Saturday, March 07, 2009

I ATE OVER 5,000 CALORIES TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! emoticon

HAD BEEN DOING WELL FOR 3 WEEKS STRAIGHT. i never went over my calories in over a month. I worked out consistently and ate clean foods. i feel like all my efforts all this time just went to waste. I feel disgusting. It all started when a friend called me on my way to the gym and told me they were stopping by at my house. so i had to turn around and go back and didn't end up going to the gym, then he's like lets go get lunch and that's when i started eating cookies and i said oh well my diet is over for the day...i ate so much that my stomach hurts right now. like its being churned. I don't know why I did this and why I am such an extremist, its like if I'm not on a diet today I am gonna eat everything I can. I feel like when I can finally eat I want to stuff my face with anything and everything that I can. i ate popcorn with movie theatre butter on it. french fries from McDonald's cookies rice chicken cheetos cheese ice cream sandwich iced coffee chocolate milk and sunflower seeds almost anything i could get my hands on. I tried to throw up some of it because of how gross i felt.i don't know how i can recover from this. I am scared to step on a scale tomorrow and see the damage i have done. i know all my efforts have been destroyed s many mornings of waking early and getting a work out in orstaying up till 12 at the gym working out. or not studying to get a work out in was all pointless now that i ate 5000 something calories today. i am just so ashamed of myself. Even bingers don't binge this much. this is bad. i don't know what to do. ill never reach my goal, I am going to wake up bright and early and start working out again but i am extremely discouraged. i don't know how i can recover from this..... emoticon
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    Hey sweetie, it's really really ok. I know that by now u must've gotten back onto ur feet.U know what, all the things you said, absolutely everything, I have felt the exact same way. I do so well then i binge and when i give myself permission to eat a little more, i become crazy and eat all that i can cram into my face(as if to make up for the times i've been deprived)...
    it's ok..Don't obsess about how many cals you took in. And yes, even I have puked to help me feel better.Yes, I have felt the same way: What's the point of having exercised so much and made so much of effort when I just blew it up in a day?? Don't fret, the workouts were not useless.Ur muscles would still be strong!

    I have realised that too much restriction and control lead to binges. So, legalise those fun foods and include them in your healthy plan. I usually binge on cookies and chocolates and cashews. I have started to include these into my plan in normal portions within calorie limit, and I don't feel deprived.

    Best of luck on your journey. Don't hesitate to mail/comment wen u feel low/willing to binge. We'll work at this together...
    3355 days ago
  • EMS712
    don't worry about it too much, its in the past, now its up to you to fix it! Just try to get back on track eating healthy and working out. Make sure you are not neglecting yourself from certian foods. That could have been the reason you ate so much. Next time you go off your diet, catch yourself, Dont give up the rest of the day, try to fix your mistake by eating healthier for the remaining portion of your day. So over all, Don't fret, you will get past this and life will go on, Just try to make up for it a little the rest of the week eating lots of fruits and veggies! Good luck! I know you can do it.
    3359 days ago
    I'm in the same boat with you, check out my blog on Pig Out. Anyhow, the way you recover is to go and workout later today (I assume it is 4 am in the morning where you are). Eat a good breakfast, lunch and dinner and you are back baby. One bad day of bad eating won't stop your show. If you feel it necessary skip your weigh in or weigh in anyway and don't let it negatively affect you. Just move on from here.
    3361 days ago
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