ARGHHHH!!!!! What's wrong with me!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I just feel lost! I feel like I don't care about anything anymore. I just want to sleep and eat. I just keep stuffing food in my mouth. Last night I got a load of fattening greasy food from Burger King and ate so much I had trouble getting to sleep. At that moment I vowed to stop this madness! I'll just try to keep the feeling with me throughout the day. Now I'm going to go make myself exercise.

I just want this to stop.
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    Hi Sandy -- Hope you're having a good weekend...

    I just heard a neat radio talk driving home the other day... The guy was talking about how tough things are right now and then said "You know what Paul did when things were tough? When he was in jail? - He thanked God for the people around him..."

    It was a really neat message -- I know you have lots of people in your life who really care for you! And I thank God for YOU -- for your continued presence on Spark and your positive & caring attitude that always comes through.

    Take care, stay sane! Beck
    3707 days ago
    Oh! Sandy I feel for you right now. That feeling of not caring about ourselves and then eating everything in site. I think we have all done it and then felt bad afterwards.

    So come on lets see if we can get you back on track. Remember it was just one day. Losing weight is more about what you eat in the whole week, so just watch what you eat for the rest of the week and do your exercise and you will burn it off.

    Losing weight is a long road to travel and it has lots of twists and turns, this is just one of those twists, so turn yourself around and get back on the road again, you can do it.

    Take care,


    3709 days ago
    Sandy, I am going to write you a note ... emoticon
    3710 days ago
    Hi Sandy,

    It sounds like we are having similar feelings! I was struggling with that same thing all day - I jut wanted to sleep and eat. I really had to convince myself today not to eat junk because I really wanted to even though I didn't really want to (does that make sense?).

    The only thing that got me through it was my workout tonight...felt so much better afterwards and don't want the junk anymore.

    You can do it!!!! You deserve it!!!!

    Nancy :)
    3710 days ago
    Hi Sandy,

    I hear you. I hate the lost feeling you described. "Nothing is wrong with you." Some days the challenge of achieving a healthy weight may be overwhelming. Each day I remind myself that it's easier not to make food mistakes when I have a plan. Some days it's overwhelming to come up with a plan for the day and I need to just focus on one meal.

    Take extra special care of yourself today.

    an> emoticon

    3710 days ago
    You've already realised that how you talk to yourself is very important, such that whatever it is you are saying will be true. So if you are saying you're tired, you really will be! Your subconscious doesn't know the difference, and it also responds to what you are hearing from others.

    So how about making a list of your achievements to've lost 40lbs - wow! And you really do care, otherwise you wouldn't be posting here. You've thought about the challenges you face, and have noticed that your mum can be quite draining. I always listen to my favourite chill out music when I finish work, and that truly energises me. And do you think you might be turning to food to change your mood? Comfort eating really is 'uncomfortable eating', isn't it?

    Why not put an affirmation on a little card....simply knowing it's in your pocket can work wonders!

    3711 days ago
    Yes Sandy, my friend!
    You can do it.
    We all know what is that there are times that we lose control and eat our emotions. But you can stop and as you said you are doing that now. We are with you and you will get over that!
    You deserve better !In my case, It's not about losing the weigh anymore! It's about putting myself my health first! You Sandy is the first in your list OK? emoticon YOU ARE YOUR PRIORITY!
    I am so busy this week and I'm late for work. Do u know what? I will be really late but I won't miss my exercise. I'm first! I just did not want to go before adding a comment in your blog! Have a wonderful day, wonderful you! emoticon
    3711 days ago
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