we have it. And eating healthy and exercising can help us, not only physically but mentally. So ...... here's to us, all us "Sparkers". God Bless!
    4262 days ago
    Your blogs are always so touching and so inspiring. Thanks so much just for being you! I've been skipping out on a lot of my workouts lately as well because my stress load is just so overwhelming for me lately. My eating habits, fortunately, are still pretty much on track. Not too many bad days. But the workouts are another thing. I've done my walking routine for a few days in a row now. First 'good stretch' in about a month. The strength training is another thing. I haven't done it in a few weeks now. But you've inspired me. I will try my best to do it on my next scheduled day. Thanks so much.
    4262 days ago
    Donna, your words really hit home for me. I have been lazy about my eating since becoming ill lately, and have skipped swimming even though I could have done a little bit, at least. This made me think of the things I would miss if I were Farah Fawcet, but actually I am going to die also, I just don't think it will be as soon. The one thing I would miss so desperately is petting and holding my little puppy. Sometimes I am actually running late for work because I was cuddling her too long before getting out of bed. I always figure those moments are precious. But you bring to light a great thing, and that is to exercise and eat right while we still have the choices. Thanks for sharing your wisdom, as your wisdom always helps bring me back to the right path.

    Much love,
    Kerry emoticon
    4262 days ago
    Donna, what a wonderfuly touching emotional too. If we all would follow Sarah's zest for life even when the going gets tough. Someone said that's when the tough get going.

    Isn't it amazing how we are so focused on our music we forget to look around us? Glad you were able to take the time and advantage and look around your surroundings.
    4262 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4717360
    What a beautiful blog. No matter how much money we have or do not have, we cannot buy our health back, so we must take care of yourselves.
    Yeah we all worry about how we look but most people are too worried about how they look, and are not even looking at us.
    4262 days ago
    "There is NO food worth short changing your life for."

    Powerful statement. You've really hit home with me, thank you. emoticon
    4262 days ago
    Love your thoughts and comments. You said them very succinctly and they are so very true. Thanks for sharing emoticon
    4262 days ago
    Yet another thought-provoking blog. Your passion for my health only increases my own passion to make the best possible choices. I am so proud to have you as my Spark Friend.
    emoticon emoticon
    4262 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4228914
    I people watch at my gym. Usually there are people that get so far into their "own zone" when they are there that I wonder if they realize what they're doing. Most notably, I notice the bad form on the weight machines. If anyplace in the gym where I drift off is on the track or in the steam room. I have achieved a state of Zen several times in the steam room.

    Having someone close to me suffer through what Farah Fawcett is suffering through I can empathize with her and her family and her feelings of life.

    When Colleen was dying, her thoughts were not on herself. They were centered squarely on me. She knew I had the ability to do what I'm doing now. She challenged me from her deathbed to get healthy. She told me she wanted me to be happy and through all of the pain and knowledge of her imminent death, she knew that good health for me was the road to that happiness.

    She changed my life in so many ways and her kindness and thoughtfulness and love mirrors your thoughts here! Keep spreading the spark!

    4262 days ago
    I really enjoyed your blog! Thanks for the insight!
    4262 days ago
  • no profile photo CHANGE4FREEDOM
    Great blog as always Donna! Thanks for sharing!

    4262 days ago
    Very touching blog post! emoticon
    4262 days ago
    I really liked your blog Donna that is how I have felt for Years! Life is short don't waist time judging! You have to not be so quick to judge as you don't know the story behind what you see, see beyond and see the good! At least they are putting themselves out there to be better!
    Great blog I got a lot from it!
    4262 days ago
    emoticon Oh Donna, This was beautiful! emoticon I try so hard not to judge others for any reason, since many people have judged me on my weight, and my daughter on her disabilities, We all do need to try to work on our health better, You are right no food is worth it!

    4262 days ago
    emoticon Thank You for sharing! emoticon
    4262 days ago
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