The Truth about what I am eating

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Okay, so as I stated last week I took a really good look at what has been going in my mouth. The revelation is one that I was not too surprised to find out, but I had to have it stare me in the face so I could do something about it.

I have found that I am all out of whack when it comes to portion and serving sizes. I am not eating enough raw foods and I am consuming too many processed foods. Convenience is lending itself to bad habits. I work all day then go workout and when I get home I am grabbing the quickest thing I can find to eat. This can no longer be my excuse for eating badly. I can't continue to thwart my efforts in the gym. I am working too hard to ruin it when I get home by what I eat. I also need to bring my lunch to work. I do good at breakfast and then the rest of the day (not everyday) goes to crap. NO MORE!!

I need to read every label, which I used to do, and make sure I am eating the correct amount. I also need to plan my meals so I don't make last minute choices. I used to be much better about this. My workouts are fine, but I have got to work on my eating. I am maintaining but not losing. So now that I have figured out how to maintain, I need to start losing again!!!

Until next week . . . I will let you know how I did.
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  • VRR1970
    You can do it! Let us know how you're doing. I wanted to swing by andwish you a great weekend!

    Take Care,
    Vicky emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3681 days ago
    Keep me posted!
    3682 days ago
    Excellent blog! Way to go-I have changed my diet as well. I am eating a larger amount of raw veggies than cooked. Well wishes towards heather nutritional choices.

    Your Spark friend and Sister in the Lord

    3684 days ago
    Lady, you have some great advice here...I must say that I can use some myself with my crazy schedule, lol!! Anyway, please don't beat yourself up about it and move on...You have done great thus far and you WILL make it to goal because you have such a great attitude!! Sometimes we lose our way on this weight loss journey but just don't give up!! You can do it!! Like Deondra said, "Bring on the praise report next week"!!

    3686 days ago
  • D710DANCE
    Hey Sis,
    I had the same revelation approx. one month ago. I'm back to scrutinizing labels, measuring my food, cooking more and using the Nutrition Tracker...and thankfully, the scale is going in the "right"direction.

    I look forward to your praise report next week!!!

    Love ya',
    Deondra :)
    3686 days ago
    We need to join together; I eat well but don't exercise (and am maintaining instead of losing like I should be :-)

    Check out at your grocery store (and/or can be bought through their site); their soups are great; I live on the no salt Tomato one, just dump it in a mug and nuke it for a couple minutes, add pepper and it's great. Another good quickie is low salt, no added oil popcorn (we need 45 grams fiber a day, why not "good" quality popcorn :-) I get mine in bulk from; check out their "grocery" section; makes it convenient.
    3686 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/15/2009 10:11:49 AM
    I saw your blog title on the Living healthy in our 30s team, anyway, isn't it empowering to really acknowledge and therefore be able to change your habits? Good for you for facing facts. Knowledge is power!

    I know you didn't ask for advice, but my husband and I are both really busy (I guess who isn't right?) anyway, I used to never spring for the cut fruit and cut veggies in the supermarket because they're so expensive, but I finally sucked it up and realized that if I bought them not cut, we never ate them, but if we had pre-cut veggies and fruits that we could grab as easily as grabbing a chex mix bar (or whatever) that we would actually eat them. It has definitely upped the amount of fruit and veggies we eat! Another thing I keep on hand are hard boiled eggs and light string cheese, grab and go low calorie protein.
    3686 days ago
    Maybe you could have some fruit with you to eat as you leave the gym. It would take the edge off and give you time when you get home to prepare a healthy meal, or to heat up a meal you had already prepared.

    Prepackaged meals and convenience foods have a lot of sodium in them. I used to eat a lot of Lean Cuisines and Healthy Choice because they were low cal, until I started paying attention to sodium.

    Get back to basics.
    Good luck.
    3686 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/15/2009 7:45:49 AM
    I do my working out in the am so that I don't feel rushed in the evening. I have also started batch cooking things and freezing them so that I don't have rush all the time. There are so many days that I just want to go thru a drive thru and forget the kitchen!!
    3686 days ago
    I know exactly how you feel. I am AWESOME at working out but I can wreck all my hard work with eating "convenient" foods. I have also begun to reevaluate my decisions and will no longer be a slave to quickie foods! Good luck to us both!
    3686 days ago
    Hi everyone I'm Tanya, I started a food diary to look at what I was eating and to correct bad eating habits, I've also included in my diary a schedule for taking medications and I am adding exercise to it as well.
    3686 days ago
    Planning ahead is the key for me. Sounds like this is the track that you are on also. Best wishes.

    3686 days ago
    Good luck! A quick lunch idea if you're in a pinch is a can of progresso light chicken noodle soup. There's two servings, but each serving is only 80 cals so realistically you could eat the whole can. I do. Sometimes it's impossible not to grab and go.
    3686 days ago
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