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Thursday, March 26, 2009

*a sparkmail I sent today:*

Surprisingly I am not often asked how I did this.

Keep your eyes on the prize is probably the best advice I can offer. (Sorry, I know you didn't ask either but it really can be done and it was easy for me. Allow me to share a minute. This will be my blog for today too.)

At 57 there are few foods I haven't eaten, fewer cakes I haven't tried. My mother worked in a bakery and my dad was a Master Pastry Chef with Junior's Restaurant in NYC, Junior's Cheesecake his specialty (of QVC fame). He didn't create the recipe but he refined the recipe and worked in Junior's as the Master Baker for better than 20 years (1960's through 1980's) making mostly just the cheesecakes. I had good reason for being heavy with all the cakes, cookies and bread in the house 24/7. As active as I had been, I just couldn't burn it all off 24/7. My mother kept fruits and vegetables in the house 24/7 too, but I chose the cakes, cookies and bread myself. Both my parents had to work back then just to support a family of 6. I was a latchkey kid long before I knew what the term was.

The Lord works in mysterious ways.

Why last year did I wake up and say to myself, "no more?" Can't answer that one. But I feel confident The Lord wanted me to reach 210 before helping me to stay on my program to lose more than I ever dreamed possible. This I feel is so I could help others who were also obese to get a handle on getting rid of this excess body baggage. I have not strayed from my chosen program - counting calories. I smile kindly when I see the looks on people's faces, you've seen that look, "oh but she'll never keep it off!" I think to myself, they'll find out the truth - yes I can and yes I will.

And you can too. We can all reach the prize! One day at a time, One pound at a time.

SparkPeople works, if you are willing to put in the time.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Thanks for the blog. You are an inspiration and you are right about deciding. I felt the same way. People pressured me to lose weight last year and I wasn't ready. I had to choose my journey. Well I made the decision, plotted the course and walking to my destination.
    3345 days ago
    Thanks Linda. On an off day, a round of encouragement is great.

    3346 days ago
    Take it to Church Sister!
    You said it perfectly.
    Everything we do in life is a choice.
    You made your choice when it was your time in life to. Now is your time in life to show other how you did it, and how it worked for you.

    Now ... about that cheesecake.... LOL I've never tried that particular one, but I do like - no make that LOVE the ones termed NY style that I've eaten so I can only imagine. YUM!

    3346 days ago
    You really are incredible. You've given me so much motivation. Thanks for sharing your story!

    3346 days ago
    Linda.....what an inspiration you are!!! Thank you for sharing with us. I feel honored to know that you've been where I've been. Now, my parents weren't bakers or chefs, but they both worked 40+ hours a week and my two younger sisters an I were sent to after school babysitters, and later home alone (latch key). Out of guilt and love, my parents bought us all the twinkies and pop and treats that we wanted (back in the the early 70's). We were truly spoiled that way. Unfortunately it lead to bad eating habits that I took with me into adulthood. I have learned a lot over the years, but I've learned the most here at Spark People because of caring people like you. Thank you for sharing your success and for caring about all of us! Hugs-Laurie
    3346 days ago
    Wow, that is too cool that your Dad worked at Junior's Cheesecake and perfected that recipe!!! Maybe this response is not totally appropriate for this venue (a weight loss site), but that is good stuff. I have been thinking about NY style cheesecakes for the last two days, but fortunately, not for the reasons you think. It would be nice, but I am not really dying to have one.

    I am very upset about my father, the Alzheimer's diabetic. I am even more upset that between him and my mother, they seem to have NO regard for his diet. He seems to eat pretty much whatever he wants. Let's just say that if DH or I were ever diagnosed with diabetes, I would handle it much differently. I wonder if my mom has ever even looked at a diabetic cookbook. I'd probably stack my shelves with them.

    So how does this relate to the cheesecake? My parents have always had some kind of dessert with dinner. Most of the time it is not a very high quality dessert. A lot of times it is jello (which I personally can't stand) or some mediocre store-bought cake. Don't know if you are familiar with Entenmann's cakes. I think Entenmann's should send them holiday cards. They seem to be more into quantity than quality. I've seen boxes of Dunkin Donuts in their freezer which probably had some sort of coupon involved. My point is that I am actually not a huge dessert person (snacks, yes), but I would much rather have a high quality dessert, such as a Junior's cheesecake or a bowl of Haagen Dazs ice cream, than the garbage that they serve. Even if I had to do it less often to save money.

    Oh by the way, I also like the part of the blog that most people will comment on. I also am not sure why I allowed myself to get to 230 and finally one day, for no apparent reason, just said "enough is enough". Look, you probably appreciate being thin a lot more now than if you had always been that way and taken it for granted.

    Boy, am I long-winded today!!! Have a great day.

    Leslie emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3346 days ago
  • MOB8/2009
    It's all about choices, isn't it? You CHOSE to get rid of the baggage, your CHOSE to stick with the program, and you're CHOOSING to continue your healthier lifestyle.

    BTW, having grown up in NYC in the 60's, I've probably had a gazillion pieces of your Dad's cheesecake! It was our treat....a hot dog and cheesecake from Jr's!
    3346 days ago
    I'm so glad you wrote this. It's been really hard to put in the time this week getting everything typed in and staying on track. You're an inspiration. Thanks, Kathy emoticon
    3346 days ago
  • MARTY19
    Amen to that. You made a commitment to change. Not matter how challenging/difficult it was, you stuck to it. You wanted it and you went for it.

    3346 days ago
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