MEEEHHH i am having a hard time

Monday, May 04, 2009

i am having a hard time getting in the time for working out and eating the right about of calories. this is dumb. it just doesnt seem like it is working
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    Just remember, when we set your goals together, you LIKED that it was going to take a long time to reach your goal weight, you know that it's healthier that way, that it will be easier to get used to a healthier lifestyle.

    I think something that always gets me with going over on calories is eating out. So I had to cut down from eating out once or twice a week to once or twice every other week, when I go out I look up the menu online and give myself 3 options for a meal that fits into my calorie ranges.

    Working out IS hard to find time for, it may involve cutting an hour of time with your boyfriend, or an hour of tv, or an hour of video games to find an hour to go for a jog or to do a work out video.

    What I've found is in the first few weeks of getting healthy I always lose a lot of weight real fast (like 6 pounds in two weeks) and then it slows, and then it goes up as I gain muscle, and then it slowly starts depleting.

    It's a choice YOU have to make and consciously say to yourself "Today I'm going to work towards getting the body I want, Today I'm going to focus on eating more fruits and veggies, TODAY I'm going to believe in myself and find the time and the motivation to keep with it".

    It's hard, it's always hard, if it were easy then we wouldn't be battling our appetites and our willpowers to keep ourselves going. Just remember that you have a goal in mind. It may help to make some smaller fitness goals like "I want to do x many push ups" or "I want to run for 30 minutes with out stopping" stuff that helps you to burn calories, but that gives you some short term goals to focus on.

    emoticon Good luck!
    3819 days ago
  • MAKI34
    Sweety I feel like that every other day. But what I realized is that being healthy and fit is work. When we decide to give up and we eat junk or see people that seem to be so happy just eating whatever and not worrying about calories I realize that they may seem happy but at the end of the day they aren't. And it might sound harsh but when I want to be back where I started I realize I'm just being lazy. Sometimes people who lead that type of life are lazy. Because it's so much easier to just not care and to eat and be a couch potatoe. But you know you won't be happy! Just give yourself the right to feel that way and then come right back!
    3819 days ago
  • -DEBY-
    sharing a thought.... I too get frustrated because it seems I am working soooooo hard to change my life. Staying on track with calories and exercise..... what helps me is...... reminding myself that it took a long while to get at this weight and to keep it off will take some time to get rid of wieght.... AND... I think there tends to be a lul because... our body is REadjusting to its NEW shapes....

    hope this may help give some options to think about....

    YOU can do this ... just hang in there...

    blessins allways

    ~~~Sharing Monday Happy*Smiles ~~~0:)

    3819 days ago
    Didn't you just lose an inch around both your hips and your waist two weeks ago? It's working. Trust the system.
    3819 days ago
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