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Need more discipline, or do I?

Monday, April 06, 2009

I think I had a great week, however, can't be 100% sure.

I do great during the week, then the weekend comes and I tend to make more allowances. This past weekend included eating out with my son, which isn't bad, however it was TGIFriday's with my son. My wife and daughter were off doing something for the day so we had "guys day" and we wound up making not the best food choices. This included burger and fries and apple pie... then Sunday after a long weekend we caved and ordered Chinese food for dinner, and I have a weakness for General Tso's chicken. I know I should have stopped but had that crazy voice say, "you'll get back on track tomorrow" (I did skimp on the white rice ;-) ).

Little voice was right, I am back on track today and doing well. I shocked the heck out of myself by coming in under 200lbs this morning... never thought I would have lost anything for the week with what I ate on Saturday and Sunday... I must have done something great during the week last week since I was down almost a pound and a half. Imagine what it would be if I ate sensibly over the weekend.

I'm in the challenge to lose 30lbs by summer (started with 14 weeks to lose the 30lbs) and seem to be pretty well on track. Have 11 more weeks and 23.5 pounds to go, roughly 2.14 pounds a week, which is what I have been averaging. So I can't help but wonder if I really need to be as disciplined as I have been as long as I take care during the week to eat right, and don't go "guys day" on the weekends.....

The one thing that concerns me is that I am eating really healthy and exercising... that when I do get to my goal, how do I stop the weight loss... I can't see just eating to eat if my diet and daily routine is filling, healthy and good for me. Do you just stick a Snickers bar in your lunch bag to keep the calorie count in check?

Guess I'll figure that out when I get there... I still have 11 more weeks to go and 23.5 pounds to ponder that point......

But Hey, I broke the 200 pound threshold, and am on track to hit my goal by the start of summer. Pretty darn good, and pretty darn exciting!

Good things going on... very good things.
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    Yep, what he said!

    I was absolutely planning on blowing past my goal of 172 by the end of February. I was consistantly losing 3 pounds a week, nothing seemed to be slowing me down, and I too was trying to figure out where it was all gonna stop.

    Here we are at the beginning of April, and I STILL haven't hit my goal. These last 5 pounds just yo-yo and tease as I get within a pound and then bounce back up during the week. It kinda was a shock, I adjusted some things to shake it up, but I'm at a slow crawl now. So prepare yourself, cause like LUCKY pointed out, eventually you'll hit that 'lifestyle weight'.

    Know what's good about it though? Despite not really losing much weight anymore, I'm still losing inches. My body continually looks more and more toned. I can have a 'bad' eating day, and the scale barely shows it. I swear I wrote a blog just like yours, so I know where your head is at. Just keep doin' what you're doin'.
    3359 days ago
  • LUCKY008
    It's my understanding that as one loses weight/fat, each pound becomes more and more difficult to lose. Much less work is needed for a 300-lb man to lose 10 pounds than a 150 lb man. Because of this, people must increase their workouts as they slim down in order to slim down more. It seems your view is that if you keep losing the same number of pounds per week while keeping the same workout and eating regime, you'd eventually weight 0.

    You know that won't happen. A simple way to look at it is that your current training and eating is a lifestyle for someone weighing a certain amount to maintain their weight (say 180). Since you weigh more than that (just under 200?), you'll continue to lose weight until you get your weight to match your "lifestyle's weight."
    3359 days ago
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