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How many Spark Teams do You belong to?

Monday, April 20, 2009

I know that SparkPeople is totally free but just how many SparkTeams can one person be active in?

I see this with Newbies a lot - you get so involved with joining Spark Teams and then you get burned out. Too many Teams is just Too Many Teams.

I have been a member for 3 years now, but only active for 1 of them. It is very easy to join a lot of teams but somehow difficult to leave any.

Leave any and every team that no longer helps you on your journey, even (maybe especially ) your Class Team.

If you are no longer active with a team, do yourself and the team a favor, leave it. Teams are full of members never heard from again after a few weeks.

If you are active with 12 teams and spend only 5 minutes a day with each team, that is still an hour a day you are sitting at your computer. And that is just Huddling!

We will not lose weight by sitting in front of our computers. We will lose weight by walking that same hour.

Please find the teams you are active in and leave the rest.

Hug y'all, let's keep losing this excess body baggage!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Thanks, Linda. An important message. I'm in a bunch of teams right now and they all reflect important parts of me and what I perceive this journey to be. But, you're right, I just can't be active in all of them.
    3316 days ago
    I am guilty of this as well. I've been doing my best recently though to leave the ones I am not active with. I'm getting there. =)
    3320 days ago
    My friend, you are wise beyond your size. ( I can say that to you cause you post the pics to prove it) LOL. Every now and then I see a team that sparks my interest but as you say we don't have time for them all. I really much prefer to share with my sparkfriends and draw courage and support from them. I WILL reduce my team #'s and concentrate on little things all the way around. Love ya,

    Gini emoticon
    3321 days ago
  • VONE777
    I was just on 4 then jumped on a few more so I think 7 but only really look at 2 or 3 during any one wk.
    3321 days ago
    Excellent advice!
    When I first joined I jumped into about 10 teams and was totally overwhelmed.
    I whittled it down to 4,
    then later added 2 more.
    I'm thinking of dropping the 1 or 2 that I'm not getting much out of
    or contributing much to.
    It's hard, though,
    if you have even one sparkfriend you've clicked with on a team.
    I guess I could sparkmail them and ask them to join one of my teams.
    Or just have a sparkmail relationship.
    Anyway, great advice!!!
    3321 days ago
  • MARTY19
    I believe that is so true. I am a member of 10 teams. I am active on 8-9 of them. If I join a team and see it is not right for me, I leave. My time can be so limited that I would rather be active on a few teams than a member of alot.

    3321 days ago
    It's all I can do to spend the time loggin in my food and occasionally checkin in with my friends. I am soo that person who with good intentions over extends myself, only to find I'm already so busy with my hard commitments to be able to follow through with any new ones.

    Thanks for this reality check, good advice

    3321 days ago
    *blush* I'm guilty of this too. I know I need to quit some teams but I just can't quite get myself to do it yet. But it's on the back burner. Luckily I can sign on while I'm at work and that helps me to keep up with everything. Another thing is I signed up for Facebook and that has had my attention a lot here lately. There's games on there I've signed up for and they too are kinda addictive. But I'm getting that under control too. Spend just enough time on there to check everything out then sign off.
    3321 days ago
    Thank you for your candor! I have been struggling with this issue. You personally invited me to join BTN the first day I opened up SP on 4/3/09. I feel really close to you because of that, welcomed, you know what I mean? Then there was the class team but you told me that it was ok to leave that one since it had been past the week or 2. I quit my age group /wt loss goal team & my state team also because nobody seemed to share my interests, etc. So I've quit 3 and holding onto 4, including this one. Some of the goals are tracked in several different places and I get confused on where and if I've updated each place.I have fallen into and replaced my food addiction to sitting at the computer instead. My step count has paid the price and my husband has (jokingly) accused me of cyber sexing, which I don't even know what that means. When I joined SP I wasn't totally honest about my weight issues.I thought it was just another diet website and I'm always looking for the majic diet. I was ashamed to admit that I had WLS because there is still much stigma attached to it as it being a quick fix to being obese. Since then I've found others on SP who relate and that they actually have teams that address these special matters. I would like to spend more time with them and see if I can get back on track. I appreciate your kindness in having me on your team and it's good to know that since I'm feeling overwhelmed I can quit this team and nobody will be offended. Thank you.

    3321 days ago
    Thanks Linda. That's why I'm only on the teams I lead or co-lead. A couple of those teams aren't doing well and I don't know what to do to bring the members around. They have members but noone posts. Any suggestions for that? I wish if they weren't going to post they'd leave the team. I feel I'm beating my head against a tree. I've asked what I can do to make the team more active and noone answers back.
    3321 days ago
    Hey Linda, good advice! I keep whittling down my teams...for just those reasons. But also, I like having some of them on my page, just to remind me of certain interests I may be neglecting, so I keep them there. At least for now.
    Yes, we can certainly get addicted to this, and spend too much time at the computer!

    3321 days ago
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