Problems with goal setting

Friday, March 27, 2009

Goal setting always seems to involve 'rewards' such as after I lose 10 pounds I'll get a manicure. That's wonderful, really. But here's my problem. I'm CHEAP! LOL A manicure may or may not motivate me in general, but even if it does, I meet my goal of 10 pounds and then I realize that in order to reward myself, as promised, I have to spend money. Hmmm...I don't like parting w/ my money very much. Even w/ the lower back issue (see previous blog) doc said get a new mattress, yeah ok, mine could certainly use replacing, but then I realized how much money I was going to have to part with! I warned every mattress salesman I met that I did NOT want to spend my money on this and that I'm sorry in advance, but I'm CRANKY! LOL Most appreciated the warning. I bought a mattress and have spent the last week bantering back and forth in my head about canceling it saving the money and let my back find another way to get better...the mattress is still scheduled for delivery tomorrow.

Back to my point (sorry for the tangent). My point was that I rarely ever actually spend the money to reward myself...and now it's to the point where I don't even bother w/ the goal and reward system b/c I know darn well I'm not going to buy anything. Even if I take down the monetary amount, say to a $10 for a CD level, I just can't think of any that I want...hmmm subconsciously I think that's another 'I don't want to be separated from my money' excuse.

So here's a new approach to goal setting (I figured this one out this morning, I love when I feel all smart LOL). Instead of a material reward, like a book or pedicure or a day out doing something, the reward is the benefit of staying on track.

So my goal is to fit into a size 13/14 jeans, COMFORTABLY - no laying on the bed sucking it in to get them to zip up! How will I get there? How will I stay motivated?

Let's do this 'formally' shall we?

Goal: comfortably fit into size 13/14 (should need to be around 150 lbs to do that)

1. I will eat healthy, REAL, home cooked food.
a. healthy = fruits, veggies, lean meats
b. REAL = non processed, not packaged, not fast food
c. home cooked = MAKE IT YOURSELF!!!
2. I will track ALL food eaten b/c YES, the little bit of chocolate DOES have calories!
3. I will do cardio exercise for one hour per day, at least 5 days per week.
4. I will do strength training 3x's/week
5. I will continue to enjoy the perks of, and contribute to the wonderful world we know as SparkPeople!
6. I request that my friends, both real and virtual check in on me and see if I'm following my methods as stated here.
7. I will be flexible b/c life happens.
a. 'exceptions' to the above
1. foods:
a.Progresso Light soups, although processed, are allowed.
b. Frozen dinners, OCCASIONALLY are allowed, LC, HC, WW are barely acceptable b/c I'm not convinced real food was used in their creation.
c. fast food will be allowed only when traveling, and then I will make the right choices, 'grilled' chicken (I worked at McD's back in the day, I know how it's really cooked!) and no fries (which I cut out earlier this year and have been fairly successful at)
2. Exercise:
a. 5 days/week is slightly flexible but hour long sessions are not.
8. I will NOT makes excuses or let myself 'wuss' out on workout days.
9. I will evaluate my rewards (see below) monthly as positive reinforcement.

1. better quality of life
2. better health
3. happier me
4. less MONEY spent on prescriptions (I hope this one will be true, that I can get off the asthma inhaler)
5. a hotter/sexier ME
6. confidence, if I can do this I can do ANYTHING!
7. improved self esteem
8. doing things I couldn't before (I'm not sure what that entails right now b/c I don't do them LOL)
9. finding clothes at ANY store, thus SAVING me MONEY b/c I'm not 'confined' to what LB is offering!
10. Look better in pictures
(more can be added if/when I think of them)
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • NYDIA07
    I love this blog Taz! I like WILLBOYWONDER's suggestion about spending time at the park. Time can be a huge reward. My problem is kinda the opposite of yours. I love to shop and get my nails done! Those rewards don't work for me because gain or lose I'm still gonna do it. It's in my blood. So since I know I'm going to do it anyway it doesn't motivate me. I have to work on my spending... and eating lol. Like you I love taking pictures although I accidentally broke my camera this last January :( ... Anyway, you can spend time taking pictures as a reward. I always say to myself "wish I had time to just go out and shoot some shots". I think my new reward system will be based on time... time for me!

    Good luck Taz we can do this :)

    4503 days ago
    I think we were separated at birth. I have been thinking about doing these same things with my food. I have actually cooked for myself 5 days in a row. I too worked for McD's back in the day. Too funny. I am going to check up on you to see how you are doing. I know you will be doing good though. Hopefully it will keep me motivated too. Awesome!

    4505 days ago
    Love your methods and Rewards. emoticon
    4505 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4045746
    I'm loving it!! You go gal!!
    4506 days ago
    Great post, I need to do about 95% of the things that you plan to do (I've never been a calorie tracker, no can do on that one lol). Remember to don't get too down on yourself if you have an occasional misstep, it's a marathon, not a race.

    And yes, you know I'll be checking up on ya! emoticon
    4506 days ago
    I think proper goal setting can either make or break one’s progress. And it’s a common problem too. Lots of people have trouble with it. Either the goals are too hard and far reaching, or not challenging enough. Then when we reward ourselves, we often have to wait too long before the reward comes. That’s what makes people give up too quickly. But I am one who thinks a reward should come at all stages and not just after 6 weeks or not just after losing 5 or 10 pounds. If you make it through the day without gouging into the cookie jar, that may deserve a reward. If you hate water, but manage to drink at least 4 of the recommended 8 glasses of water today, that deserves a reward.

    I support the “baby step” mentality, meaning, healthy living should begin with single compartmented progressive steps. It’s like the tortoise and the hare. The tortoise was victorious with its slow steady pace. The hare, even though it could easily out pace the tortoise, wore himself out quickly.

    So, reward yourself even at very small minute intervals, and it doesn’t even need to be expensive. Sometimes, tangible things are good, but other things are good too. Spending time at the park or doing special things with someone you don’t get to see very often, or having a movie night or game night with your kids or with nieces or nephews. These rewards can often be far more enriching and meaningful than the material things.

    Whatever you do, DO reward yourself. I think it’s the most important aspect of your progress. Good luck and keep up the great work so far.

    4506 days ago
    Wonderful! Make it so #1 Team Leader! emoticon emoticon
    4506 days ago
    I feel that getting into my old clothes is a great inspiration for me. I refuse to buy any new ones that are larger, so in elastic shorts and my SO's tees to fit. I hate being as big as I am, so I can relate. Save your money in a can, someday, every day, we need more with this economy. Do your own nails when you can. Take care of your skin and walk, walk, walk. Good luck!
    4506 days ago
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