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Jesus Christ is everything

Sunday, March 15, 2009

They despised his name and they didnt even know it. You and I do the same when ever anything fills our minds more than God. ITS ALL ABOUT HIM. Because you see the problem in America and in our churches is a lack of zeal for God and for the Glory of God. If you are zealous for the things of God if you realize what has been done the purchase that has been made for you in order to save you from your sin and the wrath of God. If you realize the greatness of the one who sits upon the throne who created the earth and one day will bring it to an end. If you realize that absolutely everything in the temporal sphere is dust and rot then you will begin to have a zeal for God.

I dont have to be a prophet to know what your God is I only have to watch your life when Jesus Christ is something you do at the beginning of the week. But yet throughout your life your a practical atheist I know who your God is and its not the one who is the one true God.
When you have just enough Christianity to make you moral and comfortable I know who your God is. If I could look into your mind and see what occupies your mind I will know what your God is.

Everything you have even if you are the most vilest wicked God hating person on the planet if there is any good in your life it comes from the very one you hate. All the things that mean so much to you only tell everyone one thing how you despise his name. Im not saying this to hurt you Im saying it because its true.
Are you excited about knowing him as you are about a football game? We would never say that the Lord is not number one we would never say that this or that is more important than God we would never say that. He says you say it not with your mouth but with your life. What does he demand from us? Everything!!

This is what it will cost you: YOUR LIFE. Jesus promises you 2 things a cross to die on and eternal life. He is everything or he is nothing. The saddest thing is everyone has just enough religion to send them straight to hell. To soothe our religious conscience and not know that we are despising the Lord and we have so many idols in our lives that the Lord is not even first, second, third or fourth. It is not giving unto the Lord EVERYTHING!!

What would you have me to do Oh Lord?

Teach me your ways oh Lord who do I have in heaven but thee who do I have on earth but thee what am I but a speck of dust breathing holy breath if indeed you have converted me. So difficut is our salvation that only God can make is possible. Do you think he is a flu shot?
People will say I took care of my salvation a long time ago they say "I done did that" You done did what? If your not taking care of it today you didnt take care of it a long time ago. The evidence that you repented unto salvation one time ago a long time ago is you are still repenting today and growing in repentance. The evidence that you truly believed unto salvation many years ago is that your still believing today and even more. The evidence is that he changed your life is that he is still doing it and if he is not still doing it he didnt do it to start off with.

As a matter of fact realize this Satan and the angels fell and God sent them no Savior and they will go to hell. Our father Adam fell and I want you to know that if God never sent us a Savior and allowed the whole human race to go to hell he would still be just, still be glorious and still be loving. Deal with the fact that your are being confronted with a gospel that demands EVERYTHING from you. That you are being confronted with who God is he doesnt share he takes everything. But if your heart has truly been regenerate and your just not a lost carnal church member if your heart has truly been regenerate you will say AMEN LET HIM TAKE IT ALL!! HE IS WORTHY!! A true Christian never has a problem with this TO GOD ALONE BE THE GLORY!

Since there is no longer the power of the Holy Spirit in our ministries and in our churches and in our missionary activities we have to do all sorts of professional things to keep a dead corpse moving. It is better to be a secularist or an athiest to claim nothing of God and from God then to claim God and enter into that claim half-heartedly. "I were that you were cold or you were hot and because you are neither cold or hot but lukewarm I will spit you out of my mouth"

Most people are alive because air is free. They do nothing with their lives and you say Ive done much but the much that you have done how much of it is eternal? how much of it will burn up in the fire? There should be scars on our hands Where are your scars? what has it cost you to be a Christian? How many opportunities have you lost because of your identification with the name of Christ? How much time, energy and resources has it cost you to be a member of your church? You say "Ive never been able to offer just out of a pure heart Ive always battled with sin Ive always struggled with my thoughts I want to be more so much more you mean God doesnt receive anything from me"?

From you he receives much because by your own word your acknowledging "Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they shall be satisfied" with those types of words and with the breaking of your heart your showing that you truly belong to him that you want to be more for him but for those of you who stay cold as a stone and have no problem with this your the ones who should be afraid.

Oh why are we here? why do we breathe? why does are heart beat? If not for him and for the advancement of his kingdom

"If Christ cannot have all of you, he will not have any of you"

Jesus first

Sermon by Paul Washer

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  • no profile photo CD3077858
    Amen. I know when I have not let go and let God things fall apart around me, and things fall apart litteraly sometimes. But when i sought God asking for help he has reached out for God he has been there to restore me ... I ask you what human can do that so completely?! NO ONE BUT GOD.
    3977 days ago
    Carol this is good stuff I needed that sermon today..and I will read it again when I return from FL. when I have to get motivated's nice knowing that ppl. are still out there that will stand up for emoticon
    4164 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3048897
    be hot or cold!!! Good stuff!!! Have a wonderful day!
    4167 days ago
    Amen! I was just thinking as I was reading this, that you are a very good writer too (then I saw you posted who wrote it - may I commend your honesty also) What a powerful sermon! We had something very similar today at our service. The one thing I kept thinking while I was reading this was the very verse from Revelation that was mentioned - I will spit you out. I always pray for the constant renewal of His spirit within me so that may never happen to me when the Day comes.

    Thank you for your blog and may God bless you richly!
    4168 days ago
  • JIBBIE49
    4168 days ago
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