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Saturday, April 25, 2009

I really had to realize that I need to stop living for yesterday, and to live for today and for what can be tomorrow. I had to stop worrying about who I was, and think about who I can be...I was starting to have a lot of self esteem issues again and my negative self talk came back. It's important to keep working on these things we wouldn't talk to our friends or anybody the way we talk about ourselves so just keep an eye on it and every time you catch yourself saying mean things change it for something nice about yourself. Remind yourself your a strong beautiful person and deserve to have self esteem and to be talked to with respect.

Another thing I was struggling with was worrying I wasn't being as "good" as I was before that before I felt like I had more control and I felt stronger....that's a hunk of bologna nothing had changed at all NOTHING only my thinking I was thinking I wasn't as strong as I used to be and couldn't control my eating and therefore didn't have any control and I started playing this weak character this negative sad little girl who had no self esteem and couldn't control her binging but that is so far from reality! Indulging in food that tastes good is not binging and is not something to binge over it doesn't have to be red or white it can be pink give and take push and pull so don't freak out if you eat too much food because even skinny people over eat sometimes you just need learn what you can from it and pick yourself up and keep going it's all about a process or a journey it doesn't have to be done all at once

in a nutshell it's all about the frame of mind you have to remember there is allway's some light in a dark situation don't let things bring you down and watch your self talk if you tell yourself "but i like food too much" or "i can't do this it's too hard" or "i wish i could do that" than you will feel that's the truth and when you feel that way your actions will show it, your thoughts affect your feelings, and your feelings affect your actions so think positive think big and dare to dream you never know when your dreams will become reality

All about the self love emoticon
~Lady Vixon
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    This is very motivating! Thanks for sharing! We, especially girls get really down on ourselves at times. It is hard when media makes us feel like we need to look and be a certain way. We all have to be our own cheerleaders and help each other out! AWESOME PROGRESS THUS Far!!! :)
    3497 days ago
    I have honestly been doing the negative self talk lately and I really needed this! I felt since I took a short break from everything that I was flabby and not strong anymore! Now that I've started running again it's like my whole mindset is different and I am viewing my body in different more POSITIVE WAYS! This helped me soo much thank thank thank you!!
    3819 days ago
    Hi, thanks for adding me as a friend, you are a bombshell and LOOK what you have done with your health! My therapist (who is a recovering compulsivist herself) says my biggest problem is comparing myself to 1) others; and 2) myself as a near-professional dancer at 18. That is why nothing in between lasts very long for me, and I am 38. It's the not good enough that is bringing me down; a girlfriend the other night said the reason I don't date men is because I always talk about how I'm not pretty enough; the not good enough thing. I think you and me both should take an inventory of our strengths. Wanna do it and share with each other?
    4078 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5524962
    im lost for words because you are so inspiring. but on top of that, i think you are just too gorgeous girl!!!! i am so moved by you!!!!
    4146 days ago
    That was really good encouragement. It's funny but i just added a blog to my spot talking about change and how much i love food, how it's apart of my life, and how it's so hard for me to make the right choices when it comes to food but after reading this it really made me realize that i am being one of those helpless victims you're referring to and i don't want to be that. So for now on i'll make sure i check myself before i play that role again....

    Thank you,
    P.S. I added you to my friends list for the inspiration
    4156 days ago
    Thanks for sharing, I just blogged on one of my binges that occurred recently. The best thing for me to do is learn and move on focusing on not who I am but what I could be... thanks for reaffirming this and offering hope!

    emoticon emoticon
    4163 days ago
  • BAILEY1950
    This reminds me to be consistent in writing in my journal. Most times, I can't find it to write in it... lol

    That's got to change.. Maybe it's time for me to change--my outlook on myself..

    This is truly inspiring...

    Affirmations help too..
    4206 days ago
    Thank you for honesty. Sometimes we arent so honest with ourselves and tell ourselves that are different when really deep down inside we really know that we're ARE the same person with the same hurt, the same person the same addiction to food. We just have taken control! You GO Girl! I Love your Blog! I also want to thank you for sharing the your inner thoughts. Something I admire and need to work on . . .
    4219 days ago
    You rock. What a blessing this was! :)
    4231 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4228914
    I have had to step back and take a look at where I've been. I had to think of the motivation that I've had for the things that I've done and how, as I've accomplished different things over the past several months, the new me is encountering different challenges that I had never envisioned when I began to organize my priorities some 18 months ago.

    When I started working on the physical me, my emotional me was also in the dumps. Add to that the spiritual me. I am still working on all three. When I started what I have some 18 months ago, I thought that the physical me would be the most difficult to rebuild. What has transpired over the past 18 months in my physical realm has been nothing short of a miracle.

    Now there's the emotional me. While my depression has leveled off and is nearly non existent, I still have myself in somewhat of an emotional mess. I'm starting to realize that I need to address these areas of my life with the same vigor that I do my fitness.

    Your blog has helped me to realize that, yes, I am still the same me. I have the "reminders" of my past and need to put them in the proper place so I can grow and meet the challenges that are presented to me on a daily basis.

    4242 days ago
    Thanks for sharing that, it is alll so true, the last week i have been working on being more positive, and thinking good things about myself, and it really has helped! we really would never talk to our friends like that so wth are we doing saying and thinking it about and to ourselfs! that really hit home for me!
    you are a great inspiration! hope that you have a great day!
    4242 days ago
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