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A Disappointing Result

Monday, February 23, 2009

SW: 425lbs
End Week 6 Weigh IN: 388.8lbs
End Week 7 Weigh IN: 386.6lbs
Loss: 2.2lbs

Let me start by saying, I know 2.2lbs is a loss, and something that some people are very happy with, but for me it was a huge disappointment and my first real ‘failure’ since New Years.

As many of you know this past week was my Spring Break, or as I had dubbed it my Spring Break Shape-Up Challenge. I spent 3-4 hours a day at the gym, plus I ate the best I have done so far in this new lifestyle. I ate between 2400-2725 calories a day, and burned in excess of 1500 calories in extra cardio each day. I drank my water (6L+) a day, I ate enough fruits/veggies to consume several trees, I increased my protein and I portion controlled all my starches, ate throughout the day, got sleep, and avoided any late night snacking.

So why this result? Well, for one I am having to push myself so much harder at the gym now to burn as many calories as I did a month ago. When I first started out I could barely do 5 minutes on the elliptical (at level 5/20) without my heart rate exceeding 170. After 7 weeks I can easily do 45 minutes on the elliptical (level 16/20), and have to increase my RPM just to maintain a 150 HR.

So here’s the situation. I could say eff it and give up-just quit on the spot and stop trying, or I can continue to try and change things until they work for me. I can eat MORE calories regularly throughout the day and increase my amount of exercise and strength training until I start to lose faster.

Overall, I was extremely disappointed with the result, especially being that it was my ‘EXTRA hard workout and healthy eating week’, and I was hoping to achieve my 2nd goal of losing 10% BW, or at the very least getting to the 40lbs lost mark. I don’t know if my second goal will be achievable with another 4.1lbs to go in just 1 week….but all I can do is try my best!

I guess, when I reflect (mind you its midnight, and I have been up since 6, so this might not make a whole lot of sense), the old me would be disappointed and give up-but the new me wants to push on. I am doing this for myself, I have to, but it would be so nice if just one person said ‘your looking good’, or ‘did you lose weight?’.
I guess when it comes to it, I am truly on my own on this journey, however at least I am on this journey now, instead of killing myself slowly…..
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Although you feel a bit disappointed about your progress just remember, As you put in more time at the gym you are also toning/building muscle. Don't put too much into what the scale says rather then what your cloths say. Pay attention to the small details like how your shape may be changing. In my case, my face seems to be where I see the change.

    I personally think your progress is amazing and the loss you recorded is awesome. Keep up your hard work! Before you know it the complements will be pouring in. I wish i had some of your drive and dedication right now. You are doing fabulous!

    3736 days ago
    I know your disappointment. It is the same I had last Saturday when I weighed in at my biggest loser challenge. I was actually up 1.4 pounds and I worked my butt off that week. I stayed the course and as of today I think this weeks weight loss will be 5 pounds. I think sometimes our bodies just try to figure out what we are really going to consistently do. Now that your body knows you are going to continue to work out it will most likely adjust downward again. Just think of those on the Biggest Loser show. Some lose 1 pound one week and are down 13 the next week. Keep the faith I am rooting for you.
    3737 days ago
    Rooting for you, dude!

    3737 days ago
  • CAPER85
    Hey Buddy! I just read your blog and I was feeling your pain and disappointment. I have to say that you are such an inspiration and whether you believe this or not, you are not going on this journey alone. You have the SparkPeople Community in your corner rooting for you. You must be proud of yourself for your accomplishments thus far and more importantly the old you is gone. You are not giving up! I'm super proud of your attitude toward your 2.2 lb loss even though you may be a tad disappointed. I think you are at the beginning stages of your body having to adjust to something new. You watch when you weigh yourself next time, you will likely see a huge difference in weight loss. Your body is compensating for all the cool changes you have added and are sticking to. Keep up the great work and don't give up...EVER!!

    emoticon emoticon
    3739 days ago
  • SPASTIC5466
    I think you are going great. And You are finally doing this for yourself because you are not giving up. I know it is hard my body works in strange ways when it comes to losing weight. And it takes me a long time that is why you need to just worry about 10 pounds at a time and before you know it all the weight will be off. It took me 3 years to lose 136 poounds but I stuck with it and now I am 3.5 from goal we are all here for you

    Renay emoticon
    3740 days ago
    How strange that we both had "disappointing losses" lately!

    You said it best when you talked about how the "old you" would act versus this "new you"...embrace this new you! Love this new you! Never give up!

    I KNOW you can do this...I mean, look at what you have accomplished already! It's fantastic!

    Yes, sometimes will be tougher than others...but you are recognizing that and looking at it all from a new's incredible.

    You are doing sooo well...just remember to keep you eyes on the big picture and the end goal. The short term goals are fantastic to keep us motivated, but let's both try very hard to not get wrapped up in our day-to-day, week-to-week successes (or "failures") to the point where we miss our overall accomplishments and what we need to do to reach that final result we yearn for!

    You really are doing sooo great, though! Really. emoticon

    Here's to the new you! emoticon
    3740 days ago
  • DANGER_66
    You shouldn't be disappointed in yourself. You are doing a great job. With the increase in exercise you are probably holding onto alot of water. I would not worry about it I bet you will have a big loss net week. Have you taken you inches sometimes the scale is deceiving. I just noticed that you lost 39 lbs in 7 weeks that is a HUGE accomplishment not a disappointment. Your body is saying WAIT A MINUTE we need to hold onto everything . I would give myself a pat on the back because you are doing everything right and your body is resisting..HEY YOU LOOK GOOD!!! emoticon
    3740 days ago
  • ~*SHINING*~
    First, you are doing GREAT!

    Second, I'd go ask DIETITIANBECKY if she has any tips to help you.

    And third, I know you are disapointed right now but I'm SO GLAD you are sticking with it! it's a long hard road but totally worth it!
    3740 days ago
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