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Thursday, May 07, 2009

So, I'm doing pretty good on this journey, considering my thyroid
issue is stalling my metabolism. I have lost 2.8 pounds in 3 weeks, which is better than gaining it or nothing at all.

However, I am still getting frustrated. My sister in law has lost weight, and I'm happy for her. But, it seems that she is throwing it in my face. First off, I work my dang butt off to lose weight. I watch every bite that enters my mouth. I work out every single day. I drink a whole gallon of water a day and I cook very healthy. She, on the other hand, never exercises, drinks nothing but regular Pepsi-about 10 cans a day-and eats very unhealthy. I don't understand it. I know that may sound awful of me, but I have to vent it out somehow or I'm going to explode. The real thing that pissed me off the other day was that her daughter, who is 26, has gained a lot of weight and give me and her mom (my sister in law) some of her old summer clothes that she can't wear anymore. So, my sister in law sent me two pair of capris out of everything....they were size 16's. Her comment was, "I figured these would fit you b/c they fall off of me." Now, first of all, it wouldn't have bothered me if that were my size, but I'm down to a size 12....and she very well knows that. I just felt like that was some type of insult. I wadded them up and threw them in the bottom of the closet. Shew, it makes me furious. Why does she act like that? I don't act like that. When I lose weight, I
don't say anything about it to her. Maybe I'm overreacting, but it just makes me so mad I can't stand it.

To top that off, she now expects me to babysit her daughter's 20 month old all summer while I'm off on summer break.....5-6 days a week w/out getting paid for it so her daughter won't have to pay childcare. I don't know if I can deal with all
of this or not....and they live right next to us.

Okay, so I've vented enough....sorry for those of you reading if it seems like a total gripe session but I don't really have anyone else to say it to. emoticon
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    You have every right to be mad, i would be fuming... especially since you work so hard all year to teach childeren and probably need some much deserved time off. I would say you can't and leave it at that. I'm sure you probably don't want to upset the family but that isn't fair of her to assume such.

    I agree, I think she is jealous, not only are you younger, you are probably more attractive and have all summer off! I'm a little jealous, come to think of it... JK It sounds like you need to stand up for your self and if it makes waves in the family then make sure your hubby has your back, as I'm sure he would support you.

    My best friend is a teacher and she doesn't really have any time off in the summer, she is usually fixing up her room and working on lesson plans so enjoy the few weeks you really do get off and tell her you are busy with planning for next year.

    Good luck!

    P.S. a pound a week is about average, especially with setbacks, you are doing great, don't get down on yourself!
    4322 days ago
  • no profile photo RHONDANELSON
    From your are a beautiful girl...and you are obviously MUCH younger than your sister in law...(my husband's sister) does me the same way...So she is just jealous that no matter how much weight she looses she will never be as young or attractive...and it also seems you are very intelligent...I have Hashimotos and I HAVE NEVER BEEN OVER WEIGHT...and now I am..and I can't loose it...very depressing.
    4336 days ago
    Alright Dev! Brit is right some people have no tact. When certain people lose weight they change and sometimes not in a good way. She might be losing weight, but because it is in a very unhealthy way that weight will probably come back on. You're doing everything the right way and the healthy way. You do have the divas behind you, we're your online family now. Another reason she is acting that way could be a little bit a jealously there. She might feel like your taking her thunder. Just remember this is your journey and you have control over how it will play out.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4356 days ago
    Whoa Devan, sounds like some people don't have any tact! Don't let those comments get you down. Remember who this journey is for: You, and no one else. If they have to make themselves feel better by making comments, then they are the ones with the problem. You are doing great and you have a huge network of divas who've got your back and aren't judging you by how quickly or slowly the weight is coming off. This is a lifestyle change, not a fad diet. Keep that in mind, and of course: KEEP ON TRUCKIN!

    4356 days ago
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