I am a "loser" in more ways than one!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Even though I lost…and I am a “loser”…I still won!

The “Biggest Loser” competition that began at my place of work on January 5th has come to an end today April 30th. I finished second by 3lbs!!!! We do a percent of weight lost, so it is fair for all to participate and I needed to lose 3 more lbs to win! I lost more weight than her, but she started at a lower weight than I did and also fell into a depression during the competition and the new Med's made her sick, so she really couldn't’t eat. She went to the gym maybe twice the entire competition (and I go almost every single day!). BUT…you know I just can’t be bitter. I’m losing it the right way and doing GREAT at it. She’ll probably go back to her old eating habits (actually already has because she got her Med's right now) and gain all that weight back and I WON’T!!!

I’m down 32lbs in 17 weeks and 3 dress sizes!!! I started at a size 22 (while should have been, but wouldn't’t buy new clothes at that size) and now I’m in a size 16! I’m on track to be under 200lbs (which I haven't seen in 10 years...since high school) by my family vacation on June 22-25 to show up my brother (who is even more competitive than me…if you can believe that). Once that goal is reached (and it will be!!!) I’m on my way to 180 by the end of September.

Rock ON!!!!!!

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