Not going to let it get me down, but...

Sunday, May 17, 2009


That darn scale has not moved one iota since last Monday. Tomorrow will be a week! I have kept well within my calories, eating three small meals, doing some exercise (granted that could be better) but still!!! Water is okay, but again could do better. But still! Doesn't my effort at eating within WLS guidelines amount for anything?

Tomorrow is also 1 month post op. I sure thought the scale would at least move 1 pound in a week. That's all I ask!!!!

Well I won't be totally discouraged, I will keep on keeping on, eating three small meals, low fat, low carb, mostly protein. I will commit to the gym for six days this week coming up. AND drinking more water. Eventually the fat has got to move, right?

My first fill will occur on Thursday - so I will be required to be on total liquids for the day of the fill and one day afterwards, then mushies for 2 days. Hopefully that will jump start that scale moving again! I have lost 10 lbs. since surgery --- 4 weeks -- and a total of 24.5 lbs. since the presurgery diet started April 8th --- so I know I should be happy as many folks gain post surgery due to the swelling etc. Sigh. Its just when we take this drastic step to install a surgical tool -- we at least want to see some results.

Is 1 pound too much to ask for in a week (LOL).

Just venting today.

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    I know just what you mean! It is so frustrating when you are doing everything right and the scale doesn't show it. Some weeks I am convinced my scale has it out for me! LOL! I have heard from many people that weight comes off like stairsteps, cycles of dropping and then flattening out. I have definitely seen that to be the case with me and notice my TOM has a definite influence. In the past I have gotten frustrated enough with plateaus that I have ended up overeating and sometimes even giving up entirely. Now I just try to focus on what really measures my success, and the scale is only a small part of it. Am I losing inches--are my clothes looser? We are definitely building strength, endurance, and improved overall health, having have more energy and feeling better in general. These are all great ways to prove our success. You're right, the scale will move eventually. Maybe don't weight yourself for a week or two (for me, that's easier said than done).Oh, and make sure you are eating enough calories--too few and weight loss will come to a screeching halt.

    Good luck this week! I'll bet before you know it, you'll be celebrating your next weight milestone.

    4381 days ago
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