Just been one of those days...(sigh)

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

OK. so everything started off great today and I was excited cause I finally got some money that was coming to me. went to Target got a New digital scale for myself, a kitchen scale for food, some new workout shoes, a new blender for my smoothies, and paid the rent. with the exception of some other things I was very excited to get this stuff for my new diet and lifestyle change.
Ok this is where it started going downhill..... I come home and I find that my dogs who believe it or not are very very well behaved, never get into the garbage, never chew stuff up never go to the bathroom in the house... nothin like that. They both TORE MY HOUSE UP!!!!!!!! Chewed up paper everywhere, chewed a couple of my daughter's Barbie's all to sh** , and then proceeded to puke up barbie parts on my couch, My hand towel that you hang in the kitchen you know, TORE UP!!! Ok so I am wondering if my dogs have turned into crack heads and are crying out for help.. lol ... That put aside, I went and Bought new ink cartridges for my printer new paper and that special picture paper too ( that stuff is spendy) I come home and I realize i cant hook up my printer to my new computer. My printer is hella old I guess and it is not compatible with my brand new HP I just bought. So after I have steam coming out of my ears about the dogs and the printer stuff, I get a Text message from someone I thought was my friend and basically some stuff went down and We are not friends anymore. What a day !!!!! I need a drink, a nice stiff one!!! But noooo i am on a diet and I'm not supposed to drink.
Ok so my dogs are crack heads, I wasted 90 dollars for nothing and I lost a good friend. This is april fools day, jokes on me huuu?

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    Ugh I hate days where everything goes wrong!

    It always seems like once one bad thing happens, everything else goes downhill.

    Just try to stay positive and visualize the next day going a lot better :)

    PS. And although you (and all of us) are on diets, as long as you plan for the calories you can have 1 or two stiff drinks (haha). My boyfriend likes to drink every couple of weeks, and so we usually plan out instead of snacking in the evening, I can have 2 rum and diet cokes. emoticon
    3851 days ago
    Hmm.. maybe something did get into the dogs...literally. My dog is the same way... really well behaved... the only time since he was a puppy that he acted like that, and tore up the place, was after he got into a bag of chocolate. It was one of those packages of Dove, you know, the kind that look like little gifts, for Christmas time.... well, I came home to find the empty bag and lots of little tinfoil wrappers all over the floor. The dog acted like a jacka$$ for 3 days.. tearing stuff up, running around crazy, and not sleeping at all. It was a perfect example of the effects of too much sugar.

    As for the printer... I got a $20 cable for my old laser printer that allows me to hook it into my new laptop. One end has the little comb jack, and the other plugs into the USB port on the laptop. I think it's just called a "converter"... Could be an option to returning the thing.

    Anyway... hope your April 2nd goes better than the first! Be strong!
    3852 days ago
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