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Do I Sabotage myself

Thursday, April 02, 2009

I am beginning to wonder if I sabotage myself. I had a GREAT week last week made all sorts of goals for the gym etc. Then I had my ankles go out again and the left one is swollen and bruised. My right hip is sensitive and the right ankle is tender. Yesterday my back and everything hurt. Today it is just mainly the ankles. Needless to say I have to be careful with my exercising until they heal.
It seems I get on a roll and then something happens to set me back. Is it in my head or just coincidence????? I don't think I will ever know. I can't imagine hurting oneself to stay heavy.
When I have a bad day I like to have treats to feel better. Yeah CHOCOLATE is the best cure all I know. I am not going to have it in my house anymore. My control seems to have GONE somewhere right now. Just one satisfying the urge just isn't there anymore. The other night I ate all I had in my drawer. So now the drawer will remain empty.
Hopefully I can get back to the gym and on track next week. I am going to continue to try the pool. I have come to far to have to start again. I have just got back down to where I was at my best point on SPARK. I don't want to have to lose it all again. Once maybe twice is a NO WAY!!!!! I made todays goal to stay away from the chocolate and eat healthy. Yesterday was one of those OH well I ate that so I might as well have this day. I bought a WHOPPER for supper I think it must have a million calories. The good thing is I only have one about twice a year. It tasted good but so did the donut and ice cream cone and chocolate. I think I made myself feel better for a few minutes anyway.
Going to bath the baby. Have a great day everyone. Mine is going to be. Teri emoticon emoticon emoticon
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    I can relate to your story. I had one of those days this past week. Like you, I'm back on track. We can do this!

    3330 days ago
    The only way you can keep up with this as a lifestyle change is to find a way to get little tastes of things you love every once in a while and don't be so hard on yourself! Plenty of SparkPeople have tracked Whoppers! I had to laugh when I went to track a Five Guys burger and someone had actually entered the information of each separate topping to the slice of onion! You're not alone....that should make you smile!!!
    Still being on SparkPeople means a lot!!!!!!!
    Hope your ankles feel better soon!!!!!

    3334 days ago
    Wow! Good for you! Sometimes we have to get tough with ourselves! Sounds like you mean business!

    Well, now I know what happened! I wondered why you needed to see a surgeon! Oh my goodness girl, I hope you can be more careful! If you're anything like me though, the more careful I try to be, the more clumbsy I am. I hope you are nothing like me! LOL

    I feel for ya about the chocolates, I used to crave chocolate all the time. I rarely think about it now. Just once in a blue moon!
    3334 days ago
    Hang in there Teri. Somethings are just sent to try us. You'll get through this and continue on successfully.
    3336 days ago
    Hey Teri1,
    I used to think the same thing, that I was sabotaging myself. Every time I would start working out, doing exercise, I would get 2 or 3 days into it and get sick. Or I would get injured. My family and friends talk all the time about wrapping me in bubble wrap.
    In January if this year, I told myself "enough is enough". I have had minor illnesses since, but I haven't had major injuries like before.
    I think I actually was sabotaging my efforts to lose weight and be healthier. I think I have programed myself the other way now.
    You'll be fine, I know you will! You're a strong, determined woman that can get through anything!
    Hang in there! You're doing GREAT!

    3336 days ago
    Just remember... this is a marathon, not a sprint! One bad day doesn't have to mess everything up. Just put it behind you and move on. Think about how great you feel with a tummy full of healthy foods, or the endorphin rush from exercising, and do it!

    Keep up the good work!
    3336 days ago
  • L*I*T*A*
    well forgive yourself first and then pick yourself up and get going again and again as mant times it takes to reach your goals.................you can do it.....beleive you can and you will...........all the best.........blessings and hugs...............lita

    here is a little poem for you............


    Your destiny isn't a matter of chance, it's a matter of choice.
    It's not something you wait for, but rather something you pursue.

    Don't wait for extraordinary opportunities.
    Seize common occasions and make them great.

    Opportunities sometimes come disguised in the form of misfortune
    or temporary defeat.

    Start where you are.
    You're at this moment standing right in the middle of opportunity.

    Act on your dreams and you can have them.
    3336 days ago
    Hi Teri! Your blog caught my eye, because I've spent the day thinking the same thing! I think we all wonder about sabotaging ourselves-- well, I do anyway! I had a fall that badly bruised my ribs, preventing me from doing things-- like exercise! So, I picked exercises I could do, and got on with it. The pool should work! As far as treats, there's a post on one of the sites that had what everyone used for their treats. Most of them sounded pretty yucky to me, but I use yoplait whips and yogurts- never liked yogurt, but the pineapple upside cake yogurt gets me through a sweet craving, and the whips sure taste like desert to me. There's a chocolate one that tastes alot like chocolate mousse! I still eat cookies every now and again-- but 2 or 3, not the box! Good luck, be well, and HANG IN THERE- you have come too far to go back!
    3336 days ago
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