Nutritionist and Trusting Myself

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

It's been an interesting couple of days!

On a pretty positive note, I've been staying active despite still struggling with this cold. I managed to get out and jog and walk again yesterday, and I'm glad I did. I refreshed me and really made me feel great waking up this morning. I'm hardly noticing ANY acheyness in the morning! Yay!

I went yesterday to see a nutritionist for the first time ever. She was associated with the same program as a therapist I see there (who is wonderful and helpful and lovely). Yikes. I was SO not impressed. She asked me a lot of questions, but amongst her questioning, she sort of suggested that frozen entrees are a good option for dieters. OIJLKSDJLJALDJ!! Seriously?? I know those things are fine if you're in a bind, and I also know that some people swear by them (and I don't wish to knock those people). But have you ever checked the ingredients in those things?? For two cups worth of food, there's like 98209348920834 ingredients! Scary stuff. Plus, they're generally loaded with salt or sugar, completely lacking in nutrients, and don't leave people with a lot of weight to lose feeling even remotely full. I can't understand how or why a nutritionist would recommend that over, say, a meal that packs a better nutritional punch.

I could have let that slide. Maybe. But then when I started explaining my goal for food--to eat as much raw, unprepared, whole food as I possibly can with very little animal proteins, alternative protein sources, and primarily fruits, veggies, and whole grains, she sort of looked at me like I was nuts. She said, "Melissa, you can't completely strip the JOY out of food." Oh my... I don't consider myself joy-less! Nor is my diet (see previous blog entry about yummy homemade pizza, for example).

She did give me some helpful suggestions--such as needing to learn to tune into my "full" signals better, and my hungry signals too. But overall, I was NOT impressed. I called my mom on the way home and told her a little about it, and she said, "Melis, nutritionists are a good idea for people who don't know much about nutrition. What were you hoping to gain from the experience that you don't already know?" Hmmm. Good question, Mom. I think I was hoping for an easy answer--or any sort of new insights about foods and eating.

Oh, AND, she was completely against my avoiding the scale. I tried to reiterate my reasons for not wanting to step on it frequently, but she was NOT having it. "I really need you to be willing to weigh in AT LEAST once a week." Seriously? In my opinion, anything more than once a week is NOT giving you an accurate reading... and even THAT often... eek. It's like everything I'm doing as far as emotional work, her advice was completely counter... I'm NOT feeling this.

So I'm going to go back at least one more time. But I'm not sure I'll do much more than that. I think I really need to trust myself and the knowledge that I have, and also to trust that if I DO come to a point when I need help, then I'll reach out for it. But for now, it's time to trust and embrace the wisdom I know I have and the strength I'm certain is within me.

So... disappointing. But helpful, just maybe not in the way I'd expected. I'm amazed, lately, at how much this journey is pointing me in the direction of LETTING GO. Of SITTING BACK. Of TAKING TIME. RELAXING. WAITING. HAVING PATIENCE. AVOIDING WORRY. And I'm amazed at how, when I listen to that, this all seems so effortless, so peaceful, so manageable, so right.

And on that note, I'm going to go finish up some work and enjoy a peaceful night on the couch. :D

Happiness, peace, and TRUST IN YOURSELF to all! xx
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    oh this post was so inspiring. i just love your attitude toward your weight loss journey-- i think you should stick to your instincts. maybe there is another nutritionist out there that would be more in line with you--- to be honest, it sounds to me like you know a lot about what you need to do to get healthy yourself. and on top of it, you are tackling the emotional aspects of your relationship with food, body image, etc. That is sooo important. I'm proud of you. I'd say, take whatever that nutritionist has to say with a grain of salt.
    3760 days ago
    Why would you even go back once more? Unless it's paid for. HAHAHA :D Seriously though, you seem to know much more about nutrition than little miss nutritionist. I seriously need to get a degree and become one. :P Unless there is some real specific nutritional concern -- like trying to overcome an iron deficiency through your diet or some lactose intolerance or wheat allergy -- then I can see maybe needing a good consult with someone who has expert nutritional knowledge. But otherwise?? You're smart!!! :D You've obviously educated yourself very well in nutrition thus far and I'm sure anything else you need to learn you could find. :) Later!
    3760 days ago
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