Warm Weather Fad or LifeStyle Change?

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hi Spark Friends!
Today my weigh in shows a one pound loss. Yippee! I will take it!! This makes my total loss to date 54 pounds GONE! It feels WONDERFUL and I want ALL of us to feel this feeling! We CAN all do it! I was observing something during a warm spell of weather here. I have seen it many times but it never made me think of it like I did this time. I noticed that when the weather gets warm outside in the beginning of the spring/summer months we see all kinds of people out walking and/or running. People who you don't see any other time but in those first weeks of warm weather. Most are a lot over weight and it is as if they sat around all year eating unhealthy and not exercising and then the warm weather hits and they panic. They begin to think Oh my gosh what have I done to myself and now summer is here and I am unhealthy and over weight and have no energy. I need to get out right now and get myself in shape. You see them for a week or two sometimes even three. Then they are gone as suddenly as they appeared. It is the same as people going on a "diet" they do it for awhile and then go off. I know what these people are doing because I was one of them for way to long. I sat around did nothing until the warm weather hit and then would panic that I had done so much damage to myself and now summer was here and I would be exposed. So, I'd go out and walk for a week or so and then as quickly as I panicked I would decide to just go back in denial because it was less work and so much easier. With diets, once you go on one, you have to at some point go off one.

So when I see these people now I know where they are in their minds and what they are and are not willing to do to change things for themselves. The first step is knowing we cannot go on a diet. Diets DO NOT work! We need to change our life styles. That is something we can live with forever. Unlike a diet that makes us feel limited and deprived. No one can live that way for long. A life style change is learning to eat healthy and in moderation. To nourish our bodies well. That is something we can do and live with and never feel deprived or cheated.

The other lesson to be learned is our bodies NEED exercise. It is not something we can do for a week or two and make a life changing difference. It is something that needs to be incorporated into our lives on a permanent basis. Whether it is a small daily exercise, or a 3 days a week program, or 4 days a week or whatever you choose to incorporate on a permanent basis in your life that makes the difference. Our bodies crave and really require exercise. It is like giving a thirsty person a drink of water. We need it to be healthy.

These people who are seen for a week or two in those first warm days are not serious about wanting to make a change, they are not committed to making a change. They are simply having an attack of shame and guilt because the warm weather comes and makes them take a quick peek at reality. I know this all to well because I had been one of them for so very long. Heck, I bet I was the first one in my neighborhood out there!

I share all these thoughts I have with you because I so want all of you to skip the years of being the person out for the week or two and go right for the lifestyle change. Don't waste all the time I did. You are clearly determined and committed to making a lifestyle change or you would not be here on this site looking for a way to achieve it. So, do NOT make it a "diet" or be a "short term exerciser" do not give up on yourself or your abilities to change your life style. Want it bad enough to do the work it takes and make the changes it takes.

What is more worthy of your time and effort then YOU? I can tell you right now that NOTHING is more important then YOU! So be good to your body and yourself and make the changes that will bring you wonderful health, lots of energy and stamina, self confidence and longevity. Treat yourself well so you can be the BEST you can be. Be good to YOU!

I am rooting for each and every one of you to achieve your goals. If you want it bad enough, you WILL achieve it! I want it for you.

I hope you have all had a great week and wish you all a wonderful weekend.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I see the people who start out exercising and take on way to much at a time! Then in a few days to a week give it up. I started out small and build or I would have never made it. Sparks has taught me to take things one step at a time then add another along the way! So many people miss that idea. They want it yesterday and if they don't get it all now they quit. My aunt says if she can't see immediate results she just can't do it anymore. If I had that attitude I would still weigh in at around 500 lbs. Thanks for sharing you thoughts!!

    Hugs Martha n tx
    4278 days ago
    You are inspiring! emoticon
    4278 days ago
    Great blog as always. Yes, we all need exercise. It is so good for us.
    4279 days ago
  • -CHERYL-
    WOW!! that was great!! Way of life. Way to go! You are so right. I see this in the gym, all fired up for the new year or the new week. Then they disappear. Thanks for the inspiration.

    4279 days ago
    Very inspirational blog. Thanks so much. You're good with pep talks and motivation!

    emoticon emoticon
    4279 days ago
  • DEBANNE1124
    Great blog, hon.
    You have a wonderful weekend.
    4279 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon 54 ,BS LOST KEEP UP THE GREAT JOB!!

    4279 days ago
    What an inspiring message . It is so true and I was so close to falling into that trap until I read this . I had all but quit exercising because of the bad weather we've been having so starting today I will keep this message in mind . Thanks so much for the reminder!!
    4279 days ago
    I agree with a LOT of what you said. I think those people make the mistake of the all or nothing attitude, too. They panic & try to make too many changes at once. Thus getting tired of it & giving up. It's so hard to make the connection that small changes, a little at a time is what will lead to lifetime results. Exercise, especially is difficult to do that with. It's like "I've GOT to work out at the highest possible intensity every day or it doesn't count." When in reality a short 10 minute walk to begin with will lead to the true desire to increase your activity & that leads to more confidence which leads to more lasting changes. The pressure that we put on ourselves is often our downfall. If we would only be as patient with ourselves as we are with others, what a difference we could make; not only in our own lives, but that of others as they see the changes we make.
    4279 days ago
    yes, a lifestyle-change for the better. that's what it's all about. living, eating, breathing, doing, loving, working, finding the time for yourself everyday to make yourself better. i got it and i hear you. you are a great person. thanks. n
    4279 days ago
  • ULTREYA3211
    Really great blog. I always notice the young moms out with the strollers in the spring. I hope that next year I will notice the new people out walking or running as I am one of the newbies this year. Thanks for your insight. emoticon
    4280 days ago
  • MYTURN11
    I agree with some of what you said. The trail that I run on seems to have the same people (and not that many). It is a connector trail between our development and a county park. It is incredibly beautiful, has two bridges over lovely creeks and I wonder where all of the people are? Then when I leave the trail and walk through the streets/hills of our development, or if I am driving through in my car, I sort of see the people you are talking about and they are all walking I the spring. Then when the hot weather hits, they are gone. It is saddening and I always send a little prayer their way and hope that they work out in their home w/ the ac on if it is the heat that is bothering them. I dunno...
    4280 days ago
    Yeah to living healthy, feeling great and being the best you possible, it opens so many more choices. At least stepping out the door is the first step towards something, maybe for some you saw this is their year to really make the change for real. emoticon
    4280 days ago
    You open your mouth (or type as the case may be) and pearls just fall out. Thanks so much for this blog. There is that little smidgen of joy when you realize hey this is not a diet and I not only can but WANT to do this. Hey this is my real life and I'm out in the sunshine where it feels good. Thank you for all you do and the inspiration you provide to us newbies. You're the best.
    emoticon emoticon
    4280 days ago
    I heart you. You are truly inspiring and this blog is just want I needed to read today. Thank you.

    4280 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4228914
    Last weekend where I live the weather was absolutely beautiful for the first time on a weekend since last fall. The temperatures rose into the 80's and people (just like the ones you noticed) all migrated to the pathways of the local parks. So much so that the gym was empty!

    You are right about the decisions to do the things you need to do to be healthy cannot be achieved in a few weeks and then turned back off once the weather turns nasty.

    It is our duty to remain vigilant and continue the paths we have chosen to lead by example, so when some of these people either see us or ask us, we can let them know what it is that we have done and are doing so they to may be motivated to take on the responsibility of healthy living!

    4280 days ago
    Thanks Donna!
    4280 days ago
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