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Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy Friday Spark Friends!

I hope you all have had a great week. Well my weigh in showed my plateau is back. I lost zippo . Hey it beats having any pounds back, so I am okay with it.

I am continuing my healthy lifestyle so I know this to shall pass. I have found myself doing a lot of reflecting on the old me as I went about this past week. I have decided to make a list about what I missed out on being so over weight for so many years and how it felt then opposed to the new list on how it feels to be healthier and what I feel now. I want to share this with all my spark friends here because I have hopes it may have some effect on you and hopefully some motivation for you to continue making and working towards your healthier life as I continue mine. I want so much for us ALL to succeed in this journey. So here are my lists and thoughts..............

The Overweight me:

Always tired

Low self esteem

Hard to get around

Emotional Eating

Health Problems due to being overweight

No energy

Embarrassed about my appearance

Never wanted to be in ANY pictures

I was in such deep Denial

I had NO desire

I was an excuse maker

I made excuse for myself and to others

I was always going to start tomorrow

I never exercised

Limited to clothes I could wear

Limited to where I could shop

Never even considered putting me first before anyone

I was Lazy

Felt down or Sad a lot

I was unmotivated

I lied to myself

I convinced myself I wasn't that bad

I took my husband compliments as a permission ship to keep gaining weight

I felt like an embarrassment to my kids. (who would NEVER had said that or anything rude)

I always dreaded to see summer coming because it meant I could not hide my body as much behind clothes

I was a procrastinator

I was ashamed of how I let myself go

I ignored my body's signals that I needed to get healthy

I did not like myself very much

I wore black a lot to disguise my weight. ( yeah like no one knew what was under there!)

I could go on but you know it is all bad feelings. Nothing good comes from being over weight.

The New Me 53 pounds lighter

I have lots of energy

I have desire (the desire to want to get and STAY healthy)

I feel good about myself

I can shop in normal stores in the junior department (way more then I even expected)

I actually enjoy exercise

I love healthy foods

I like the new slimmer looking me

I am no longer hiding behind my clothes

Looking very forward to summer

Don't feel like an embarrassment to my kids

NO MORE excuse making

I put myself first (and I do NOT feel bad about it) I learned thru this process that if I am not taking care of me then how can I be a good wife, mom, friend, relative, etc. to anyone else!

I am happier

I have more self confidence

My self esteem is much better

I love picking out my clothes (now that there is a bigger variety especially of colors. No more just black to cover the weight)

I am proud of my accomplishments

I like myself

I am healthier (medical issues due to being over weight GONE)

Ditched medications due to health issues that were a result of being overweight.

I want to be in pictures now. I am such a picture taker but would never want to be in them because I was so heavy and ashamed.

I have a lot of making up to do. I have always considered pictures as the library of our lives. I want to be in my family library now.

I could go on and on and the list of positives will by far be longer then the negative list.

We all know it is unhealthy to carry around extra weight on our bodies. It is a determent to our health and our future. Whatever it takes for this healthy lifestyle to click with you find it, do it. It is for your own well being. It has it struggles at times and some changes don't come overnight or even easy. But YOU are worth any and all effort it takes to get your self to a healthier you. Nobody can do it for you. We can all take this journey together which makes it SOOOOO much easier and fun and pleasant and we meet the most awesome people ever here. But, only YOU can actually follow through and DO what is necessary for it to happen.

So please, let us all lean on one another, help each other, encourage, support, and inspire one another to be the best we can be. I know YOU can do it. I have said this before and believe me when I say, if I can do this, anyone of you can too.

I am going to go way outside my comfort zone next week and for the first time ever I am going to post my before and after pictures. Even though I am not at goal yet. It is something I want to do for my spark friends to show that it is possible. This is a HUGE thing for me to do. I am not comfortable with it but am willing to do it in hopes it may inspire someone. If it only inspires just one person to continue their journey here then it was well worth my stepping out of my comfort zone for it.

I REALLY want ALL of us to be healthy and feel GREAT about ourselves. So lets continue this journey together and WE will all succeed!

I wish you all a wonderful weekend!

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