Help! How Many Revolutions in a Mile on an Elliptical Trainer?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ok, Im a little upset this evening. No, Im ticked and that is not the word I want to use. I walked in for my weigh in this evening really pumped and I stepped on the scale and I about fell over. I gain .6 lbs. I dont know how it happened but it did. I wanted to through it against the wall. I just about walked out too. I was shaking. After I got ahold of myself I explained to her that I had been working out 100 minutes a day mostly on the Elliptical 5 days a week. Im taking in about 1300-1500 calories. I guess I should be taking in more calories but I just not hungry.

I got a new Elliptical. Its a Cheap one From Walmart to start off with. A Gold Gym Stride Trainer 300 love it but I hate the distance read out on the LCD screen. it reads in revolutions and not in miles. I go about 1200 revolutions in about 28 minutes 3 times a day, 5 days a week. Its frustrating because I dont really know how far Ive gone. My stride is set at 18 inches. I try to keep the resisitance at 3 for most of my workout but sometimes I go down to 2. If anyone can shed some light on this I would appreciate it?
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    That is not correct.

    1 revolution = either 24" if set on 12" OR 36" if set on 18"

    So if you have your machine set to 12" strides and you make 1200 revolutions then:

    1200 x 24" = 28,800 inches

    28,800 inches divided by 63,360 (number of inches in a mile) = 0.45 mile

    When you run on a treadmill or on concrete your stride is about 2 - 3 feet per step, on a trainer your stride set on 12" per step. What does this mean:

    trainer = 5280 steps per mile

    concrete = 1760 steps per mile

    So running on a trainer is like running a mile placing each foot right in front of the other with no spaces. So you cannot compare the two.

    When using a trainer it is better to keep your heart rate on target for a set time.

    set on 12" = 2640 revolutions per mile
    set on 18" = 1760 revolutions per mile

    3095 days ago
    I hear you Penny. I have the same machine and have been asking the same question.

    The only thing I can think of is that there are 5,280 feet in a mile.... Now we are both using the 18" setting.

    So I'm probably wrong but I say 18" x 1200 revolutions is 21,600 feet... Divide that by the 5,280 feet in a mile...

    And you get roughly 4.09 miles.

    That's probably wrong...LOL!!! But no one else seems to be answering us.

    Hope this helps.
    3159 days ago
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