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Friday, March 13, 2009

Through my own research, I made a comprehensive list of different types of jumps I've come across that you can do while jumping rope. Since jumping rope is not only a great cardio workout, it’s also an inexpensive, no-gym-required, do-anywhere exercise. But simply skipping rope can easily become mundane without a little variation. Here is my list of different jumps to try that I’ll try to keep updated as I find more:

1. Basic, Two-Legged Jump
2. Boxer Shuffle: alternate weight from one foot to the other on alternate jumps
3. Backwards Jump: swing the jump rope behind you instead of in front.
4. One-legged Hops
5. Arm Figure-Eights: Basic jump while arms form a figure-eight
6. Scissor Jump: left foot forward, switch feet midair to land with right foot forward.
7. Lunge Jump: like Scissor Jump, but bend deeper into a lunge
8. Slalom Hops: Feet together, on one jump, jump both feet a foot to the right; on next jump, jump both feet left, like downhill skiing.
9. Hip Turns, Back and Forth: Chest stays forward; on one jump turn hips to right and on the next turn hips to left.
10. Hip Turns, Left: Chest stays forward; on one jump turn hips to left; on next turn bring back to center.
11. Hip Turns, Right: Chest stays forward; on one jump turn hips to right; on next turn bring back to center.
12. Staggered Run-Left Foot Forward; like Boxer Shuffle, but keep left foot staggered out front.
13. Staggered Run-Right Foot Forward; like Boxer Shuffle, but keep right foot staggered out front.
14. Run in Place
15. Heel Taps-tap alternating heels in front of you
16. Toe Taps-tap alternating toes behind you
17. Criss-Cross: on one jump, feet are about shoulder distance apart; on next jump cross right foot in front of left; feet shoulder distance; then left foot in front of right.
18. Two-Step Front Kick: do a front kick while jumping, bringing knee up first, then kicking out from the knee.
19. Hamstring Curls: Alternate hamstring curls with each jump
20. Knee-Ups: Alternate high knees with each jump
21. Jumping Jacks: do jumping jack motions, with the exception of the arm motions
22. Squats: like Jumping Jacks, but bend deeper into a squat when legs are apart
23. Plié to Duck Toes: on one jump, toes are together; on next jump, heels are together
24. Side-to-Side Pendulum: on one jump, swing right leg out to side (left leg stays straight) and on the next jump swing left leg out to side.
25. Forward-to-Back Pendulum: same as 24 above, just going front and back.
26. Rocking: jump with right knee high, torso bent slightly back; jump onto right foot with left foot in a hamstring curl behind you, torso bent slightly forward.
27. Traveling: do a traveling run or skip with the jump rope, either forward or backward.
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    I LOVE jump rope as part of a quick cardio routine or if I'm traveling. These will be great to tr.
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