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Friday, March 13, 2009

Even with some changes that were expected to bring more positive changes I struggle with some of the same challenges.

I became semi-self employed and no longer work at an “office”. What I mean is that I do not really have to “go to my office” everyday to say I am at work. As a contractor with an organization, my office is at home. I still spend a great deal of most days away from home though. Providing technical assistance, attending meetings…

One of the things I feel is good about my job is that I do not have a lot of things that happen in the earlier hours of the business day. Generally, my day starts around 10 am. Mornings are not my primetime and therefore this is a positive characteristic of the work. In turn, I often work very late into the evening – until 8:30, even 9:30 pm. I don’t mind those hours. I can fit a work out in earlier in the day when the gym isn’t crowded. There is plenty of time to do personal business during business hours.

What is difficult is that when I do work late, I end up either eating a dinner that isn’t very healthy, or not eating until way too late. When does it get to be okay to pack the calories in early in the day and then not eat again after 5? Remember, I might not eat breakfast until 9:30 am!!

I’m sure I can figure something out. Right now the difficulty is seeing past my schedule; I have to be at the meeting space at 5pm to set up and make sure everything is ready. Meeting starts at 6 and ends at 8:30. Yes, I can eat at 4, but it will probably be loading or in the car driving to the meeting, which isn’t really a good option. This will improve during the summer late spring thru early fall, as a cold sandwich is much more tolerable in a car during the warmer months. And some type of veggie salad/medley.

Additionally, if I eat around 4/4:30, when 8 pm hits, I’m so likely to be hungry again. What is a good thing to eat after long day that isn’t just “comfort” food, or going to give me a boost of energy at the end of the day? I know, I know – a small serving of something just to get me to sleep!! What could that be though?

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  • JAAM1224
    I have read that many experts say we should have our largest meal of the day with the most calories in the morning then go downhill from there. You are lucky that your schedule could allow you to do this. A great workout in the morning, then a huge meal, then start work.. have the salad and sandwich at your mid-day point then some sort of smallish meal at "dinner time" I would go with salad or veggies because they seem to burn through faster - at least for me. Here is what I have found to be the key for me though. I have to GO TO BED quickly before I get too hungry again... and I often mistake hunger for tiredness... when my body is tired it wants me to eat for more energy to keep going.... I have only recently recongized this error of my body reading...maybe it will help. Take care and keep blogging!! I am always amazed at what appears on my blogs. I often think, "who wrote that?" But it is usually insightful in some sorta way! emoticon
    4521 days ago
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