tricksters and lies

Monday, April 27, 2009


what can i say? this isn't about the lack of following a diet or exercise..
i hate my job. there, i've said it...i am going to whine, rant and complain about it so beware.
i am probably one of a million people that say it on a daily basis and unfortunately, am one of a million that can't do anything about least right now..
"oh, at least you HAVE a job"..."oh, it could be alot worse" or some other such drivel that does absolutely nothing to make me feel that i should be thankful. i know i am fortunate to have a job but that's it...i don't find any happiness in it...i am basically spending 8-9 hours a day staring at the grey material that makes up my corner cubicle.

..i have a supervisor (a true mockery of the word when it comes to her) who is apparently the darling of the company...okaaayyy..and i just fell off the turnip truck...GRRRRR, i am not happy right now so please bear with me..we'll call her lucy

these are the excuses i have to deal with regarding my immediate supervisor:
1) Oh, she's not used to being a supervisor - WTF are they paying her 50k a year for?
2) Oh, she's under alot of stress - again, what are they paying her 50k a year for?
3) Well, you know how she is - obviously you do too, but insist upon keeping her in that position
4) She tends to over dramatize things but what can you do - um...aren't there any daytime soaps that she can audition for?

she was the one that told me to apply for the position that i am currently in...i made a lateral move because i like variety in my job, i like doing other things in my job...we were fine for a bit until she had the audacity to say that i TAKE alot of time off...i don't know where she gets that information from because i can pull up my sign in log and point out all the OT i have done...her reasoning stems from the fact that i had the bloody nerve to call in SICK one day when her boss was looking for a spreadsheet and i wasn't in....she then proceeded to say that i am always late and i am never at my desk...let's back up the gravy train for a moment...where the heck is she getting this? i could not tell you as i am AT my desk EVERY day ON TIME and i rarely take time off...i was so livid and i told her that she was WAY out of line and i would like for her to point out all the times that i am escalated to the point where i went to HER boss and told her that lucy had NO RIGHT whatsoever to jump on me without any proof...
the response? Oh, well, you know how defensive lucy is...ARE YOU KIDDING ME? what kind of response is that? i'm supposed to overlook the fact that this woman is attempting to dress me down, in front of a co-worker, without having proof to back it up? the co-worker, bless her heart, was trying to smooth things down but i wasn't having it...
there was a request put in for a log-in id with password, i sent an email to both lucy and the branch manager (let's call him vernon), vernon asked lucy if she wants him to put in the request and lucy comes barreling into my cubicle and tried to jump down my throat, accusing me of trying to make her look bad..i said to her in perfect english "oh, like i have nothing else to do but to make you look bad"....puh-leeze!
she bites my head off when i ask questions, she complains when i take time to DO my job...i guess if i was making 50k, then i can do a half-a$$ attempt like is an endless cycle...i actually have a knot at the back of my neck from it..
i admit to messing up payroll...i was very upset to have missed a schedule...this happened two weeks ago and after getting raked over the coals, i thought it was over and done with...lesson learned...but no, she waits until there is an audience and decides to let me and everyone else know that if i had done this, that and the next thing, then i would have not have messed it up..i was practically cross-eyed with anger at this point and i asked her if she was suffering from dead horse syndrome..she just stared at me while the others started laughing...
my doctor is in oshawa which is a good hour and change by transit..i had to wait 3 months for an appointment, she told me that i could take a sick day to go because by the time i am finished and to get back, most of the day would be gone...last thursday she told me that i have to take a vacation day and i said NO..i am not...she told me in front of witnesses that i can take a sick day so she says instead, to get her a doctor's note..whatever, not a problem...then the question is why do i have my appointments on fridays? what the heck is she talking about? i see him once a year...i've only been at that job since july...any other appointments i've had were in the middle of the week and in toronto where i can get transit and be back at work to make up my time...i'm not understanding this at all....
i don't care at this point...i am not playing patty-push-over anymore...i have already let her boss know, the branch manager and my co-workers...i am more than likely being branded a trouble maker but why should i have to put up with behaviour like this? i do my work...i'm at my job during business hours...if i have to take time off, i make it up...yes, its my job...yes, it pays the bills, blah, blah, blah, blah...
i am looking for another job...i post my resume online for monster and workopolis...i email my resume out, i am doing everything to get out of there and it takes time to get into something...
i am hoping to have another job by the end of the summer...what i am looking for is a job that i can retire from...i figure i have a good 25-30 years left and i would like to spend part of that in a stress-free environment...i know what you are thinking, there is no such thing as a stress-free environment, let alone job..but i do believe its out there regardless
i just have to have some patience

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    Do you feel better getting it all out?! I know that venting usually makes me feel better. It's tough to be in a job you hate. We spend so much of our lives working that spending that time doing something you hate is just too much some days. I wish you luck in finding a position that fits you and allows you some happiness in the workplace!
    3314 days ago
  • JEM0622
    Sorry that work is so tough.

    3314 days ago
    Good Luck Buddy!
    3315 days ago
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