Week 7: It's Never Easy, Is It? HELP ME.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Let me just warn you all, that this might be a big pity post. Read at your own caution.

Ugh. 1lb. 1 measly little pound. I put a ton of work into this week and I only see a 1lb result. And if we are going to be honest, I cant even say 1lb and fully believe it since yesterday I was at 170 and today I am at 168. (me thinks it's time for a new scale)

I am pissed. Really, I am. I worked out so much this week. I followed the advice of all my fellow sparkers. I mixed up my routine by doing some tapes, avoiding the elliptical (which I admit that I over use), and adding more incline to my walks to burn off more calories. I worked out over 600 minutes this week, about 200 more than normal. I even did cardio and yoga on my off days. I even got back into C25K after a week's hiatus from the injury. I am only one day away from doing the big 1-0-0 push up challenge. And to really work on toning, I started the Spark bikini half hour workout plan.

... BUT HERE I AM. Only 1 (if we can call it 1) pound gone. That is 1lb in three weeks. If that is not a wall, then I dont know what is.

I need help.

Nutrition wise, I feel I am doing ok. I could go for more fruits and veggies and drink more than 8 cups of water a day, but I would have to change my lifestyle drastically. I know it is possible, but because I am in the most stressful time of my career, I dont want to add more stress to the point that I quit this all together. I am willing to go on a more stable plan or to see a clinician about it, but I: 1. DONT HAVE THE MONEY and 2. I only want to make changes that I can keep up with for the rest of my life. I know that I have a short term goal, but my long term goal is to maintain a stable weight, to make pregnancy easier, to be in the normal BMI range for my height, and to be physically active. Cutting out sweets entirely (though I dont eat them on a regular basis) or slashing my sodium is not going to work long term and I will most likely gain weight back.

Color me frustrated. My goal was to lose 2lbs this week. I didn't. I failed miserably. And now I fear I wont make it to my next March goal of 20lbs (or 163lbs) in time. I have 5lbs to lose in 3 weeks and since I am averaging 0-.5lbs a week, it's not going to happen. I dont think my short term goal is unrealistic by any stretch. It's only 40lbs in 6 months. And frankly, I'd be happy at 150lbs.

Ok. I am done with this rant. Hopefully I will weigh myself tomorrow and I will still come up with the #168 and not the dreaded 170. Until my next update, here's my stats:
*Pounds lost: 1
*Pounds lost so far: 15
*Current weight: 168 (maybe)

*Lessons Learned:
Absolutely nothing.

*Goals for next week:
Ok, let's try for 2lbs again.
I am going to attempt a 700 minute fitness week.
Eat within calorie range every day this week.
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    (p.s. I was literally LOLing @ "Lessons Learned: Absolutely nothing." :) hahahaha!)
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