Eating Right with an Expecting Wife

Monday, April 27, 2009

First and foremost, let me say that I am beyond excited with the expectation of my baby. The excitement increased(and was combined with nervousness) when we found out that we were expecting a daughter. Its a beautiful thing. I cherish every moment that I can be there for my wife, and I await the arrival of my babygirl..............WELP!!! Now that I got that our of the way.....

This pregnancy is making it very difficult to eat properly. My wife and I have a great, fair and compromising relationship. We do things together, we are there for each other.......we cook for each other. When she was in school, I would cook as she was getting home late. Now that I am in school she has been doing the same...especially with my hectic work schedule. ......and then there was pregnancy...lol. For those of you that have had a child, Im sure you will be able to relate to this. First is the fatigue....which is completely understandable. Therefore she does not cook as much, which is fine, as I have told her that she doesnt have to cook.....the not cooking is not the problem. The problem is her tastebuds..lol. She has the wildest most random desires for what she wants to eat and when she wants to eat it. She comes home with bags of food for US that I cant eat. She wants US to go places that I shouldnt go....its absolutely amazing. And one of the funniest thing is that its either the pregnancy or marketing firms have up their game....but the wrong food commercial and we are leaving the house in 10 minutes...lol. I watched my ,(at one point sane) wife dip a french fry in ice cream......go figure. Another piece of humor in all of this is that her smell and taste buds have become enhanced....EVERYTHING taste GREAT(but thats a whole other blog)

Now my wife has always been there for me and has always been in my corner about weight loss.......listening....workin
g out with me.....watching what I eat, etc......but now its a different BEAST. Because I am at work .......I still do GREAT during the week.....But on the weekends.......not so much...lol

So what have I learned from this:
1. That I do not mind it. The only thing I am concerned with at this time is making my wife happy and getting her what she wants and needs

2. That I have to be determined and willful enough to still order the things that I KNOW that I should be eating regardless of where she wants to go. This lifestyle change is not the responsibility of anyone else. It should be too important to ME to be pushed off my course. And in all actuality I think I have been doing good.........thus far.

With that said: PRAY FOR ME!!!!! I have 4 months to go and will power will only take me so far...LOL

NOTE: Please know that I realize that I can not begin to understand what all an expectant mother goes through and that this is written moreso as a test of my will and for comical effect.....I have the utmost respect for those expecting and think its the most beautiful thing on earth, so I hope no one is offended or thinks im insensitive.......

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    ShiningThru126 - that is what I have been doing to some degree. I have had a few slip ups. As I always say...im a work in progress..lol.

    and BABYCRACKERJACK...you are exactly right. I just told her that the other day that I am becoming an enabler and that she is probably going to plan me later. The only plus is that she is the reason that I eat healthy(more healthy..lol), and she is very conscious. Actually she has been fussed at for being too cautious of what she eats......but i definitely think you are right.


    4415 days ago

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    You would be supporting your wife and yourself if you make healthier suggestions for the both of you. I know from experience that indulging in every craving during pregnancy(especially if it's unhealthy) will mean more work for her in trying to get that extra weight off when your precious bundle is born.Otherwise,CONGRATULATIONS!!...
    ..and tell wifey Happy Mother's Day emoticon
    4419 days ago
    LOL - for every crazy craving you go to the store to indulge for your wife, pick up something healthier for you! (like ice cream for her and sorbet or frozen yogurt for you)

    You'll get through it - think of it as a challenge to your creativity! Before you know it, your daughter will be here and you'll have a whole different set of challenges when it comes to food!

    Enjoy the ride!
    4420 days ago
    4430 days ago
    I have not been able to wear cologne since month 2.....maybe earlier...lol. Its amazing because she is the one that picked most of them out....lol

    4431 days ago
    Offended. Not at all. I love your very healthy and loving expression of what you are going through. It is indeed tough times for an expectant father - LOL! The part about your wife's heightened senses . . . well any women who has ever been pregnant will appreciate you bringing that up. Just reading your blog reminded me of how awful some of my "former-favorite' perfumes smelled when I was pregnant.

    You're doing a great job! Keep up the fabulous work!
    4431 days ago
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