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How is bird poop considered "good luck"?

Monday, May 04, 2009

Funny story!
Last night at around 9pm (so it was a tad dark out), I took the puppy outside so she could do her business. After all, she had already peed on the carpet inside several times, and pooped everywhere it seemed (even though we had taken her out many times). As I was holding her leach, I suddenly felt something wet on my toe! I look down, and am horrified to find that a bird and decided to use my foot as its washroom. Immediately I rub my head to make sure that there wasn't any that had hit my hair, then stared at my foot. Then up in the tree....there was no bird to be seen. Where had this poop come from?
That's about the end of my story haha. I ended up going inside and my mom laughed at me before getting mad that I had walked all over the vacuum carpets with my flip flops and the dog.
Yesterday was a very "active" day to say the least. Well, the past few days were! I'll start with Saturday. Well, Friday haha. After being all bummed out about my fight with father, 2 of my friends came to get me and we headed downtown for the car ride I'll never forget. There's a reason I have trust issues with guys who are too confident with their driving skills....140 in a 90 zone tailgating the guy in front of us on an empty hwy... yeah...that TOTALLY raises my anxiety levels. Still though, Raz kept saying "I promise I wont crash." etc etc etc. Didn't calm me down much. However, on the ride home, I screamed. Well, according to my friends I had screamed/yelped many times in the vehicle, yet this time I think it resembled more of a scream. Want to know why? WE ALMOST HIT THE CAR IN FRONT OF US AT A 4 WAY STOP. He "thought it was a red light, not a 4 way stop" so when one vehicle moved up, he let go of the brake... If I had not screamed, we would have hit them. Not hard, but still. Gah. However, when downtown we did quite a bit of walking on granville island: my favorite place :) So artsy and cultured and simply amazing.
Saturday came along and I went back downtown with another friend to "It's Yours, Take It" - a free art give away outside of the Vancouver Art Gallery (The Vag). You go and take one piece of art, and its yours to keep. Mine even came in a frame :) Maybe I'll scan it and put it up. That was a loooooot of walking. And then we went back to our side of the city to the pier, and walked around there. Evennnn more walking. So much walking!!!
The Sunday, yesterday, I went swimming and did laps for 30 minutes, then swam around/sauna for an hour, then laps again for 20 min. Since I'm not a strong swimmer, this was quite more difficult than I thought it would be, but I'm glad I did it :) Afterwards, my friend and I walked part way home, and then I walked home from there. So. Much. Exercise. But you know what? This is how I want my life to be. I don't find "joy" in going to a structured gym environment, but I like to walk around and do active outings with friends. Does this count? I is a lifestyle change right? So if I just make a more active lifestyle, does it mean I still have to go to the gym if I'm walking most places everyday? Hm..
Oh well I have to leave for my interview in an hour...So I'm off to get ready for that! Hopefully puppy will stay sleeping in her basket until I'm done.... She always makes me late :|
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  • 46A39P
    3275 days ago
    I most certainly count the outings with friends (or with anyone) as more exercise. I don't do gyms (can't afford it, and I don't like structure), but I have definately increased my outings. And I count them.

    Good luck with your inteview!
    3276 days ago
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