Ocean Drive Marathon - 10 miler - 3/29/09

Monday, March 30, 2009

I didn't have the best weather for my 1st 10 mile run - as a matter of fact it was so bad that I had decided the day before (Sat.) that I just wasn't going to do it. The forecast was rain, 15-20 mph winds with gusts of 30 and probably not even 50 degrees at race time. Turns out I sucked it up and did what I came there to do run that run - weather be darned! Sometime Sat. evening I made the decision to do it.

Sunday morning came, 45 degrees and most of the rain had gone through but as you can see it was still raining here and there before the start. Our hotel room was apart 100 yards from the start line - that was the greatest part - walk out the door at 8:30 for a 9:00 race - very cool! There was almost 900 I think and it was very funny to see the wide range of "dress". There were those like me - like nanoock of the north (I HATE TO BE COLD) and some even worse believe it or not!! all the way down to the die hards in shorty shorts and tank tops...

DH and I tried to get in some fishing while there so I had a heavier raincoat and my rain pants that I wear for fishing that I briefly considered wearing - WHEW very glad I did not. It was very funny to see all the discarded clothing between mile 1 and mile 2...hats, gloves, pants, jackets - you name it it was there!! Question for those of you that do this - do you go back and get it? My thought would have to be of course but hey you never know. Most people were good and ran to the side of the road and threw their stuff on the sidewalks but some just left it in the middle of the raod - kind of rude I thought. I too had taken my jacket off by mile 2 but tied it around my waist - good thing to becasue around mile 4-5 I ended up putting it back on. We were on a part of the course that was right on the water and the wind was really strong and it started raining again - I left it on until the end. Made me wonder if others wished they may have "saved" some clothing LOL.

I remember "Garmin" signaling that 30 minutes had past and that meant I was about 1/4 done - funny thing was I didn't pay much attention to the time - I mean I was checking each mile and checking my pace but not really thinking about it much past the glance. Then I took note again when I had about 30 minutes left - the whole hour in between I was just running and checking out the towns, scenery and taking it in and having fun. DH was really worried about me since my state of mind was not real good the day before so he insisted I carry my cell phone (felt like a brick in my pocket but I agreed). So after I past the 5 mile marker I called him to say I was half done and doing GREAT!! Made him feel better I think.

Being that it was in a coastal town there were a couple of bridges to go up and over the first one I ran the whole thing but the 2nd one was a draw bridge and I walked becasue I was afraid of slipping on the metal part but ran the rest. I also walked through a couple of drink stations to get a good drink in and thenin the 10th mile I walked a little as well. The wind beat me up pretty good - especially up on the boardwalk but thankfully they were doing a lot of construction on the boardwalk so the course was moved up a couple of streets inland and the "neighborhood" helped cut the wind a lot!! We finished up on the boardwalk in Wildwood...

and I was very happy to see "my sign" LOL with the wind blowing my hair sideways

I couldn't wait to pass that last clock...
DH took this as I passed it but the time on the website was 2:01:55, either way I was happy! I did it in 2:01:05 at home on a flat, warm, dry course and I thought surely the circumstances of the day would add 10 minutes or so so whenI saw it was less than a minutes I was very happy - oh and "Garmin" measured it at 10.08miles.

All in all I am very glad I did it and didn't let my sissy self talk me out of it. Even got a "finishers" medal. That was about it though LOL. It was the highest priced registration ever and the "cheapest" in terms of returns. I really didn't go for the goodie bag, expo and free food GOOD THING because the cheapness of what they called these things was a joke.

All I could think about the last half mile was getting back to the Blue Pig Tavern (restaurant at Congress Hall in Cape May where we stayed) and having baked blueberry french toast and hot coffee. Grabbed and orange, a banana and a bottle of water and off we went.

Thanks for reading my first blog.

PS the Blueberry French Toast was AWESOME!! and so is the Blue Pig Tavern - if you are ever in Cape May, go there for dinner or breakfast
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