How To Party Like A Five Year Old

Friday, March 06, 2009

How to Party Like a Five Year Old

Forget lifestyle gurus, it’s five year olds who really know how to live. They have the whole world ahead of them, and they know it. (They also have a few embarrassing wet pants moments still ahead of them, but don’t we all?) I have the pleasure of working with this age group a few times a week, and here’s what I’ve learned from these mini mavens.

Play Doesn’t Have to Have a Purpose

Sometimes building a tower is just building a tower. It doesn’t have to be the best block tower ever, win you an award, or pay for itself. You can build something, create something, or destroy something for pure fun on occasion. “Because I felt like it” can still be a good reason for doing something (as long as you’re not pulling someone’s pigtails or the like.)

Running Is Fun, Especially if You Get to Chase Someone

Five year olds don’t have to be told to exercise. They’re like dogs in that sense: when they get too much energy built up, they will find a way to release it. Ever looked at a child when they’re careening madly around a giant room? It’s pure bliss. And if you can get someone to chase you, then it’s all the more fun. Remember the joy of running before someone told you that you were supposed to do it.

Other People Aren’t Competition, They’re Potential Playmates

Yeah, maybe the new guy at work is way better at database management than you. And maybe everyone likes him just a bit too much to not annoy you. But he doesn’t have to be competition. Instead of ranking yourself on an imaginary popularity scale, consider newcomers another friend to add to the roster. And maybe he has a trampoline!

If You Don’t Like the Game You’re Playing, Change the Rules

Just because the book says you’re supposed to do something one way, that doesn’t mean you have to obey. You could change the rules, create your own guidelines, or make up an entirely new game. You’re only stuck with the choices you’ve got if you’ve left your imagination back at the playground.
I’m sure these ideas aren’t new to you, but we can always use a reminder that once upon a time, life was fun. And someone along the line, it wasn’t life that stopped being full of possibilities, just the possibilities we choose to consider.
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