Stress Control Helped me NOT Gain Weight

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

For the past seven weeks, my stress/anxiety levels have been over the top and nearly out of control.

It all started when I got a call from my step-dad's dialysis center, wondering why he missed his last two appointments. As a diabetic, I know you can't miss dialysis treatments and survive, so I got on the phone to see what I could find.

We couldn't just run over and see him because he lives in Nevada and we live in Kansas City.

First of all, I'm going to tell you what I think of the HIPPA law passed by Congress. The law of unintended consequences is all over that one. When we first started calling hospitals in the area, no one would tell us if he was there or had been there without a copy of my DPOA.

Finally, we found him in a hospital in Las Vegas. He'd had a severe fall, but had not broken his hip, and they were sending him to a Skilled Nursing Facility (read Convalescent home) for rehab.

Luckily, my wife and I are retired, so after taking care of some appointments - postponing some and re-scheduling others, we went to Las Vegas for what we thought would be a 3-4 week trip, including driving both ways.

I should have known that things weren't going to go as smoothly as we wanted when the National Weather Service broke into the radio broadcast we were listening to (yeah, they really do that!) and said, "Anyone driving in the vicinity of Edmond, OK should seek shelter now! A tornado is on the ground and is heading directly towards Interstate 35 in a northeasterly direction moving at 30 miles per hour"!

We were just coming up on the first Edmund exit, so we peeled off and started looking for some sort of shelter. About a block down the street we saw a couple of people waving into a parking lot, a Braham's parking lot (Braham's is a fast food place like Sonic as far as food goes, combined with a specialty ice cream store and now adding a specialty grocery store). This one was undergoing a renovation, but the grocery store was open and the manager had her assistant go out and wave cars in because she had a big 40x40 cooler for shelter. We stayed there about 20 minutes until the weather folks told us the tornado had crossed I-35. We all went to stand in the doors to look out because in was POURING rain outside, shortly, that turned to hail, some about the size of a golf ball.

We got back on the road and drove to Weatherford, OK, which was our scheduled first stop. As we were checking in and getting our luggage out of the car, my DW tripped on a curb, fell back and hit her head on one of those giant pots they put small decorative trees in.

She was obviously stunned, but said she just had a headache and would be fine. This was before Natalie Richardson's death, but I wasn't listening to any of the "I'm fine, I'm tough" stuff. The night manager at the Holiday Inn Express agreed with me, as well as another couple who were just checking in and who had seen her fall, so she decided not to fight all of us. The Night Manager kindly offered to lead us to the local Regional Hospital. That's First Class Service.

After X-rays and all revealed no skull breaks or cracks, she was discharged with five Tylenol 3 for pain and they told us if she started having trouble breathing or became nauseous to get back to the hospital in a hurry.

Thank you Lord for your help, because she was all right the next morning, except for the lump on the back of her head.

The remaining trip to Las Vegas was, thankfully, not nearly as exciting.

This has turned out to be much more of a story then I had first thought, so I'll just say...............

To be continued.
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