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UGH! I Can't Believe I've Gained Three Pounds!!!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

When I think I am working hard, my body thinks it is hardly working! I admit, I eat things I really shouldn't one day a week, but I can't go the rest of my life without the things I love.
I got on the scale this morning expecting a surprise and boy did I get one! I gained three pounds. Three pounds! It has taken months for me to lose those three pounds and here they are again. Just like a bad penny, turning up when you least expect it! I'm not saying I do everything right, but I work my tail off when I eat a brownie or have ice cream. I have changed to the imitation ice cream and only eat a cup at a time and although that is so much better than I would have done last year, it is not good enough any more. I am changing my weight tracker to show what I have left to lose because I am sick of seeing the weight go up and down. I am starting to wonder what is wrong with me. I have been getting so many compliments, I guess I let it go to my head and started thinking that maybe I don't need to lose any more weight. But the point is, I WANT to lose more weight. I don't think I have set my goal weight too low. I'm only 5'4". So what if I am 60, that shouldn't make a difference. I know I can do this and I am going to keep trying. I am only writing this because I was startled this morning and I don't want it to go any further. So, instead of today being my "cheat" day, I am sticking with my fruits, vegetables and Lean Cuisine. I will not add any sweets until I get this weigh increase back under control.

It can be done, I WILL reach my goal! emoticon
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    You have been doing so well! I came across your Spark Page and I am impressed. Good for you. I lost 22 lbs in the last year. Now, I have been in a slump and have gained 2 lbs back and I am determined to lose these 2 plus another 20 for this year and another 20 next year. We do work very hard to lose it . Wow, you ran a 5 K! Pat yourself on the back! You are very motivational! Keep up the good work and don't give up! That UGH happens to all of us, and it is when we stop is when we have problems. We can do this together. I am adding you as a friend, you may do the same. I am going to keep up with your blogs and I am new to Spark People and need to get in the jest of blogging!
    Thanks for your example! emoticon
    3342 days ago
    Oh boy do I know how this feels! But I know you will tackle it before it turns in to 5, 10... Good luck and continued success!
    3344 days ago
  • ROOSTER911
    Cynthia... are you tracking your sodium? If you are taking in too much sodium from pre-packaged foods... such as Lean Cuisine... it will cause you to retain water which causes rise in weight. Also, try weighing in after a rest day. The stress you place on exercising your muscles causes water retention as well.

    3345 days ago
    Remember too that muscle weighs more than fat so check your measurements as well....I'd bet that you're still losing inches. Check your food too....you may not be taking in enough calories for the amt of exercising and your body is in starvation mode....holding on to whatever it can for the needed energy to work out.
    3347 days ago
    I like your commitment to reaching your goal at the end! Just remember that this is an ongoing process...don't give up the good fight! emoticon
    3347 days ago
  • MIMZY08
    PLEASE check out your Nutrition Tracker! It's possible you are not eating enough! I know...it sounds crazy! But check it out. I'm speaking from experience!

    Look at your accomplishments. Don't stress. You are doing a great job!
    3348 days ago
    I try and stay away from the scale and let my clothes do the talking for me. When my clothes feel less snug I know I've lost inches and pounds. You will bounce back like a rubber ball my friend!! Don't stress yourself out over this!!!
    3348 days ago
  • DTONEY76
    Cynthia, always know that we are here for you. Don't be sooo hard on yourself because I know you are doing GREAT. We are right side by side and both slowed down with our weight loss. That must mean something and we have to go with that. We just have to keep fighting and do what's BEST!

    Stay Strong
    3348 days ago
  • WATOGA17

    You can do this. We can do it together!

    3348 days ago
    Cyn, it's temporary. Boy that scale can be a buzz crusher, can't it? Just pay a little closer attention the next few days and I'll bet they'll melt away. Also, if you didn't exercise the day before you weighed, you may have a lot of water tied up in your muscle glycogen. The more well-trained you become, the more glycogen those muscles can store, and the more water (which is a GOOD thing, because it gets you through those races!) It'll be okay, hang in there. I highly, highly doubt it's 3 lbs of real weight.

    3348 days ago
  • FITAT50
    Don't stress and stay off the scale for a week or two. I gained 2 1/2 lbs from Easter and I'm back down to within 1/2 lb yesterday. But I also thought the same thing, it took forever to lose 2 lbs and felt I had thrown months of hard work out the window. Stick to your workout routine and watch the sweets (my downfall) and I promise you'll be back down in no time.

    I have read that regular ice cream is actually better for you since the low fat has so many additives it can actually make you fatter. So when you have your REWARD DAY (not "cheat," because that can make you feel guilty) try eating the purest ice cream you can find but in smaller portions.

    You, my friend, will reach your goal, I see your strength and determination and know you won't let this setback keep you from your goal!

    3348 days ago
    Hi! Don't get down you're such an inspiration to me. That 3 lbs will come right off. I know how hard you worked at losing it. Venting will make you feel a little better.

    3348 days ago
    Look at you!
    Relax, it's got to be hormonal/water weight.
    Even we wonderful women of a certain age have fluctuations.
    You are doing the right things.
    Just keep it up, sparkfriend.
    You are so amazing.
    3348 days ago
    So sorry to hear about the 3 pound gain. But just don't let it get you down. You have a good view that you will reach your goal. Keep thinking that way and you will. Keep up the good work.
    3348 days ago
  • SPUD1226
    Just think of them as "temporary" pounds. You'll get them right off again. emoticon
    3348 days ago
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